Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wedding Album

I got a few samples of my wedding photo album emailed to me today! Thought I'd share!! Hopefully I'll get some more emailed to me so I can share a few more pages!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaclyn!


Reusable Shopping Bags

I watched an Oprah re-run today that she did a few days ago on Earth Day. She did a story on waste. It all goes into the ocean and it covers the size of Texas. This is so harmful to our sweet little animals in the ocean. Look at these pictures.

The last is of a sea turtle who swam through a plastic ring when he was little and it got stuck while he continued to grow. So sad.

Mom and I have decided from now on to only use reusable shopping bags when we go grocery shopping. Walmart is selling them for 50 cents and I hope eventually plastic bags will no longer exist! It's actually way easier to bring your groceries into your house with your reusable shopping bag because you can strap it over your shoulder instead of cut the circulation off your wrist with the plastics! The key is just to remember to keep it in your car so you won't forget and leave it at home when you go to Walmart. It seems like such a small thing to do but if everyone did it, I feel like it will majorly help our little sea creatures and their innoscent little world. I hope I've encourage you to purchase the 50 cent reusable 'green' shopping bags at Walmart the next time you go shopping!

Landon's 4th Birthday

Yesterday my family celebrated Landon's 4th birthday! I can't believe how fast he's growing up! He really seems like a big boy now!! As you know, Scott and I got Landon roller skates for his birthday. Landon loves them! He played with them all day yesterday and he's still in them today. He's starting to get the hang of it. Mom and I have been helping him try to figure it out in the garage all day. He's gotta get the idea of pushing the skates instead of walking in them. I think by the end of the week, he'll have it down pat! Here's a video of Landon from yesterday trying out the skates!

Feeding Holly some Spiderman birthday cake. The only way Holly will let Landon get near her is when he feeds her a treat. Notice his cautious face as he pets her, trying to make sure she won't run away once she notices he's petting her!

Friday, April 24, 2009


You know what I love? I love taking my nightly bath really early in the evening and putting on one of Scott's big t-shirts and and some of my pajama pants. I just did that and I enjoy it very much.
Today was an average day. I did get my 20 dollar tip from a 25 dollar haircut which is always exciting. It's rare to happen but occasionally it does. I once got a 100 dollar tip off a color service. I nearly peed my pants I was so excited! The end of my day was slow and when work is slow, I get sleepy. There's nothing worse than being at work and wanting to lay your head down on a table but you can't because that would probably be inappropriate.
Anyways, I don't really have much to say. This week hasn't been very eventful. I have, however, thoroughly enjoyed my mom and Holly coming up here. We're all heading down to Little Rock tomorrow for Landon's birthday. Mom and Holly will probably go earlier than me since I have to work until 5. I have to do updo's for prom tomorrow even though I don't do up-do's. These girls will leave crying because their hair will look like a disaster. I feel really bad and I told the salon I can't do them but we've got so many girls wanting them that they had to put me down for some. If you want pretty waves or a good pageant 'all the way down with a big poof' look I can handle it. If you want crunchy curls piled up on top of your head I can't help you out. And you know that's what all these girls want. One girl left last week with 4 tendrals falling down her face. SO UGLY!!!! Why do they want to look like that? Every girl at the salon hates updo's and dreads doing them. I'm going to need some serious help from the other ladies. Scott was like, 'you can do it.' I was like, 'uhhh...my updo's will look just as good as yours would.' Totally not kidding. I'm miserable just thinking about it. My armpits will be sweating all day tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.
Alright well, I guess I'll go pour myself a glass of wine since I just remembered I have that to look forward to tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spiderman Cakes

