Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm taking a break from cleaning up my Christmas decorations. It would normally be fairly easy but since Scott moved his stuff in, there isn't much space around here anymore so I'm having to reorganize things and figure out where to put all kinds of stuff. Plus, we keep getting more wedding gifts in, which is awesome, but trying to find a place for those things is a challenge too. Now, I really need to start making some food for the New Years Eve party I'm going to tonight at Anna's house. It should be a fun time. I'm looking forward to it. Okay well, I guess I have nothing at all to talk about. My brain is too busy with other things I need to do. I hope you all have a Happy New Year!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Four Christmas's

I know it's been a while since I last blogged. I've been very busy with Christmas. It started on December 23 when Scott and I had Christmas with his mom and step-dad. We had them over and I cooked for them. We opened presents and discussed wedding details (the only thing I know how to talk about these days) The next day, Christmas Eve/Jake's b-day, I woke up bright and early to fix Christmas dinner for the whole Johnson family. His grandmother can't cook anymore because of her arthritis and I'm actually the only other woman in the family as grandma had 4 boys (bless her soul) and we only had our meal with 2 of them both of whom are not married. So instead of catering like usual, Scott nominated me to cook. No big deal since I love to cook, and I am very good at it (TOOT TOOT) but this meal was a bit of a challenge. The Johnson's are Swedish and they cook a traditional Swedish meal every Christmas. The only Swedish meal I've had is the frozen lean cuisine one so I had no idea what I was doing. Grandma gave me the recipes hand written by Grandpa's mother (which were hard to read because it was more like a letter than a recipe) and I tried to follow as best as I could. I was at a total disadvantage because 1. I've never eaten it before so I didn't know how it's supposed to taste 2. I didn't know what it was supposed to look like and 3. I don't know what Swedish food is.
At 2:00 I headed to Scott's dad's house to slave away. I had to make homemade Swedish meatballs made of ham, beef, and pork all mixed together. That was gross because we all know I don't touch raw meat so I had to put gloves on while I rolled the gozillion golf-sized ball meatballs. They actually tasted good but since I saw them raw I couldn't get past that so I only had one bite before I got grossed out thinking about all that raw ground up meat. The nastiest thing I've ever cooked in my life came next. Steamed sausage and fish!! Vomit. First of all, it smelled like....I don't even know what. Who boils fish and sausage? I threw up in my mouth a few times just looking at it.
The most exciting thing for Scott of the night was the 'dupa greda.' Dupa Greda is pretty much Wonder bread soaked in the juices left over from the beef and pork roast. I gaged when I saw Scott cut the soggy wonder bread with a fork and proceed to place it in his mouth because all it looked like to me was a giant booger dangling down. I decided after that vision that I would pass on the dupa greda. I'm not a picky eater but after reading the recipes, I figured I wouldn't find the Swedish meal as the best food in the world so I cooked a few normal Christmas dishes and filled my tummy up on those. It was SO MUCH work but Grandma and Grandpa loved it and were so grateful that I did it so that was rewarding enough.
At 12:30 in the morning, Scott and I packed our bags and drove to Little Rock. My family celebrates Christmas with a big breakfast then we open our presents, then the extended family comes over for a big dinner so we had to make sure we were there for breakfast. We got some great gifts! Mostly wedding registry stuff because that's what I requested but we were surprised when mom and dad got us a 19 inch flat screen TV with a DVD player in it for our bedroom. Very exciting. Our Christmas dinner was SO GOOD because my mom and Grammy are amazing cooks. After dinner, we all went to see Marley and Me. Oh my gosh. So good! Of course I embarrassed myself by how loud I was crying in the end but oh well. I would totally recommend seeing it. When we got in the car, Dad made us laugh by saying he needed to go see a killing movie now. I called tabs on hugging Holly first when we got home and she got lots of kisses from all of us.
Yesterday, we drove to El Dorado for the Luttrell Christmas. How neat it was when dad ran over a screw and the tire popped on the interstate. It was quite interesting to try and watch Scott, Kyle, and my Dad try and change a tire because none of them are handy men. It took us about an hour to get a ghetto tire on our front right wheel and roll down to El Do.
Today is my mom's birthday and I'm very proud of the gift I got her. It's a treasure and mom said it's the best gift she's ever gotten! I had a girl from El Dorado draw a portrait of Holly. Don't worry, I'm not betraying Jake....I asked him if he could and he said he didn't think he could draw Holly so I found her and she did it. It's so awesome and looks just like Holly. I'm very pleased.

So now that you're caught up with what I'm sure was a too detailed, boring blog, I'll let you go and talk to you soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

30 Days and Counting....

Well, it's just 30 more days until I become a wife. Kara Johnson. Mrs. Scott Johnson. Crazy! I can't believe it's so close. Time has really flown by and I know this next month will go by extra fast. Hopefully this next month won't be too stressful and I'll be able to enjoy being Kara Luttrell for these last few days. I'm very hung up on changing my name. It's my name! What people have called me my whole life. It's so strange to me that I'll be called something different. Not sure how I feel about it. It's exciting and not all in one. That's my big issue. I'm sure I'll get over it. Kinda have to huh! I'm very ready for that day to be here! I hope I don't cry so hard that I'll make a noise. I'm a crier though so I've already got my hankie ready! It'll be here before I know it!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread House

Scott and I built a gingerbread house today! It was kinda hard and I'm not sure if we'll feel the need to do it again. It was fun though and we were impressed with ourselves because our house actually stood up! Here's a picture of our gingerbread house!
Tonight is my work party at Aloft in Rogers. It should be fun. We shall see! Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, December 19, 2008


So stinkin cute and so stinkin hilarious!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Price Is Right

