Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going Home

Well, I am off to a good start with the diet. I had 14 leftover calories yesterday. Today I've been doing even better. I'm going to have plenty of calories left for the day. I LOVE counting calories. It's like a game. I did it when I first started pageants and I went to this lady who all the pageant girls go to. She takes a look at you in a bikini and gives you this workout plan to shape your body perfectly. Then, she gives you a meal plan with a caloric limit. It's funny my limit that lose it! gave me is exactly the same as the one she gave me....nearly 10 years ago. Dang. I can't believe it's been that long!!! 
Today I gave Landon my big hugs and kisses and off to Tampa he goes. He'll be back in a month for his 4th birthday party. Spiderman themed he says. He's a cutie. I didn't take many pictures of him because my camera battery is dead and Scott lost my charger when he moved his stuff into my place in Fayetteville. He swears he did not lose it but yes he did. I'm very organized and never misplace things. I'll take some pics and videos next month when Scott buys me a new charger. :)
I'm leaving for Fayetteville in just a bit here. I'm VERY homesick! I've been gone for a whole month and it's definitely time to go back. I hope nobody broke into my house. I always think that when I've been away for a while. At least my utility bills will be cheap! I'm going into the salon tomorrow to get everything all set and ready to go! Very exciting! I'm so ready to start working again. I've been bored out of my mind for a whole month. I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom when I have kids but I dunno. Maybe that'll be a bit different but I think I'm gonna have to work at least 2 days a week to keep some sanity. I like routine in my life...and purpose. Not having a job doesn't quite fulfill that need for me. 
Well alright. I guess I'm gonna drop some movies off at blockbuster for Kyle, get some gas, and be off on my way! Ahhhhh....finally! Isn't Fayetteville/Rogers just the greatest! It really is just the greatest. I never want to live anywhere else. Except maybe New York or Cali but just for like, 2 years. Home Sweet Home here I come!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Braclyns Engagement Photos - My Favs!

Dorothy and Diets

Happy Monday to everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. I did. I didn't do anything special really. On Saturday, Scott and I went shopping for some black clothes for my new job. I'm starting on Thursday! I'm going to go in on Wednesday to set up my station and get everything squared away. I'm already on the books so call Estitiques and book an appointment with me! Please. On Sunday Scott and I went to Fellowship here in Little Rock. I just really love fellowship in Little Rock. The sermon was so amazing. When the preacher was done, the crowd applauded...not something that is super typical. But his sermon was THAT good and really made me think. Those are the best kind aren't they? Sunday afternoon, the whole fam got The Wizard of Oz for Landon to watch. The Wizard was my absolute most favorite movie when I was a little girl. I got my mom to make me 'dorothy shoes' but she would only let me wear them outside because the red glitter got everywhere. Haha. Now, they have them pre-made for kids these days. I've seen them at Target. Kids have it so easy now...
Landon wasn't quite sure what to make of the movie. The witch scared him. She terrified me too when I was little. But I think he liked it. He kept singing 'we're off to see the wizard.'
Scott drove off to Memphis last night but he's going to be coming up to Fayetteville every weekend of April so I'll see him on Friday. I drove on the road a lot to see him all last month so we're trading this month. Hopefully this will be over soon. If Heinz doesn't call him the first week of May I'm completely giving up and moving to Memphis with Scott. It's just ridiculous to live apart from your husband and my patience with the whole ordeal is wearing thin. Scott has always wanted to go back to school to get his MBA so that may be in our very near future. Who knows. We'll see. Maybe I'll be living in Chicago or California in a few months. Scott plans on going to school far far away. 
So today I started a diet. Landon weighed himself on my parents scale on Saturday. 36.2 is what his cute little weight is. He told me to weigh too. I was VERY apprehensive but stepped on the scale and wanted to die!!! He asked me if it was as much as Uncle Scott and I told him yes as it may as well be. So I told Scott and needless to say, the diet starts today. (that rhymed!) I downloaded this cool application on my iphone to help me out. It's called lose it! and you start by typing in your age, height, sex, and current weight. Then you type in your goal weight and it asks you if you want to lose 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, or 2 pounds a week. I immediately clicked on 2 but saw that I could only eat 800 calories a day so bumped it up to 1. It told me when I should reach my goal weight which seems pretty decent. Although 1 pound a week seems a touch depressing. Surly I'll lose more than that a week. Lose it! makes you record your daily calories so today I've had 100 so far with my pecan spinwheel for breakfast. Some foods are brand named so you can just type, Campbell's tomato and it's already in there. Or Subway turkey on wheat. Otherwise, you have to manually type, pecan spinwheel, 100 calories. AND, it'll keep track of your foods so if I eat another pecan spinwheel for breakfast tomorrow it'll remember it and I won't have to manually type again. So fun! I'm looking forward to this. 