This day has been awesome so far! My boss just told me to take off early from work and 'enjoy the sunshine.' I was like, holla! I've got so many things to do in Fayetteville so it was great that she let me do that. I have to go to Ricks and pick out a Spiderman cake for Landon's birthday. I got his skates yesterday! They're so cute! I can't wait to see how he'll do in them. He told Kyle that for his birthday he wants 'a Holly dog and a pool table.' I think he's gonna get 'a Holly dog' for his home in Tampa.
I need to return something at the mall that I've decided I can live without. I'm more than broke right now....I need to not spend anymore money for the rest of the month. Shouldn't be hard since there's none left to spend.
Mom and Holly are coming to Fayetteville for the week! I'm so excited!! Us girls are gonna hang out and have a good time.
I'm really hungry....I could totally use some french fries from Slims with a side of Cayanne Ranch. YUUUUMMM!!! Too bad that would take up all of my calories for today and tomorrow if I followed through with it...
Scott called me earlier and totally teased me. He was like 'I've got the best news ever!!' I was like, OMG, HEINZ CALLED??? Nope. This special burger that he loves from Backyard Burger is back for a limited time. Such a nerd and a total letdown.
I woke up at 5:15 this morning because Scott and I decided to stay in Little Rock and drive to our destinations today instead of late last night. I'm so tired! I have no doubt I'll sleep good tonight.
I guess that's all. Here's a funny video that Jake, Jaclyn, and I took of little Rose trying to jump on the couch. She just jumps way too soon to make it up there. She'll have it down pat soon. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

3 Posts in 1 Day

Okay so it's been a while since I've blogged and anything to do with Holly deserves it's own special post so I thought I'd catch you all up on the other stuff in my life. 
1.) I finished Twilight and watched the movie yesterday. I thought the end of the book was a page turner. I still feel it's totally overrated and hope the next 3 focus more on the vampire family because that's very entertaining to me. Not Edward's eyes and hair and sparkly skin. Everyone is like 'I love Edward!!!' I'm like, 'really? Edward sucks compared to Scott. Scott's way better....'Everybody who reads the book hates the movie. I thought the movie was EXACTLY like the book. I'm gonna read the others while I have breaks at work but it's not interesting enough to me to want to read them in bed at home. I'd much rather watch Kardashians. 
2.) WORK IS SO BUSY. Great great! and really exhausting. I had 5 womens HC's and a highlight on Saturday. That took up my whole day except for my hour lunch break. One 14 year old with hair as thick as a couch cushion came to see me and left crying. OMG that stressed me out so bad. I couldn't figure out what I had done. I warned the receptionist and asked her to say something to the mother about what the problem was. Apparently I needed to flat iron her hair. What??!!! WHAT??!!! She nearly made me pass out because I was so concerned. Never cutting her hair again...don't need that drama.
3.) People ask me all the time. Married life is great! Except for the distance thing of course. And...no we aren't having babies any time soon. Give me a good 5-6 years please. Unless something tragic were to happen and my young, fun life was cut short by a baby in which I would be so mad at Scott and blame it all on him. But I'm sure I'd get over it real quick seeing as how every time I see a little girl I say 'awwwww' and tell Scott 'I can't wait until it's time for one of those!'
4.) I have a new obsession. French Vanilla Cappuccino. They have a cappuccino machine at Fellowship and Braclyn and Scott and I always have one and enjoy it during the church service. Scott told me he knows it's 20% of the motivation to get me out of bed on Sundays. I seriously do look forward to it every Sunday I'm not gonna lie. WELL, I've discovered the same machine at the nice Pinnacle Station in Rogers and I stop by it every morning and have it for breakfast. Yum!
5.) Still going strong on my iphone diet. I've lost 4 pounds! I'm really loving my bod in the mirror right now I'm not gonna lie. I'm gonna keep on with the diet though to see if I can lose a little bit more. Just for kicks. I never think one can be too skinny as long as you do it healthy of course. That's very important :) Right now, my celeb body inspiration is Jullianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars. OMG. Rocking, tight bod. I'm jealous and will try and look like that by May.....well my birthday lets say....May 25. That's the goal. 
6.) I'm getting tired of people saying 'YOU'RE on a diet??' Yes, yes that's right. I've always been told, gain 5 pounds, get it off right away. Do you want me to weigh 200 pounds before I decide it's time to start eating healthy? NO! Geez. 
7.) I'm a really happy person! I hope that comes off but just wanted to make sure you all knew that I think my life is awesome! Especially since my precious puppy is going to stay around longer that I was thinking just a few hours ago.
8.) I'm tweeting now! I set up a twitter account today and I'm gonna have to ask Jake how to put my twitter updates right here on my blog. Everyone is on twitter. Even Dad which I don't mind....as long as he keeps away from facebook. 
9.) I've got some videos of Holly and Rose that I'll post tomorrow. All are cute so you should get excited!
10.) Scott and I are headed to Toys R Us now to bday shop for Landon. I want to get him roller skates. How fun will that be! He'll definitely need a helmet and some knee and elbow pads along with them as he's crazy and will go flying down the street without a fearful bone in his tiny little body. PEACE OUT!