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrity Life

Oh my gosh I just love watching TMZ on TV every night. (I'm watching it right now) It's more entertaining to me than it should be. (We all know I'm an everyday celebrity stalker) I think my dream job is to to be a TMZ chick. (After the singing career doesn't work out) Maybe I'll try out for American Idol this summer. Jake would not know what to do with himself if I went and did that as he is the ultimate American Idol fan. He prints out a score sheet every Tuesday. We joke all the time about going and trying out together and we've decided Jake should sing that song from the Lion King. You know...the Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba. Yeah I totally just googled that. Do you think I really knew the words to that part? If I had free styled it, I would have spelled it Naaaa Seeqwhenya Alaviseyava. That's what it sounds like to me. But back to the subject. Jake does a great impression and I laugh so stinkin hard and I have no doubt that if he could keep a straight face, he would totally make it on national TV. We'll see....
I have NOTHING to talk about. My salon had an office party today and we catered food and there were leftovers so I ate free food all day. So exciting. Now I'm watching an E! True Hollywood Story on Kimora Lee Simmons. She is so entertaining to me. I like watching her show. She is hilarious and says things out loud that I think but don't have the nerve to say! Like...take this quote..... "We have a problem. I've had a really bad day. I'm trying to diet. I can't find a proper pill. The granola's not cutting it. I'm hungry. I don't know what to eat. I'm irritated. I would be just much happier fat. I feel very Anna Nichole Smith right now. Rest in peace her beautiful soul. She likes pink, like I like pink. But I'm just not having a good day. I'm hot! Honestly probably because I don't eat. I was on my period last week. I'm just a little flustered okay. I'm glad you're so calm today. Your office smells nice you must have got some last night. At least that's one of us."
HA! Who says that? I aspire to be like here. She's like Julia Sugerbaker from Designing Women. One of my all time favorite shows that I've seen every episode of a zillion times. So good! Okay I'll leave it at that. A pointless blog that has nothing to do with anything but celebrities. Night!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Village

I thought I'd share my snow village with you all! I collect the Department 56 snow village houses. My collection is small....I have 6 houses right now but I hope that one day, I'll have like....100. That may be a little much but you get the idea. Here's my snow village that I have displayed in my hallway on my bakers rack.

Scott Moves In!....Kinda

Well I had a really busy weekend. Scott moved all of his furniture into my apartment. He's still living in Memphis, but he's just gonna crash at a co-workers apartment who has an extra bedroom until he gets to Fayetteville. Moving is miserable! It takes forever. Scott's dad, Brad and Scott's friend Matt helped us move which was quite helpful! My place looks great with all of the furniture in here! Scott has really good furniture from Lighting Emporium (best store ever) so we're mostly using his stuff. It looks totally different in here! I like it! It was sort of a tease though having Scott move his stuff in. Now I'm super ready to be married! Not that I wasn't before of course. Since Scott drove a moving truck with all of the furniture in it, I had to drive Scott back to Memphis. We arrived in Memphis around midnight on Sunday then I woke up at 7 in the morning to drive back to Fayetteville and get to work on time. Miz! Even more miserable about it, I drove through an ice storm while I was on I-40. From about Conway to Clarksville I had ice beating down on my car. It was a little scary and the drive took extra long because I refused to drive faster than 55 MPH. So annoying.
Since I've had time to rest from my busy weekend, I've finally been able to get some Christmas shopping done. Christmas shopping takes so long for me to do because I always check out every store first to see what they have before buying anything. It's also bad for me because while I'm shopping for other people, I'll see something that I want for myself too. So hard to resist! Okay....time to devote my time to Fox News. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More About the Dry Cleaners

So I've got a story for ya. I decided to go speak with the dry cleaner guy myself. I drove to his office and spoke with him. I asked him if I could have a copy of the release form I supposedly signed. He told me he wouldn't be able to get it for me right then but he would look for it and make a copy for me. I said that was fine and to just call me when he found it. Then I asked him if he could refund me the $35 that I spent on getting my bedspread dry cleaned (ruined). He said 'well, we cleaned it, we got the job's clean.' I said 'I know you cleaned it but it's ruined. I can't use it anymore. My pillow shams are still black and my bedspread is gray. I can't use it anymore because it doesn't match.' And he said 'oh well, you can bring the shams in and we can do the same thing we did to your bedspread and then that way they'll match. We can just ruin those too and you can still use your bedspread.' Wait a minute.....where's the hidden camera? Did you actually really just say that to me????? I said back to that 'ummmm....well there's no point in that I've already bought a new one' he said okay and that was that.
Can you believe the audacity of that man? I called my dad when I got in the car and he could not stop laughing. What kind of person are you? You'll just 'ruin my shams too so they'll match' ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What in the world is wrong with this man? Worst business man ever!!!! So, since all else failed, Scott's mom will begin writing up the letter for me tomorrow along with an attached receipt of my new bedspread cost. Surly he'll pay up after that. And Jodie said that she'd ask for the $35 dollar refund too because that really made me mad that he wasn't willing to give me that back. What does it matter if you cleaned it? You RUINED the bedspread dude. RUINED. How does cleaning it make me feel any better about that money spent? So annoying! Never, ever go to Ozark Dry Cleaners. Worst dry cleaners ever!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Red Marker Invitation

I have a funny. I drove up to Bentonville tonight to hang out with Brad and Jaclyn at their house. Someone called me on my way up there and said that they had gotten my wedding invitation so I told Jaclyn and she made Brad go get the invitation from the mailbox. When he got all of his mail, he handed Jaclyn the big envelope in the pile assuming it was the invitation. The envelope was a big Christmas card but Jaclyn didn't know that. She looked at the envelope with red marker comic sans writing on it and starred at it with a blank, confused, horrified look. What she was thinking was written all over her face 'oh my gosh Kara what have you done!!!!!' After she was silent for a good 10 seconds just starring at the red marker envelope, I said...uh, Jaclyn that's not it...this one is. We laughed and laughed for a good 5 minutes. She thought I had addressed my wedding invitation with red marker. HAHA. It was so funny! I laugh out loud every time I think about it!


So do you remember how I told you that I took my bedspread to the drycleaners and they ruined it? Yeah well, after that happened I gave them a call and talked to the owner. He asked me to bring the bedspread back in so he could try and fix it. I thought to myself 'there's no way you can fix it, it's ruined' but I said okay and took it in.
Well, a week or so later he called me back and told me they couldn't fix it. I said okay, that I didn't think so and before I could get another word in he said 'okay you can pick it up now' and hung up the phone. I was furious! I knew that I would get nowhere with him so I made Scott call. Scott called and the guy said that it wasn't his fault that the bedspread got ruined because I cut the tag off that tells how you clean it. EXCUSE ME? Who doesn't cut that big huge footlong white tag that flops around off the corner of your bedspread? So Scott said, 'well if you didn't know how to clean it then you shouldn't have cleaned it if you thought it might get ruined.' (Let me remind you that I've probably had that spread cleaned about 5 times since I've had it) The guy wouldn't budge with Scott and said that I signed a release form to have it cleansed. I call BS on that. I never remember doing that. So since Scott couldn't get anywhere with him what do I do.....get daddy to call!!!!
My dad just got off the phone with him and the guy said the same thing he said to Scott. My dad asked me about signing the waver and I told him I honestly don't remember doing that and if I did, I want to see it. AND, if they make you sign a waver, why didn't they have me sign one every time I took it to get cleaned? They're just a bunch of a$$ holes and I'll be damned if I don't get my money back. Especially since they're liars and trying to tell me I signed a waver when I know I didn't. They're not even offering to pay me the $30 back that I spent getting it cleaned/ruined!!
If all else fails, I'll have Scott's mom call. She works for the best lawyer in town and has gotten me out a speeding ticket before with just a quick phone call. That outta do it.
This is just crap. The spread is ruined. I had to go buy a new one. Not only that, I'm going to have to buy new curtains now and new throw pillows. This mess is going to add up to over $600 and I don't think it's fair that I have to pay for it.
So until I hear back, I would like for whoever reads this to know that Ozark Drycleaners ruins your stuff and they don't care and don't even apologize so don't do business with them!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy Wedding Week