I guess I should get dressed so I can go eat. Grammy's never been to Panera so I think we're going to go there. Panera is pretty healthy so I think I won't have a problem. I'll just have to choose a low cal soup option or something. Have a good Monday!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Today started out like one of those days where you're already ready for it to be over but ended nicely once the weather turned perfect and beautiful. I'll start at the top. I have a marital pet-peeve of my husband. He has to be at work at 7:30 and his commute is 30 minutes so you do the math. It takes Scott about 15-20 minutes to get completely dressed and out the door. However, Scott sets his alarm at 5:45 because he hits the snooze button so many times. THIS DRIVES ME INSANE!!!!! I'm the type of person where the first beep that my alarm makes I hear it and pop out of bed. It takes Scott FOREVER to notice that his alarm is going off. I'm laying in bed sleepily screaming in my mind. I have to shake him to get him to turn it off and he still takes forever trying to find the snooze button. He basically hits the snooze for an hour and for this whole hour, I'm lying awake completely annoyed. I have tried to talk him into just setting it for 20 minutes early instead of an hour and 20 minutes but he swears he won't wake up. I told him no worries I'm completely awake and I promise I'll make sure he's up in time but he's not budging. Last night, I convinced him to set his alarm for 6. It's a work in progress but I for sure can't live the rest of my life like that so he's going to have to work on it. I'm thinking that when we're both in Fayetteville, what I'm gonna have to do is set my alarm for his time and just wake him up myself. We'll see...
So I wanted to get out of the door early because I was driving to Little Rock to see Landon and I was going to meet my Grammy for lunch. I was out the door by 9 and had to run by Macy's to pay on my mom's bill. I get to Macy's and they don't open until 10!! They let me in at 9:52 but I still had to wait. As I was waiting, I get to hear their whole staff do their morning prep cheer. It's the same they do in Remember the Titans....we are the titans (repeat) the mighty mighty titans (repeat) you know what I'm talking about....Except with their own special Macy's words. Some guy was giving a serious pep-talk and every staff member there was completely enthusiastic. I couldn't hear everything the guy was saying but he definitely mentioned Home Depot which was incredibly odd to me as I'm pretty sure Macy's and Home Depot don't have to compete with each other's customers as their stores are NOTHING alike. The whol ordeal was just about as odd as Walmarts give me a W...give me a squiggle....
They didn't open the registers until 10:10 which I found frustrating. So anyways....I hop on the road finally and I'm good to go after that. I get to Little Rock and Landon Luttrell is here and is taller than he was at the wedding. And asks more questions than ever. He and Holly wanted to play outside and my mom and her neighbor, Gayle, have beautiful tulips growing in their front yard so I decided to take some pictures so everyone could enjoy them.
Okay...Landon just said 'I need to get a massage because my feet are wiggin out' ???????????? Where did that come from? Back on track...
Here's some pics of the beautiful tulips. Which are my favorite flower by the way. Enjoy!
And I thought I'd throw out a picture I just took of Landon massaging his 'wigged out' feet.

Ummm....okay another Landon funny. 'I want Holly to take a bath with me. It would be so cute.'

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doc, Mayor's, and Appetizers

Yesterday was a nice lazy day. I am, however, getting a little tired of these lazy days and ready to get back to work. I did my usual, woke up with Scott and made him lunch and breakfast then went back upstairs to his room to sleep another hour or so. When I got up to get showered and dressed I heard Doc downstairs crying. So I looked down the stairs and he was standing there looking at me with his cone on his head! He was scared to attempt the stairs to come up to my room and I was told later that he attempted right away but crashed it into the stairs and was scared to try again after that. So I told Doc that I was gonna go grab some Subway and when I got back I'd take the cone off. I felt bad for him and I didn't want to put it back on so I just stayed at home all day and he was a very good boy. He never licked his stitches and just laid all day and stayed off his foot. I'm leaving tomorrow to head back home and I sure am gonna miss Doc! We've become buds.