Holly Part 2

Well, my baby girl is gonna be okay! She thinks her life is so great she's not ready to give it up any time soon. Holly has a bladder infection - again. I don't know if you all remember but she had one back in October. This time though, the doctor said it's very very bad and it's causing her a lot of pain. That's why she was throwing up all weekend and why she didn't move at all yesterday...because she was nauseous. He said that a bladder infection this severe is very uncommon. She gets that from her Kara. I always have the weird uncommon thing that the doctors have to go back in their office to google to figure out what it is. The inside lining of Holly's bladder wall is bleeding which is causing her infection. He gave Holly some doggie xanax for her pain and something else for her bladder infection. The same thing we gave her back in October. AND, since Holly seems to be really prone to bladder infections these days, we're just going to give her a pill, every day, for the rest of her life. He thinks that should do the trick. Apparently dogs don't get immune to medicine like humans so it should never stop working for her. He also gave Holly 3 shots which should start working about right now. Poor thing, the third one made her bleed. Of course she was still and didn't even yelp when she got the shots like the perfect dog that she is....
Poor Holly. Of course my mom feels guilty but the doctor told her there's no way she could have known....just like last time. He could tell that Mom and I were freaking out that Holly's almost used up all her days and he assured us she's good and healthy. She's just a woman with a bad bladder. I told Holly is really sucks to be a woman sometimes. You men just have no idea....
So YAY! I really think that yesterday I took a good couple of months off my life because I was so stressed out. I slept for about 2 hours last night and when I woke up this morning my eyes were all crusted together because of the tears drying. Even Scott took off from work today and drove down to LR last night for Holly. He told his co-workers that they have no idea....Holly is our child and it was very important for him to be here for me for when I got back from the vet....just in case. 
I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Praise the Lord!!!


Well yesterday was one of the worst day's I've had since I've been alive. Mom called me around 2:30 informing me that Holly had been sick all weekend but it was getting much worse. She was crying and told me I might want to think about driving down because she wasn't sure Holly was going to make it much longer. So I threw a bunch of stuff in a bag and hopped in my car and zoomed to Little Rock sobbing the entire 3 hours in the quiet...not even wanting to listen to the radio. I pulled into my parents driveway and walked in the door. Mom and Dad were both sitting on the floor beside the couch just looking at Holly. Normally, when I walk in the door, Holly comes running with her whole butt wagging. She just lifted her head up at me and Mom picked her up and handed her to me. I started sobbing even harder because she looked so pitiful. Mom and Dad were excited though because for the first time all weekend, Holly actually sat up and walked to sit beside me on the couch. Mom told me that Holly wouldn't drink any water all day and hadn't eaten either. She just looked terrible. After I had been there about 2 hours Holly seemed to be feeling better and even walked around the house for a minute...very slowly. Mom thinks that my coming home put some life back into her. I'm gonna go with that myself :)
I could not go to sleep at all last night. I just watched Holly to make sure she was still breathing. At 4:00, Holly scratched me to tell me she wanted off the bed. I put her down and she went to her puppy pad and pottied and then she walked to her water bowl and lapped up her water for a good minute! This morning, she has much more life in her and she even ate a little bit of food. Ahhh....sigh of relief. A little...
Mom and I are about to take Holly to the vet. Holly shakes every now and then and we googled it and it means she might be in pain. We're worried it's cancer again....all over this time. Of course we think the worst. Anyways, I pray maybe she just had the flu or something. 
So yeah, I thought yesterday that I was going to have to take my dog to the vet today and put her down. Since she's perky right now, I don't think that anymore...but I'm still worried just a touch. I know she's old.....but I think she should still be around a couple more years :) Keep Holly in mind today and say a quick prayer. I'll keep everyone updated when I get back from the vet. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. Mine was lovely. Scott got in around dinner time on Friday and we had a nice meal and chilled around the house. We drove to see Rose and she's such a cutie pie! We're definitely going to have fun with her!!
On Saturday I went off to work. I was so busy and didn't get to eat lunch until 2. Waaaaayyy past my normal 11:30. I was starved. Scott and I were gonna go have a din at Bordinos but we decided off the wim to go to Penguin Eds instead. I LOVE their salads!! Yumm. I could use one right now. We went to Blockbuster after dinner and I was very close to renting Twilight but Scott convinced me on how dumb that would be seeing as I'm about 10 chapters away from finished the book so we left the store with no movie in our hands.
Sunday Scott and I woke up bright and early to go to the 9:00 Easter service. We decided to other services would be really packed. Randy came with us and afterwords, we went to Randy's house/mine now too and I cooked a lovely Easter lunch. My family usually does a Thanksgiving meal for Easter too and I did a half version. Honey Baked Ham, hashbrown casserole, this amazing creamy corn I make and a salad. It was delish. Want the creamy corn recipe? It's so easy.
3 cans of white shoepeg corn drained
1 stick of butter
1 block of cream cheese.
Mix together, melt in microwave, add jalapenos for some extra yummy flav! Mmmm!!!