Wow it's been a busy week. 7 weeks until the wedding and boy is it catching up to me. I would just like everyone to know who's getting a wedding invitation within the next few days that they were stuffed and personally licked by yours truly. I meant to go buy one of those wet sponge envelope licker things but just never got around to it and it wasn't important enough for me to stop licking for 30 minutes to go and buy one. So I personally, very much so, invited you to my wedding.
I should invent a name for myself during these last few wedding weeks to keep me going. A new identity. Like Beyonce's performance name is Saysha Fierce....I think mine for the next few weeks should be something like....Amy Whinehouse.... Totally kidding. It's not that bad! I think from now on, I'll call myself.............Kwashina Saywordstomakemehappy Tenacious. I think Kwashina Tenacious can get things done!!!! Kwashina Tenacious is gonna kick booty!
Okay Kwashina Tenacious is off to find wedding songs...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mimi and Landon

A picture I discovered on my camera! So how sweet is this. I called Scott to tell him I found a picture of my grandmother and Landon on my camera and he was like 'oh yeah I took that.' I said 'oh okay...someone tell you to?' and he said 'no, they were just sitting together so I wanted to capture it.' NOW ISN'T HE THE GREATEST PERSON EVER!! aww! So sweet.
Funny Landon and Mimi story. Landon was talking to Mimi and she said 'Landon how old are you?' and he said 'I'm 3! How old are you?' and Mimi said 'I'm 84!" and Landon was quiet for a minute and then said 'that's too many." HAHAHA!!

Wedding Planning/Football

I know the blog says it's Friday but I'm really writing this on's just 12:35 a.m so I guess that technically makes it Friday. Apparently my new thing is staying up into the wee early hours in the morning. Guess what I'm doing....other than blogging... WEDDING PLANNING! I only feel inspired to take care of that stuff at night. I've kinda noticed that about myself with everything. I guess night time is when my brain works best.
Yeah I'm trying to find a third song for the wedding. Impossible! I google wedding ceremony songs and dumb stuff like The Black Eyed Pea's, Let's Get It Started pops up. Yeah right, like I'm gonna have Paula Montgomery rap at my wedding. What are people thinking?? And if you try and google christian wedding songs....even worse. I Could Sing of Your Love Forever is a song about God...not your spouse. So frustrating because I'm needing to print the wedding program but can't do it until I know what Paula is gonna sing. Urg!
Has anyone noticed that I complain all the time about planning my wedding? too. I don't mean to be that way but it's just too much. I should have gotten a wedding coordinator. I didn't think it would be like this though. My Dad was so sweet tonight. He called me and we talked for about an hour. He asked me what he could do to help. I thought that was so nice of him. I gave him a list of to do's! Isn't that sweet that my dad is taking care of wedding to-do's? I think so. I have the best dad ever. I'm a very lucky girl.
Speaking of lists, I wrote one for myself and ran out of space on my paper. Haha. It's mostly just making phone calls and booking stuff. Since I'm driving to Little Rock tomorrow, I figure I can make all those phone calls on the 3 hour drive.
I'm going to Little Rock tomorrow/today because it's time for football state championships! My parents work with AAA so I attend every state championship for every single sport every year and have been since I was about 8 years old. I help sell merchandise and, believe it or not, it's so fun! Jake normally helps my parents during the sporting events because they need extra people to help. My parents love Jake and think he's such a good worker because 'he doesn't have to be told to do something he just does it.' I love working at events with Jake because he's equally critical as me with the stupid people with stupid questions. Questions this t-shirt unisex sized. DUH! Aren't all t-shirts? Or there was the young high school girl at a track event who didn't know how to write a check and I'm seriously not kidding. Had no clue! Jake and I laughed out loud in front of her as I had to tell her what to write and where to write it. We were cracking up and could not control ourselves! And all of the high school girls get a youth large when they really need an adult medium. There's always the question "is it 100% cotton?' I don't know! Look at the tag. And I hate when people ask how much it costs and I say 15 and they say, 15 dollas!? (leaving the r out on purpose) No, 15 lemons. Yes 15 dollars!! People can be so rude too. And I don't really have much patients with dumb, rude people so sometimes I get a talkin to from my parents for not being 'sweet' to the customers. Well....don't be dumb and ask me dumb questions and I'll be nice to you! People will say, is this the only color this shirt comes in? We're not JC Penny. What's on the table is what we have. Oh goodness!!! Even sweet, chilled, precious, nice, gentle, easy-going Scott gets annoyed with people. When Scott's annoyed with someone, you know it's bad!
So yeah...I'm spending my weekend at football games...without Jake though because he has a STD disease of the mouth. (HAHA! Some form of strep that's an STD but his 'isn't the STD kind') I'm extra excited about attending the state championship tomorrow because the EL DORADO WILDCATS are playing! YAY for the wildcats! We went to state my junior year in high school and it was so fun and the whole town was so excited! We're playing Lakeside and I hope we win! We didn't win my year...lost by a touchdown or something like that. I'm so weired out because the little boy I used to babysit is the quarterback now! I'm slowly getting so old!
Okay so this is a long blog. I guess I'm bored and had a lot to say! As Scott says, I'm never short for words. I'm a talker...that's for sure.
I guess I'll get back to googling wedding songs. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Passport Photo

I have a funny story. I went to Walgreens to get my passport photo taken and the girl that worked there was so odd and she made me feel like such an idiot. First I went to the counter and told her I needed to take a passport photo. She rolled her eyes and sighed really hard. So then, she told me I couldn't take my picture in my white sweater because the backdrop was white. So I told her, no problem, I had a green tank top on underneath it. The girl grabs her camera and holds it up to take a picture so I smiled. Then, she said 'you can't smile' and started laughing at me. I felt like such a dumbass. So then she told me to give her five minutes while she printed it. While I waited, I decided to text Scott and Jaclyn informing them that I couldn't smile in my passport picture therefore looking like a drugged out hippie getting a mug shot. What they were saying back was making me laugh really hard. I walked up to the counter to pick up my picture and the girl said 'what's so funny?' I just said 'oh nothing' got my picture and left.
When I got in the car and looked at my picture, I was mortified not only because I was looking at the fugliest photo of me ever, but I look naked in it because my hair is covering the tank top. NEAT! I'm so grossed out.
So anyways, that's my funny story. And I laugh out loud every time I think about smiling for my picture and her laughing at me. So awkward!