So I think Scott feels sorry for me because I've been here in Memphis for a couple of weeks and it sure can get boring. I mean, there's only so many times you can go shopping and run errands so I've kinda had no choice but to sit at home all day since I've already done everything you can do here. So he's sweet and likes to go out to eat at night so I can get out of the house for once. So last night, we went to our favorite, Spindini. We decided to hit up their happy hour because their appetizers are half off until 7 and we thought we'd just let a few appetizers be our meal. It was nice and actually the idiot mayor of Memphis sat next to us. I say he's an idiot because he's been the mayor here for...I think 14 years and you can see how great of a job he's done. His last election, about 2 years ago when I first moved here, people tried really hard to not let him get elected. They had this great woman running and everyone was strategically working to see how we could get this man out and this woman in. So in knowing this, it made the mayor mad and he decided to make his campaign slogan....no joke.....'shake da hata's off.' Shake Da Hata's Off!!! Can you believe that? He, of course, got reelected by the intelligent citizens of Memphis, Tennessee. It's so funny because I've seen him twice now at restaurants and you can tell everyone in the restaurant is totally disgusted by him and has no interest in even looking his way. A few years ago, he got caught in a cocaine and prostitute scandal...on video tape!! And he's still the mayor....
This city could actually be a really awesome city if it got cleaned up a bit. Maybe one day someone great will swoop in and make it happen.
So finally, while Scott were having our meal, at 6, this couple was sitting across from us and the man was having a filet. So I said to Scott, 'that man's filet looks sooooo good. I think it's too early to be having a filet though. I feel like you shouldn't eat one before 8.' And Scott, in all seriousness asked 'because steak rhymes with eight sort of?' Hahaha. It was really funny to me and I'm actually not sure why I made the comment I did. It just seemed too early to be enjoying that nice of a meal I guess....but I know that's really stupid of me. And Scott is so cute and was being dead serious with his question and had such confusion written on his face by my comment and I thought I'd share. Have a nice one!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well I had quite the day yesterday. It started out like normal. I did my usual Memphis routine, which includes taking Scott's roomate's dog, Doc, for a run down Mud Island. Doc is a black lab and he's precious! He loves to go for walks/runs and it's a great way for me to get some exercise so I always take him and we stay out for about an hour/hour and a half. Well, we had been out running for about 45 minutes when all of a sudden, I see bloody paw prints in the grass. Doc wasn't acting any differently but the blood stains were pretty big so I made him stop and sit. I pointed out to Doc that his foot was bleeding and he laid down on the grass and kept licking his wound. We laid there about 3 minutes and I was thinking to myself 'oh my gosh I'm going to have to pick Doc up and carry him all the way back to the house' which was probably about 2 miles away. I attempted for a second and was thinking to myself, there's no way. So Doc sat up for a minute and I asked him if he thought he could walk. Well, he could and he did but the blood was still coming from his foot. So I made him run with me all the way back to the house because I knew he for sure needed to go to the doctor.
I called Scott and told him to call his co-worker/roomate and tell him that Doc cut his foot and definitely needed to go to the vet, find out where he goes so I can take him. So while he was trying to call, I made Doc sit outside because bloody footprints were getting all over the hardwood in the house. Scott told me where he went and I called the vet to let them know I was coming.
So I put some towels down in my car and Doc hopped in and off we went. We got to the vet and he was tracking blood all over the place. The vet, who was for sure my age or maybe a year older btw, looked at Doc and said his cut was pretty deep and he would definitely need stitches but he would have to sedate him to do it. Poor Doc! I was like yeah okay do whatever you need to. I talked to the roomate to make sure it was okay and off went Doc for surgery. :(
The vet said Doc probably got cut by glass because it was a clean sharp wound. He got cut on his back foot on the part that would be like a humans heel. Which the vet said was odd and a freak accident. Of course...while I'm watching him a freak accident happens.
So Doc, unwillingly (he was stuck to my side and wouldn't budge) went off for his stitches and when he got home, he was so funny because he was really 'drunk' still and he was so calm and chill. Polar opposite of his usually hyper, peppy self. He'll be okay and his stitches can come out on Friday.