Sunday night Scott and I chilled and today we've been trying to figure out my taxes. My crazy ass boss from Memphis won't send me my 1099 or anyone else I worked with for that matter so it's gotten ALL OF US in a pickle. Scott is stressed. We finally just had to file an extension until the IRS gets a hold of her stupid illegal crazy mental self.
Now I'm about to go to Wal Mart and get some stuff for din then head over to Jaclyns to cook dinner. Brad is away...Scott's on the road to Memphis...it's just us girls tonight. Have a lovely one!


Rose is adorable! She's so soft and so sweet! I think she's gonna be a momma's girl! Here's a few pics! The last is of her sleeping in her bed given by yours truly.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Good Friday everyone! Mine was good. Still so busy at work. Today has been the busiest so far. It's 6:44 and I'm convinced that if I laid on the couch and shut my eyes for just 30 seconds I would fall asleep and not wake up until tomorrow morning. I think it's the weather. It's so cold and gloomy here. I just got to my house in Fayetteville and I'm waiting on Scott's arrival. He just got on 540 so he should be here pretty soon. I'm getting ready to start making some din and then we're going over to Brad and Jaclyns to see their new puppy they're getting today!!! Her name is Rose and she's a cavapoo. Cavalier/Poodle mix. She's such a cutie!! I went to PetSmart and got a few little gifts for sweet baby Rose. I can't wait to meet her! I'll have to bring Holly up to visit. Maybe they could be friends!! Aww...that'd be cute. Holly is a little socially awkward with other dogs though. But the older she's gotten, she's mellowed out a little more and lets other dogs sniff her bottom for a good 10 seconds now. Usually she's just like 'ugghhh, I'm too good for you, get away from me.'
So I must tell a pet peeve of mine that I don't think I've ever mentioned before. Sarcastic People. I had a guy in my chair today that was so sarcastic and I wanted to purposefully give him a bad haircut. I CAN'T STAND sarcastic people. I think they're mean people who say mean things to you but feel like they can get away with it because they're making it a joke. I always want to be like, 'what exactly do you mean by that?' So rude. Can't stand em'. Anyways...
I'm still working on Twilight. I'm on chapter 14 now. Just as I expected, I'm totally not into it. Everyone at work is like, 'are you crazy????' All it talks about is Edwards eyes being black then blue then gold. Or how she did bad in gym or how she's sleepy and dreams about Edward at night. I'm like, come out with the vampire stuff already!! I'm not into it at all but I'm thinking it should get better so I'm gonna keep reading it. I'm not getting it at all. Is it one of those books that when you read the last sentence the whole rest of the book makes sense and then it ends up being SO GOOD? I hope so. So far, it's snorefest in the book department.
I'm gonna get off now and get to cooking. Here's a picture of Rose from when Brad and Jaclyn went to meet her a few weeks ago. Rose picked them BTW, not the other way around. Good sign! :