I got my christmas tree decorated! Wanna see a pic?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Wedding Planning

I'm taking a break from giving myself carpel tunnel from writing thank you notes for all of my wedding gifts. I told myself these would be sent out by noon tomorrow. It's 10:30 p.m. and I still have 27 more to go! I refuse to let another day go by without sending them out so it looks like I'll be up for quite some time. My thumb hurts so bad....
So I'm officially freaking out that my wedding is in 54 days. 53 really. I've still got a zillion things to do. I'm making a to-do list in a minute and completing it tomorrow. It's partly hard on me because I have to drive to Little Rock to do everything. That makes it just slightly difficult. My florist called me today wanting to set up a meeting. Nothing exhausts me more than to meet with my florist. The flowers, the colors, the linens, the chairs, the lighting, the candles, the centerpieces, the sofas, the spacing, the head table, the seating, the bar. AHHH! It's too much to think about. I almost want to be like 'surprise me!' and be done with it. Every time I leave a meeting with her I have to go home and take a nap. I felt better about myself when Jaclyn had her first meeting with her florist and she said it exhausted her too. Your brain just works overtime with the creativity I think.
Okay so now that I'm done seeming like a total complainer, I'll go make a to-do list and get back to my thank you's.

Two Year Anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Scott's two year anniversary! It was a great day! We celebrated Saturday night by having a yummy dinner at Theos. When I got to the restaurant, Scott had beautiful flowers sitting on our special table- The corner booth. We decided to be different and we ordered the 5 course tasting menu with the wine to compliment it. It was very yummy!! We've done a tasting menu before at a restaurant in Memphis called Chez Phillipe. It was delicious so we thought we'd give Theo's a try. It's always fun because you have no idea what's coming out. Pairing it with the wine was nice but it was a different glass of wine with each course so needless to say....we left the car at Theo's and Scott's friend, Trey, had to drive us home. We weren't thinking that far in advance when we decided to do the wine pairing with the meal. Oops! Everything we got was so good and Scott and I had a great time!
Yesterday was extra awesome because it snowed in Fayetteville!! It snowed on our very first date so that was kinda cool. I've had the best 2 years of my life and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to be Scott's forever! He's my everything! I couldn't live life without him! Here's a picture from our dinner night!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving day! My family gathered at my parents house and we had a delicious Thanksgiving meal! Scott and I swear that our stomach's were bottomless pits because we ate and ate all day and never got full. We watched the Macy's parade with Landon and he was very fascinated! We're not going to get to see Landon for Christmas so he opened his Christmas presents after lunch. Later in the night, Mom, Scott, and I went to see Four Christmas's! It was cute. I would definitely recommend watching it.
I'm so mad at myself for not going to the Arkansas/LSU game! I had tickets and just knew it would rain and I didn't want to ruin my shoes so Scott and I didn't go. SO STUPID OF ME!! I love beating LSU more than any team in the SEC. It would have been worth freezing cold rain in 10 degree weather to see Arkansas beat the tigers. I'm proud of the Hogs! I think next year we'll be pretty good.
Scott and I drove up to Fayetteville tonight and tomorrow we're celebrating our 2 year anniversary by eating at where else....Theos! That's where we went on our first date so we find it appropriate to go there again. Our anniversary is actually on Sunday but we'll celebrate it on Saturday. I'm looking forward to a yummy meal. Scott has most definitely spoiled me when it comes to good food. I'm a food brat now. I used to eat my steak well done. Now, the rarer the better! And there isn't anything I won't try and I usually like everything. They say your taste buds change every seven years...I hope mine don't because they're pretty tasty right now.
Random tidbit but did you guys know that Barack Obama is a smoker? He says he would like to quit but isn't promising he will. Sounds like he has a big time weakness. Kinda scary if a president of the United States is so weak he can't give up a habit that kills you. Whatev though. Wanna see a picture?


Now that I'm done with that, here's videos of Landon opening up his Christmas presents. All spiderman stuff because he's very into that right now!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Landon/Holly Videos

These probably won't be very interesting to anybody other than my family but I don't have anything else to blog about so here you go! These are of Landon and Holly the day before Thanksgiving!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boring Blog. Don't Waste Your Time!

I've just been hanging out in Memphis. I drove to Scott's office today and we had lunch together. We don't eat lunch together that often. I usually eat at home and he eats at his office. But today we went to TGI Fridays and I'm still stuffed. After we ate, I dropped him back off at his office and decided to go Christmas shopping. I wore the wrong kind of shoes for that. Two hours later I was miserable and decided I had to go home!!
That's about all I have for you. Scott and I are about to start cooking a yummy dinner then he'll work and I'll watch TV. Sounds about normal....
Do you guys realize that yesterday makes just 2 months until Scott and I get married?! CRAZY!!! Have a nice night! Tomorrow I'll have more Landon videos for you. Makes for a more exciting blog!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ruined Bedspread

Well, I had just a fabulous weekend! Scott drove up on Thursday and we had a nice time getting to see each other. We ate at Bordinos on Friday and hung out with Braclyn on Saturday. I decided yesterday to drive to Memphis with Scott. We left his car in Fayetteville so he's forced to come back. It won't be that big of a deal since we're spending Thanksgiving with my family in Little Rock this year. We'll go back to Fayetteville on Saturday and celebrate our 2 year anniversary! At Theos I'm sure. We'll just relive our first date!

I did have one bad thing happen to me this weekend. I took my bedspread to the dry cleaners to have it cleaned. I've done it a lot of times big deal. Well, I have a black silky bedspread and when I picked it up, the dry cleaners decided to turn it gray and crunchy. Slightly depressing. The manager/owner wasn't there but they took down my number and are supposed to call me. So since my bedspread is ruined and I didn't want to snuggle up at night with just a sheet, I decided to immediately look for a new one. I found two at i o metro and decided to get both. Boy oh boy Scott found that totally irresponsible and didn't speak for a good 10 minutes. I tried to explain that ever since I moved into my house, four years ago, I've been looking for a good spread for my guest bedroom but nope! I'm still irresponsible and I'm getting an allowance when we get married! Oh well. It's for our house and we'll have it for many years. It's justifiable. Plus, the dry cleaners WILL BE giving me money to cover the ruined spread so it's like I'm only buying 1.