So that was my crazy day. I felt horrible that this happened to a dog that didn't belong to me while I was supposed to be taking care of him. I feel so bad for him but he's definitely going to be okay. I saw him earlier this morning and I think the sedation was still affecting him because he was super chill still. So I'm sad that I don't have my running buddy anymore but I'm glad he's going to be okay and we can just hang out and veg for the rest of the week. Here's Doc with his cast. Notice the cone in the background he'll have to wear if he starts licking it. HAHA.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Is anyone else totally over facebook? I hate it now. It just gets worse and worse. Remember the good ol' days when your profile page actually showed when people stalked you? Or when you weren't bombarded with all these stupid event invitations. I liked it so much better when it was like it was way back in the day. When all you could do was poke someone. The mini feed sucks now. The layout sucks. It all sucks. Now, all I do is log on facebook, see if I have a friend request or message, and log right off. What is with this Mark character? I mean, I get that he wants to make more money and that's fine....open it up to the whole world to have a facebook account whatever. But why do you have to change the layout? It was PERFECT the way it was before...like 2 years ago. Then we get the mini feed and it's creepy but I started to like it because I could see when someone posted new pics or something. Now, all I see on the mini feed is so and so going to the gym or so and so watching Idol. You know what? I don't really care about that. I care about your pictures and your relationship status but that's kinda all. Why would they make the mini feed only people's status's now? SNORE FEST. That's boring. I think everyone should send him a letter saying they're going to deactivate their account unless he changes it back to 2006 style. And really deactivate until he does it. OR...if that didn't work then we should get to vote on all these changes. As one of his eldest facebook members....from back in 2004, I think he's just redic. It wasn't broke. Why is he fixing it?
You know what else annoys me? When I get a friend request and I'm like.....who the hell are you? Why are you gonna send me a friend request if I don't know you? I'm not the type to be friends with people on facebook so I can look like I have a lot of friends. I don't like the clutter of people's status's if I don't know them. I have one dude just chillin out on my friend requests because I don't know him but I feel bad being like...DECLINE. It happens all the time. Little girls from El Do who were probably in kindergarten when I was a senior send me friend requests. Why would they do that? So odd...
Anyways....yeah I'm over facebook. It's stale burnt toast. I don't want to read what other people's friends wrote on their wall. I liked reading your funny quotes...that was good. I don't care if John Doe had fun with you the other night. Or if Suzy Q thinks you guys should go shopping later. And since the wall is the main page now, nobody cares what their profile says. I don't. I never update it and that always used to be fun to me. Now all I have is china patterns....
So sad now....facebook sucks.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm very excited! I've just received another place setting of my fine china! I love getting my registry stuff!!! It's my favorite thing in the whole world right now. I call mom every time I get something and I'm like 'yay!!!' and she's all 'yay!!' for me because she knows how much I love it! I've always loved looking at china patterns and flatware and stemware. I've always popped in the china section at Dillards every time I've been in there. Since I was young...too young to be even close to getting married. I don't know what it is. I love stuff like that! It's so fun to me! One day, I'm gonna have lots of different china patterns for all types of occasions. Like, pink rimmed for Easter, and a Christmas pattern, and a silver and black rimmed one for when I'm hosting a black tie dinner. That last one may have gone a touch too far but you get the idea. My mom loves it just as much as me which may be where I get it from. It was really difficult choosing my casual china pattern for me but not my fine china pattern. I've always loved it! It's special I think. It's presidential too! Lady Byrd Johnson chose it as her pattern when she was the first lady. It's been around since 1912 and I think it's so timeless!
It's exciting that I'm still receiving wedding gifts. I've heard I'll be getting them for the next year or so. That works for me! I'm still needing things from my registry and I've told all of my family and Scott that I want my birthday gifts from them to be something from my registry. And Christmas too until there's nothing left. Nothing would make me happier! I've got lots and lots of Dillards gift cards that I haven't used yet that I'll be able to use to get things off of my registry. But I'm waiting because after 90 days of being married, Dillards gives you your leftover stuff 20% off. However though, in August and November all of the china at Dillards goes 40% off so I think I might wait and get some things then even though that's kinda far away. It's definitely worth the wait though. 40% is awesome! That's really all I have left. China and stemware. But you can get my stemware at Bed Bath and Beyond and I always get those 20% coupons in the mail so I can buy those any time. They don't offer any of my china patterns at BB&B unfortunately. Can you tell I've deeply thought this through? My life is filled with not much excitement...china and stemware is all I have.