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


How's your day been? Mine was good. I barely got to work on time. I'm not sure why I was running so behind since I got out of bed the same time as usual but I was almost late which made my heart beat fast. I don't like to look irresponsible right away. I like to give it a few weeks at least! JK. I think it's because I enjoyed my steaming hot shower for a really long time since my house was no less than 20 degrees this morning. Well not my house really. I guess I forgot to mention that I'm living with my father-in-law right now! Haha. Funny I know. There's many reasons why. a.) Randy lives in Bentonville and his house is closer to my job than mine is. and b.) I've decided not to torture myself anymore with being scared staying at my place all by myself. Scott's dad is single and his house is quite enormous and there's plenty of room for me so I've decided to crash at his pad until my husband joins me up here in NWA. I have the whole upstairs all to myself so I'm definitely not in the way. Plus, I think he likes my company. I would think so since I'm awesome!...and he's single so you know he's gotta get lonely. It's pretty easy since I have to wear all black to work. I just moved every article of black clothing up here and packed up some essentials and bada bing bada boom. I've got my nice little suite upstairs that Randy decorated all up just for me. It's nice and stress free not having to wonder if there is some dude in my house or if that nose I heard was just my ice machine. Plus, Randy is a yummy cook on the grill just like Scott. Obviously it's where Scott got it from. Randy is also the healthiest person I've met in my life. He bikes or runs no less than 8 miles a day and the most fattening thing that's sitting in his house is strawberry jelly. Perfect for my diet!
On the weekends when Scott comes up, we stay at my place...our place.
Work was good. A little slow. I only had 2 womens H/C so I stayed in the breakroom and read Twilight. I'm never one to read the latest scifi. I felt like I was being tortured when I went to the first Lord of the Rings movie and I haven't read/seen any Harry Potter stuff. Jaclyn is OBSESSED with Twilight as she's read every single book there is. 4 I think? She insisted I read it so she gave me her copy and after having it for a week now, decided to start it up today. I've made it through chapter 4 and I'm enjoying it very much. It's not weird like I thought it was going to be. I don't do weird. I'll let you know how it's going as I progress. I'm assuming it'll be a page turner since every person in the salon was like 'OMG BEST BOOK EVERRRRR!!!!'
Speaking of Jaclyn, I must tell a funny. We text each other a lot while we're working when we're bored. We'd been texting back and forth all day when I get a text that said 'so what'd you have for dinner last night?'' HAHAHAHA. It made me laugh out loud and I was embarrassed because everyone was starring. 'I told her she MUST be bored if she wondered that.' Chicken fajitas BTW.
Okay I'm gonna go and see if Randy needs help with din. Peace Out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday = Fun

Happy Monday! Mondays are always happy for me since it's my day off! I've spent the day running all kinds of errands AKA spending money on clothes....black clothes. I couldn't help myself at Mason's today. I'm sorry I just don't want to wear yoga pants and a black shirt to work everyday. That is no fun and not special. I feel everyone should always try to look special with their attire. It makes the world so much prettier!
Scott took off at 7:15 this morning. I tried to convince him to stay but didn't succeed. Maybe next Monday! We've decided that he's always going to stay on Sunday because all weekend we're hanging out with friends and family and never have time to ourselves. So Sunday will be a just us kind of day. We had a romantic dinner last night on our fine china! It was nice and fun.
The Hills premiers tonight. I feel like I'm WAY too old to be watching that show but I do. Not religiously like I do my other shows but if it's on I'll watch. I'm sure it'll be filled with all kinds of immature drama.
Well....I don't really have anything to talk about today. Except though I went to Wal Mart and was walking to my car and some dude that was walking past me burped right beside me and I found that completely intolerable. Who does that out loud? In public? So rude.
Oh and P.S. I'm still going good on my diet! I weighed today and lost my weekly pound. Very exciting! I would have a lot more calories for food at the end of the day if I wouldn't have a glass or two of wine. 1 glass of wine is 200 calories!!! Not worth giving up my wine though. It's the best part of my day. Jake took a look at my lose it! app and has downloaded it on his phone too and decided to partake in the process. He'll have just as much fun with it as I do I'm sure! When I tell some people I'm on a diet their like 'poor you.' Nu uh though! I love a diet especially in the summertime. I love the way it makes me feel. Okay well, I'm gonna peace out now. Later!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Worn Out!!