Landon's in town for Thanksgiving! He got in this weekend. Scott and I stopped by Little Rock on our way to Memphis to see him. He's so cute! He's 'big and heavy now.' Time for cute new videos!! The first is of him making Christmas cookies and the 2nd is of him doing cartwheels. I'm confused where the cartwheel thing is coming from?? Oh well.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Holly's a Survivor

Well, Holly is a breast cancer survivor!!!!!! YAY FOR HOLLY! She got to come home today and mom said she was doing well but just looked kinda drunk from all of the meds. She wiggled in the nurse's arms when she saw mom was there to pick her up so we think that's a good sign. For a while, mom said she wouldn't lay down. All she would do is sit. Mom tried to help her and put her in her little pink princess bed but Holly would just sit right up. It obviously hurt to lay. But eventually mom said she was laying down so I think she's going to be just fine! The doctor did tell mom that Holly's kidneys are severly damaged. He's going to give mom some medicine to give Holly and she has to take it for 4-6 weeks. Mom felt terrible but he told her there was no way she could have possibly known. Hopefully the medicine will work and make her feel much better. She's a fighter! I wouldn't want to die either if I had the lavish life she has! She's the queen. I bought Holly a pretty pink pearl necklace with diamonds for her being a survivor! I know that's cheesy. She'll probably wear it once. We normally don't put clothes on her. She has a few sweaters for when it's cold outside because she shakes if she goes outside and it's cold, but other than that we don't put her in anything. She does have a precious pumpkin Halloween costume but she looks pissed everytime we put it on her so we get the hint real quick and take it off. I'm so happy and can't wait to see Holly when I go home for Thanksgiving!
Scott just got in! My surprise was chocolate covered oreos, chocolate covered gummy bears and chocolate covered graham crackers from the chocolate store in Memphis I love so much, Dinstuhls! I kinda had a feeling! He's so sweet and got me a huge sack full! They should last a while but we'll see. I'll gain 2 pounds by Sunday probably. Okay well, time to devote my full attention to sweet Scott. We're going to look through all of our new fun gifts that we got! And organize! The best day ever!

Holly's Surgery Day

Keep Holly in your prayers today. She's having her breast cancer removed right now. It's supposed to be an easy surgery but she is getting old so she has that going against her. Let's hope she makes it through. I have a good feeling about it so I'm not too worried. She might have to stay overnight or she might get to come home today. It just depends on how she is recovering. Scott said that next year, we need to put Holly in a pink sweater and let her walk in race for the cure!! How cute would that be. I'm kind of thinking about doing it. I'll update you and let you know how everything went. Hopefully I'll have good news to report. If not, it'll be a while for an update because I'll be put in the mental instution in Little Rock for a while. If you think I'm kidding, I'm totally not.
On a happier note, Scott misses me so much he's driving to Fayetteville tonight! We haven't seen each other in almost 2 weeks!! We never go that long without seeing each other. We were just going to wait until Thanksgiving but he's adorable and misses me so he's driving up here tonight. I'm very happy because I obviously miss him too. I miss kissing him! He's going to get lots of kisses this weekend. And he said he has a surprise for me. Wonder what that could be? I'm so anxious. I'll let you know about my surprise and Holly. Update you later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wedding Shower

Yesterday was my first wedding shower. It was thrown by my mom's best friends in El Dorado. It was so great and so nice! I got a lot of gifts and I'm really excited! 68 different people were thoughtful enough to go to the store and buy Scott and I gifts for our home that we registered for. Scott wasn't there, because the shower was just for ladies! It was so nice getting to see so many people from El Dorado that I haven't seen since I left for college. After the shower was over, mom and I could barely find room for all of the gifts in Big Red (our red expedition)
Once I got home to Little Rock, Scott and I turned on the webcam and I showed him all of the gifts we got. He was very excited about all of the Razorback platters we recieved! I got a lot of party platter stuff so I'm thinking about throwing a Christmas party so I can use them! I'm can't wait to use all of my fun stuff! I'm a little worried about finding room for all of it! My organization skills will be put to work!
Here's a few pictures we took from the shower. It's of just 1 of the tables of gifts, and a few of the presents that I got!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bachelorette Weekend

This weekend was my bachelorette party! I had SO MUCH FUN! My girls did good! It started with Jaclyn and Anna picking me up at my house in Little Rock and they had a flag on the car that said 'Bachelorette's outta control.' As we got on the road, sweet Anna had a gift for me. Stationary with my new name on them! I'm not gonna lie it freaked me out!! I've practiced writing my new signature but actually seeing it in print on paper was kinda crazy! Anna made fun of me because I starred at it for about 10 minutes going 'I can't believe I'm about to change my name.' WEIRD! Looking forward to it though...

Once all of the girls arrived at Jax's house and we had plenty of time to visit, we played a game. Kelsey called Scott earlier in the week and asked him a lot of questions about us and wrote down his answers. For every answer I got right, I got to open my lingerie gift and for every answer I got wrong I had to take a shot. Given that I don't take shots, however, they were kind enough to give me a huge glass full of vodka with a splash of sprite and a dash of cranberry. It made it a little better....sort of. I got lots of sexy lingerie from all of my girls but I can't show you pictures of course! ;)

Here's a short clip of some of the questions...
The next day we went shopping around Nashville and went to a spa and had our nails done! After we were done checking out some of the local stores, I had to go back to Jacqueline's and take a nap. I knew I had a long night ahead of me!! The night was great. We got all dolled up and went to Lime to have drinks then headed to Sambuca for dinner. YUM! It was so good.
After dinner, I put on my bachelorette gear and we headed to Broadway street!
We went to the piano bar and I, of course, got sung to. I was in the right place at the right time because my serenade was special!
After we left the piano bar we went to another bar called The Stage. It was great because they have live bands and all they cover is country music. Very Nashville! I got pulled up on the stage and sang 'Somethin Like That' with the lead singer. You know that was just right up my alley. I totally wanted to grab the mic and bust out some Carrie Underwood and get discovered but I decided I might get kicked out if I did that so I stayed tame.

My night was amazing and it wouldn't have been possible without my amazing bridesmaids! Thanks to my girls for my weekend! It was so special and perfect and I love you all so much!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holly Takes a Bath

Holly's been with me in Fayetteville all week. She was really stinky so I gave her a bath. This is a video of how Holly acts after she's had a bath. She goes crazy! Then when I ask her if she wants me to blow dry her, she runs to the bathroom. Pretty funny.