I guess that's all I really wanted to say. It made me so happy so I thought I'd share! Yay for china! And yay for people who love me and do nice things for me!!...and Scott too. You people are great!!!!!
Oh and just for fun I thought I'd post pictures of my china I have now and the Black Tie and Easter pattern I plan to have in the future. These patterns stay around for decades so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to accumulate them over time. Still haven't decided on a Christmas pattern yet so there's no picture of that.... Fun huh!!! :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It's a rainy gloomy day here in Memphis. Which I love by the way. I love rainy days. I find them incredibly peaceful and it makes me want to stay in and watch a bunch of movies and snuggle up with a blanket. I don't know if I'll get to do that because we have company though. I think we're about to get dressed and eat at the Rendezvous...again. Randy loves it and I most certainly don't mind eating it for the second time this week. Scott isn't feeling good right now. He's still in bed. I just went to Mrs. Cordellias (a small grocery store on mud island) and got him some medicine. I think he caught it from me. I've been feeling yuck all week. Hopefully the medicine will kick in soon and he'll get to feeling better.
Last night was nice. We went to McEwens to eat a lovely dinner. Or what was supposed to be lovely. Everything was great and tasty but we had a 50 minute gap between our salad and entree. That did not settle well with me. You don't pay good money for a good meal and have stuff like that happen. I could totally tell by the look on the waitress's face that she forgot to put our order in. The owner came and apologized many times because Randy complained (nicely but stern) and we ended up getting our meal for free. So that works.
I guess I'm gonna get dressed. After lunch the boys will probably want to go shopping at James Davis which is just fine with me. Joseph is just right next door and I love to go try on the pretty Manolo's and Louboutain's. Maybe my husband will get me a pair today! Most likely not but sometimes Scott surprises me with goodies like that. Later!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Slots at Tunica

Happy Friday everybody! It's a happy one for me that's for sure. Scott has a half day at work today so he's going to be home in a hour or so! My father-in-law is driving to Memphis for the weekend. We've got some big dinner plans which I'm excited about! McEwens tonight and Circa tomorrow. Both delicious restaurants here in Memphis. My brother is actually here too with a friend. They're staying all weekend as well. They came up last night and we all went out to eat at the Rendezvous. MMMMmmm. So yummy! After we ate, Kyle convinced us to go to Tunica so off we went. I kinda didn't want to go because I never win at black jack and I just wasn't in the mood to throw money to the wind because I had been shopping earlier in the day and spent a touch too much. You have to go prepared to lose, which I always do, but I was like, well alright...I'll go. So Kyle is actually staying at Harrah's (he got free rooms) so while he was checking in, Scott and I hung out in the lobby. And by hanging out, I mean walking around trying to find the drink lady (free drinks!) Scott and I decided to gamble only $80. We have to set a limit for ourselves or Scott will do what he did in Vegas one time and lose $700. So while we were waiting on Kyle to check in, I told Scott I wanted to play the slots. I LOVE to play the slots. Scott rolls his eyes at me because he thinks I really throw my money to the wind when I do that. But he was like, you have your money do what you want to do. So I sat down at a machine and stuck a $20 bill in. I always bet the max bet so I hit it a few times and nothing. Then, when I got down to having only about $10 I hit it and all of a sudden DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING DING.....
Scott and I were like 'alright this is awesome! What did we get?" trying to look on the screen and figure out what two 7's and a flag meant. Well....it kept on dinging and kept on dinging...all of a sudden people were running up to us congratulating us and wondering what we were getting. Mine and Scott's eyes were so big and I was like 'uhhh...did we hit the jackpot?' Well sad news it did eventually stop and I didn't hit the jackpot but I did win $279.50!!!! How awesome is that! So Scott and I tucked away $200 of it and he played black jack with the rest...and won us about $40. So all in all, it was a good night and maybe I should always have the attitude of I don't want to go because I'm going to lose.... Scott and I probably high fived each other 89 times. We were very excited! The money will be going into our savings of course.....