By the way, I thought I'd share this picture I just remembered having. It's Landon the Sunday after the wedding....


Well oh well. I've got lots to talk about. First of all.....OBSESSED with my new job! Oh my goodness. I only worked Thursday-Saturday and I've never been more busy in my whole work life. Crazieness. My hand actually hurt from holding a round brush on Saturday because I blew out so many people's hair!! I've had my feet hurt but never my hand. It's so great and I'm so excited about it. Tomorrow is my day off which is nice. I'm very tired.
Jake came up to NWA this weekend and we all had a great time. On Friday, Braclyn, Jake and us Johnson's went to Theos for some martini's and their bar food. We love their bar food because it's delicious and cheap! I had been craving a martini for some reason. Very unlike me....they were yummy! After Theos we went to this new bar called 21st Amendment. It was very Memphis like. I enjoyed it. However, us kids are too old for the bar scene now. We just don't enjoy ourselves much anymore so we peaced out and were home by 11. I love going to Theos because it's very grown up to me. There aren't 19 year old's showing up with their fakes and acting a fool. Theos is just nice and chill and I LOVE IT. Much more my style these days. Except when I get the urge to go to a piano bar because that is never not fun to me.
On Saturday, I got up for work and was super busy. Afterwords, I picked up Jake at the Julians and he rode with me to my father-in-law's where Scott was. Randy cooked us a delicious filet and veggies. Braclyn was at a wedding but as soon as it was over, they came to the house and we hung out and veged.
This morning, we all woke up and headed to Fellowship for church. It was SO GOOD today. Jake was like, 'I'm driving up every weekend to go to church here with ya'll.' I knew he would love it. They strictly read scripture today about the last few day's of Christ's life on Earth. In the middle of scripture, the band would break out in music and we'd worship and then they'd go back to scripture. Almost like a play but without the dramatic acting. It was very random and so great. When they played In Christ Alone, tears were streaming down my face. That is my absolute most favorite worship song. Jaclyn's too. It gives me chill bumps every time but this time I just started crying. The whole service was so great and I'm so glad Jake was there to experience what Fellowship is like.
Even though church was so great, Sunday's always make me sad because it means Scott has to leave and go back to Memphis. When we got back to my house and he packed up his bags, I started crying so hard. I had black mascara all over Scott's shirt. He felt really bad so he's staying tonight and taking a half day off of work tomorrow. It really is no fun at all living away from your spouse. I'm very very ready for this to be over. I tried to talk Scott into quitting his job today...no such luck at that but it was worth a shot! I thought maybe the tears would help my pleading. I'm glad Scott decided to stay. We are going to pop open a bottle of Ambullneo and eat on our fine chine tonight for the very first time! AND, use our new stemware to drink our Ambullneo out of for the first time too! Mmmm!! Ambullneo is this really expensive bottle of California wine and we only have some because my Dad gives us a bottle of it occasionally but Scott and I never drink it because it's too nice. Seriously, we've had some of these bottles for a whole year. My Dad will be so proud of us for drinking it since we've never opened a bottle he's given us. He told us he's going to stop giving it to us because we have a whole collection of Ambullneo just hanging out in our wine fridge. I encourage everyone to take out a loan and get some at some point. It's, like my Dad and Uncle Rex say, 'a party in the mouth!' Have a nice Sunday!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well I'm back in Fay town! I was so excited to be back that I went shopping and already spent all of my money for the week. Whoops! Today, I had lunch at McAlisters with Jaclyn and it was so nice! Since I'll be working in Rogers now, we'll be able to do that lots and lots. Very fun.
The job starts tomorrow! Yay and yay! So ready!
So I went to Masons and saw some super cute shoes...but since my weekly budget is gone I'm gonna need to come up with some money so I think I'm gonna go through my closet and see what I can find to take to Platos closet to sell. I do that a lot. Hmm...okay well, I don't really have a lot to talk about. I guess I'll go raid the closet. Wish me luck!