Even though I adore my dog more than anything, I have a bone to pick with her. As I was driving to Little Rock tonight, she pee'd in my lap!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell Holly! That's not okay at all! Not even a little bit. Gross!

I was driving to Little Rock tonight because tomorrow I'm headed to Nashville with all my girls for my bachelorette weekend! Get excited!! Pictures of that to come. Stay tuned....

Monday, November 10, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday. My family celebrated last night so we could all be together. He opened presents and we ate a fabulous dinner at Bonefish. I also got my dad a whole cheesecake from this place in Memphis called The Cheesecake Corner. It's, no kidding, the best cheesecake you'll ever put in your mouth. My whole family is obsessed with it. I got my dad the variety tray so he could try 13 different cheesecake flavors. Yum!! He was very excited!
Here's Dad opening a present...
Okay so Holly is obsessed with opening presents. You should see her at Christmas. We wrap her presents and she stands by the tree every day and looks at us then looks at her presents as if to say "can I open one?" She's very obedient and doesn't open them though. Then, on Christmas day, we'll tell Holly she can go open her presents and I kid you not, she runs to the christmas tree and tears open her gifts. Just her's. But she loves to help open other peoples gifts too. So since it was Dad's birthday and presents were involved, we knew we would have to wrap a present for Holly or she'd get jealous. So here's Holly opening a belated birthday gift for herself.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fun in Memphis

I have had such a great weekend in Memphis! Scott had Friday off from work so it seemed exceptionally long. We ran errands and went shopping around Memphis all day on Friday. Shopping in Memphis takes a really long time because everything is so far spread out. Friday night, we ate at Rendezvous and it was delish!!
Last night was the best! We took the trolly and ate dinner at The Majestic and then headed to Beale street. I wanted to be very Memphisy this weekend and I think we did it up right. As we were walking down Beale, we decided to check out a place we had never been to before called 152. It was a dance club and we had so much fun! I'm all about a dance floor and Scott always obliges. You wouldn't think that you could have so much fun at a dance club with just the two of you and no one else you know but we had so much fun!! After we got our exercise shakin' our salt shakers to Rhianna, we decided it was time to go home. We were cheesy and took a horse and buggy ride to Scott's apartment which is right downtown on the river. It was only 5 bucks and totally worth it! And I thought it would smell bad but it didn't at all. It was actually quite romantic.
Now it's time for me to head to Little Rock to celebrate my dad's birthday. I'm sad because I don't think I'll get to see Scott until Thanksgiving!! We have our bachelor/bachelorette parties next weekend (Vegas for him, Nashville for me) and then the next weekend neither one of us really cares to drive since we'd be seeing each other the following Wednesday for Thanksgiving. We have webcams though. We're good.
Okay gotta go. Scott needs a haircut and I've got to get on the road. Peace out!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Memphis for the Weekend

Last night I surprised Scott by driving to Memphis! He was so surprised when he opened the door. I just love doing that to people. Today I've been running errands and cleaning Scott's apartment. It was unacceptable. I went to the mall and to a couple of local stores that I love here. I, of course, got some chocolate covered oreos...4 actually. I've also cut some of my former clients hair that I had in Memphis. It's always nice to see them. Now I'm waiting on Scott to get off of work so I can convince him to eat at the Rendezvous tonight. I bet my brother is salivating right now. I told Scott that I want to do very Memphisy things this weekend like eat at some of our favorite restaurants and go to Beale Street. Even though this isn't my favorite place to live, it is very fun to come and visit. I'm looking forward to my weekend ahead!

So I guess all of your are waiting on me to comment on our new president. do I start. Of course I'm disappointed that McCain/Palin didn't win. I really love the both of them and thought they would do a great job at running this country. McCain has so much experience and I never would have questioned one of his decisions. Now that Obama is president, I'm definitely not looking forward to giving the government more of my money than I already am. I don't think it's fair that Scott and I will have to pay more just because we work hard. It's started at 250,000 paying more and now I'm hearing it will shortly be down to 40,000. Who knows, who knows. I know that Obama has been getting briefed today with the war in Iraq and I feel like after he really knows what's going on over there, he'll change his decision to wave the white flag and surrender. I think he'll be so overwhelmed on his first day and be in over his head. However, that's why advisers are great and hopefully his advisers will be experienced and smart. I am actually looking forward to a few things with an Obama presidency. None of them relate to the country but I'm looking forward to Michelle's wardrobe, and his 2 adorable girls grow up before us. And I'm very anxious to see what kind of puppy they'll get. That's about all though. I'm not a crazy person who's going to say that I'm moving to Canada and I don't think Obama is a terrorist...or the anti-christ. I hate people that are that radical and I find them to be unintelligent. I don't think Obama will be as liberal in the Oval Office as he was in the senate. He knows he'll never get re-elected if he doesn't stay somewhat in the middle so that should be a good thing. I do believe he'll be re-elected.
I just hope the USA doesn't fall to crap. We're already on our way to no longer being the most powerful country in the world. If the distribution of wealth thing happens, we surrender with the war, and become so far from the principals of what this country was founded on, we'll be about on the same page as Switzerland. I hope that Obama remembers that this country was founded under God when he makes decisions.
With that said, I'm not going to bash Barack Obama on a daily basis like so many liberals bash Bush. He is now the President of the United States and even if I don't agree with anything he says or does, he should be respected because he is my president. Plus, I'm pretty sure I heard his desk is coming with a 'present' button so as long as he sticks with pushing that 129 times within the next two years, maybe I won't have too much to worry about! HAHA. I kid I kid.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Engagement Photos

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Engaged For A Year!

Scott and I have been engaged for a year now!! I can remember that day like it happened 5 minutes ago....
I knew after dating Scott for about 2 weeks that I was going to marry him. I have no doubt that when God made me, he made Scott at the same time and shoved us to the side together. When I first saw Scott, I thought he was such a cutie. After doing my best subtle flirting skills, Scott asked for my number and we went on our first date to Theos a week later. Our first date was perfect. We never ran out of anything to talk about and he was such a gentleman. We didn't go a day without seeing each other after that. It moved very fast which was so weird to me. I always thought that couples who went fast weren't for real. I remember exactly the day I realized Scott was my husband. I had to excuse myself so I could go to the bathroom and cry. It was such a crazy amazing feeling knowing that the man I was sitting next to was the one who I always wondered about. He was the one!! It was something I will absolutely never forget. I still remember my face in the mirror thinking 'Oh my gosh!!!!'
A year ago today Scott asked me to marry him. He proposed on the square in Fayetteville. I don't remember what he said but he cried (watered up) and I cried and it was wonderful! Afterwards, we ate dinner at Theos and there was a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne sitting on our table. The table next to us asked what the roses were for and we told them we just got engaged. They announced it to the whole restaurant and everyone started applauding! That was fun! Once our dinner was just about finished, I asked Scott if we should call our friends and meet up with them. He told me to just let him take care of everything. When I walked into the lounge area of Theos, our family and friends were there waiting to toast us! It was PERFECT! It was such a great night and I will, of course, never forget it! ....A picture from the night we got engaged.Scott rescued me. I was very unhappy before he came along in many ways that I don't wish to re-live. He was placed in my life at just the right time. He actually could have come a little sooner but oh well!! Scott is everything I always wanted in a husband. Scott has never hurt my heart. He's never made me resent him or done anything to make me question his love for me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. I know Scott adores me and I adore him too! He's my life.
I love that when I call Scott, his greeting is "hi gorgeous" every time. I love that he loves my cooking and raves about it to everyone. I love that Holly loves him more than anyone else in my family. Although it's slightly disturbing that Scott came along just 2 years ago and he's her favorite after being with the Luttrell's for 12 years but whatev. I love the look on Scotts face when I catch him starring at me. And I love how much my family loves him. I love how much he appreciates me and makes me feel like the number one catch in the world.
Scott is perfect and when I say for better or worse and till death do us part, I will mean every word of it. I can't wait to be married to him! We will live happily ever after and I love that not one second of being with him has ever made me question that!
Last night, Scott and I celebrated our engagement anniversay by eating a delicious dinner at Theos! It was super yummy!! I loved it! Happy anniversary to my favorite person ever!! I love you!

John McCain on SNL

In case you missed it, John McCain made an appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. He was great but Cindy is my favorite! Check it out!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holly Update

Well, it looks like Holly might be okay! We're still not 100% sure yet but the doctor said he feels really encouraged. Holly had her 3rd ultrasound by this different doctor and this is what he said. Apparently Holly has had a bladder infection for a really long time and it's just gotten so bad since it's been left untreated. Poor thing. I feel bad but she didn't act any different so we had no idea. He said he doesn't believe she has cancer but to make sure, he's sending off her urine to be tested and see if it has cancer cells in it. The little thing that was lining her bladder that scared the other doctor is apparently a birth defect. He said that when Holly was born, her umbilical cord didn't fall off all the way so he thinks that's what that is. Weird. I've never heard of that. Anyway, we're still waiting on the urine test to come back but we, including the doctor, all think that she is A-ok! Praise Jesus!! I had anxiety all yesterday long waiting on the doctor to call mom. When mom called me with the news, I cried from relief! I just can't go there yet...actually never really but that's not realistic unfortunately. Thanks to everyone who asked about Holly and said they were thinking about her. That means so much to me!


Last night me, Scott, Jaclyn, and Brad threw a Halloween party at the Braclyn house. We had lots of people show up and I think everyone had a great time! Here are some pictures from our evening.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


My mom called me last night to tell me that Hudson had put some of my engagement pictures on their blog! I still haven't seen all of them yet but here is a quick preview for me and you! I'll post more when I get them! So far, I'm pleased and I'm very anxious to see the rest. I should get all of them no later than tomorrow! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I guess I should give you a Holly update. I know I told you earlier that I found 1 big lump and 2 little lumps on her little tummy. Turns out, it's breast cancer. No big deal because it's supposedly a very easy surgery and the next day she'll act like nothing happened. So mom took her last Wednesday to have her breast cancer removed. Before she had the surgery the doctor wanted to do blood work on her to make sure she was healthy enough to do it. Well, mom got a call a few hours after she dropped Holly off at the vet and he told mom Holly's bloodwork didn't come back perfect. So he asked if he could do a few things and check her out. Of course mom said yes, do anything, and keep me updated. Poor Holly had to get an ultrasound and a cathader put in her to test her urine because the doctor seems to think that Holly has bladder cancer. Bladder cancer is not good. I googled it and it's really not good. The doctor said Holly definitely had a bladder infection and when she tinkled it felt like crystals were coming out of her. Poor baby. That makes me feel so bad for her. The bladder infection could be an extreme case that made it look like bladder cancer so he gave us some medicine to give her twice a day and told us to bring her back in on Monday, which was yesterday.
So mom took her in and they had to do another ultrasound and just really can't seem to figure it out. The doctor told mom that bladder cancer in dogs are in two forms. Some look like a mushroom which is easy to cut out and get rid of, and some are lining the bladder. Holly's isn't the mushroom kind. The doctor said it could possibly be feces too. He said he has really good equipment but there's another vet in Little Rock who has the absolute top notch equipment so he's sending Holly there.
Holly has an appointment with them on Friday and I've just been a nervous wreck all week. My dad had to come up to NWA this week for work so he brought Holly with him so I could spend some time with her. I can't stop loving on her. We will of course do surgery but she's 12 so I just wonder if she'll make it through. Holly seems to be acting a little spunkier than she normally does so maybe she did just have a really bad bladder infection and the medicine is making her feel better. She seem's to be feeling better not only to me but to my mom as well. I'm praying she'll be okay. I know she's been alive for a long time but I'm just not ready yet. I'll never be ready but I really just can't handle this. I'm looking at her right now all snuggled up on top of my pajama pants and I just can't imagine not having that to always look at. I cried myself to sleep the other night just thinking about it. Holly is like a baby to me. I've had her since I was 12. It will be a sad sad day in the Luttrell house when we loose Holly. For now, I'm going to think positively. Holly see's the doctor on Friday so please say a quick little prayer that she'll be okay. I'll update you on the news.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Proud To Be An American!!

Today I felt really proud that I was born in America. I went to the Washington County Courthouse to vote! While I was standing in line waiting to vote, for John McCain, I thought about what I was doing and how cool it is that I can help decide who runs this country. I got to thinking about all of the men who started the US government and how brilliant they were to allow the people to decide. It was a very cool feeling! I was helping make history. Very cool. I obviously voted in the last presidential election but I voted absentee so it just wasn't quite the same feeling. I checked back over all of my votes about 3 times to make sure my answers were correct. I just had to be sure that John McCain is getting my vote because this is obviously going to be a very close election. I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous.
Last night I spent my evening filling out a marriage questionnaire form. Scott and I have to take marriage counseling before we get married at Fellowship. The questions were very long and quite deep. Some asked my favorite color and movie, others asked who would pay the bills, where we would spend each holiday, if we want dogs, how clean I want our home to be, and how I feel about euthanasia. They wondered how I like to be cared for when I'm ill, how important travel is to me on a scale of 1-10, and 5 positive qualities Scott and I are each bringing to our relationship. Some of the questions took a lot of thought!! It took me about an hour an a half to complete the 15 page, multiple choice and fill in the blank form. I'm really happy to do it though and I'll be curious to know how Scott answered his questions when they're given to us at the workshop. I have a pretty good feeling that I'll know exactly how he'll answer the questions but I'm still anxious to see them. I kind of wonder if the people who read them have ever gotten a couple who were so obviously a bad fit for each other. I wonder if they tell you that you might want to reconsider your spouse choice! Ha! That would be terrible. I'm sure it's happened.
I should get ready for bed now. It's very late!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss

Well I had a fun weekend! Of course I went to the game. I nearly pee'd my pants when I thought for a minute there that we might win. Of course I should have known better since being a Razorback fan is always heartbreaking. At least it was really close thought right? Scott and I tailgated with Brad and Jaclyn like always and it was great because we didn't have to get there at 9:30 a.m. We had lots of fun and I'm sad that next weekend is the last time I'll get to tailgate for a whole year! I guess I do have the LSU game though. I'll for sure be attending that one. Want to see some pics from Saturdays tailgate?
So after the game was over we went to On the Rocks for a bit and were bored so we left. This afternoon, I went to Abuelos in Rogers with my parents to eat some super yummy mexican food. Mom and I went shopping at Dillards after then my parents took me to Wal Mart to stock up on some groceries. I love it when they do that!! It's so nice and helpful! I got some Halloween candy for the kiddies but I hope I don't eat it all before they get here. I'll try to be disciplined and not eat the skittles and snickers! The snickers will be tough to ignore since a snicker is my favorite candy bar!
If any of you don't know, Me, Scott, Jaclyn, and Brad are hosting a Halloween costume party at Brad and Jaclyns house! It starts at 8:00 and everyone is welcome to come! It should be lots of fun but you can't come unless you wear a costume. I've had my costume picked out for quite a while now and had something at home that I could use for it, but mom thinks she's sold it. Uh oh! She's going to look for it tomorrow and send it my way if we still have it. Hopefully so because Halloween costumes are like, $40 and I most definitely don't want to waste my money on something stupid like that. We'll see I guess.....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Generic Version But Not Really

Well oh well I've had a crazy busy week. Today was just a tiny bit stressful and yesterday was all the way stressful. I'll start with yesterday. Work was very busy which is awesome but when work is busy for me I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure I stay on time. When I was done with work, I went to Walgreens to pick up some medicine. I asked my doctor if they could call in the generic version since the regular version is $60. Imagine my fury when I picked up the generic version and it was $57. It should come as no surprise to my friends who know me well that I asked to speak to the manager. After I complained, nicely, and stressed that it was ridiculous that a generic version would be the same price as the regular version since the point of generic is to be cheaper, I asked for my money back and told her I would go to Wal Mart. So I went to Wal Mart and asked them how much their generic version was. $50. A little better. Since I have to have it and had to take it today, I said okay with tears filling in my eyes. (Right now, $50 to me might as well just be $500) Then, the dude tried to tell me that he called Walgreens to switch my prescription over and the Walgreens dude said that he had filled that order for me already. I felt like I was being treated like a drug addict for a second. I was confused why as it's not like the medicine was a xanax or a hydrocodone or anything even close to it. Whatever. I did not appreciate that.
So today, Scott and I had our engagement pictures taken. We took them around the Fayetteville square and Old Main lawn. The photographer said I'll get to see them in about a week. I'm glad they're over with just because of the whole diet thing which I failed at miserably BTW. Still dieted but not nearly as hard core as I would before a pageant. After we took our pictures, we ate yummy food at La Huerta. My belly is big and full now!
Right now, Scott is watching DVR'd Greys Anatomy while I'm blogging. We decided to stay in for the night since tomorrow will probably be quite eventful. Scott and I will go down to tailgate at about 2:00 but will pre-tailgate at my house probably an hour before that. Yay! I'm excited about this game. Finally a night game. Finally! GO HOGS!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Week of the Pageant Diet

I'm not much in a blogging mood. My back hurts from planting pansies last night. I didn't want to get my knees dirty by putting them on the ground so I bent over the whole hour while I was being Bree Van de Kamp. I'm definitely regretting that now. Apparently I'm too old to bend over these days too. I'm just an old woman.
Tomorrow I'm going on my 'week of the pageant' diet because I'm getting my engagement pictures taken on Friday. For those of you who want to know what my 'week of the pageant' diet consists of it's pretty simple. No more than 50 milligrams of sodium a day and about a gallon of water. You can do the math and try to figure out what food other than raw lettuce has less than 50 milligrams of sodium in it. Everything has sodium. Except for jelly. And one time, when I actually was getting ready for a pageant, I cooked a plain chicken with just pepper on it and dipped it in jelly. If your shivering and gagging right now you should because it was terrible!!
Alright well, time for Hannity and Colmes. If any of you didn't catch Sarah Palin on SNL here it is! So funny.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alfred E Smith Roast

It's been a while since my last post. I've been really busy this week. I can't remember exactly what I've done but it seems like all I've been doing is running around from one place to the other. I have nothing interesting to talk about at all. Friday night was fun. Scott and I cooked at my house and Brad and Jaclyn came over to eat my famous pasta dish. After we were out of wine the four of us drove to Theos to have some more! For some reason, we ended up at On The Rocks where Scott and Brad acted foolish and had 4 shots of Jager....Immature. They paid for it the next morning that's for sure. Last night, Scott and I headed up to Brad and Jaclyns house and they cooked for us this time! We grilled hamburgers and watched the Razorback game that seemed in the bag until the last 4 minutes. Being a Hog fan comes with heartbreak. This morning Scott and I went to Fellowship guessed it...Brad and Jaclyn. We don't know how to have fun without those two do we?
I did do something exciting this week. I went to Wal Mart and got a pumpkin! I've been wanting one for weeks now but just haven't done it and I finally did! Of course Jake and Scott made so much fun of me but I felt better about it when I went to Jaclyns house last night and she had TWO pumpkins!!
I got honked at the other day and I'm so confused why. I don't know what I did and it kinda didn't sit well with me that someone would have road rage against me so badly. Whatev.
Okay so that's all. On Thursday, Scott and I watched the roast of John McCain and Barack Obama at the Alfred E Smith dinner in New York. It was hilarious! John McCain did great and Barack Obama did not. Which, I'll be honest, surprised me. I thought Obama would do way better than McCain at the comedy routine but he was just not funny. If you didn't catch it on TV and have a few minutes to watch these, it's definitely worth it.
Here's McCain, part one and two.
Here's Obama part one and two.