I guess that's about all I have for ya! Scott just called and I need to run to the store real quick and grab some BBQ beans for lunch. We're making hot dogs but with brats because you couldn't pay me to eat a hot dog. GROSS! But I do love a brat so that's what we're gonna eat. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yummy Breakfast

Good Morning! Or it is for me right now anyway. I got up with my husband at 5:45 to make him a yummy breakfast! English muffin with egg and cheese, grapes, cinnamon donuts (mini) and chocolate milk. Aren't I a good wife! I packed it up in a little sack for him and he's off on his way! I feel like they should make regular milk in little mini packs like they do chocolate milk but they don't for some reason. Not that I would buy them for myself because I can only drink milk if it's hot with chocolate or in cereal. But Scott likes milk so it would be nice if they would make normal milk in little packs. They do make orange juice in mini packs which is awesome for me but Scott's allergic to orange so that wouldn't work out so well....
Well now that you all are wondering what the heck that was about I'll move on.
Last night Scott and I didn't do much. We watched Idol and grilled. Still crushin on Kris Allen! Nothing makes me happier than when Simon compliments him! He did so great (duh) and I feel he's safe for a while. Scott and I were extra sleepy so we hopped in bed by 9:15 and passed out by 10. We had plans of going out last night for St. Patricks Day with some Memphis friends but decided we were tired and would just rather stay in. I don't think we have any plans for tonight. We'll probably grill again and watch Idol again. I love when it's warm outside and we (Scott) can grill. He's such a good cooker on the grill!! He never disappoints.
I think I'm going to go shopping today. I have to wear all black at my new job and I don't have enough black stuff to wear. Boy wouldn't Jen Aniston be all set and ready to go if she had to wear all black to work. I never see her in any other color. Speaking of celebrities, I love Jessica Simpson but she's starting to lose some cool points with me. She lost LOTS of cool points when she left precious Nick Lachey thinking she could do better. Boy what a huge mistake that was. Her life has just been a mess since she did that. My reason in saying this is she forgot the words to her own songs at her last concert this past weekend. Get it together Jess. So redic.
Okay well, Scott's breakfast looked so good to me I think I'm gonna go make one for myself. Have a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I am really slacking on my blogging huh? Again, very busy week. This week was the high school state basketball tournament and since my parents have a contract with the AAA, that means we attended every single game. I may have said it before but I really enjoy working at the tournaments. However, I could never have a job where I had to wait on people all the time. RUDE RUDE RUDE and STUPID STUPID STUPID. Why are you gonna ask me if the t-shirt is mens or womens? It's a freaking t-shirt. Why are you making it complicated? And, how do you not know what size t-shirt you wear? Why are you asking me what size I think you need when you're doing this while wearing a t-shirt. Stupid. And, these high school girls are all worried about what size the tag says. You can't wear a youth large. You need a medium. Don't worry about the 103 pound flyer. You're the base on the squad for a reason. Get a medium. I can't decide which things makes me more annoyed. All of those or when someone asks me how much the t-shirts are and I say fifteen. "Fifteen dollas!!!!?????" No. Fifteen lemons. How much do you want them to cost? 5 dollars? Nope. Sorry. I also hate when people ask for a large, hold it up to them, and stretch the shirt tightly across their body and are like, I think I need an XL. T-shirts aren't spandex, it's not going to really fit you like that. I appreciate nothing more than when someone walks up, asks for their size, gives me their money, and leaves. SMART. These high school kids are going to be in for a real surprise when they go to college and have to order their function t-shirt off a piece of paper. They're not going to be able to hold up every single size to their bodies and then decide. And they'll quickly learn that it's not cool to have a muffin top popping out of their too tight t-shirt and realize maybe a medium, the size they need, is actually more comfortable than a youth large. I mean, these girls... I can tell if they have an innie or an outie. Don't do that. It's not cool. Not even a little bit. And it most certaintly doesn't make you look any skinnier.
And boys aren't any better. These high school kids all like small clothes. I shake my head in amazement when a 6 foot 150 pound kid walks up and wants a medium. Nooooo...you need a large. When I went to high school, if you raised your arms and your tummy showed, you went home to change clothes. Is it not like that anymore because if it is then the boys are being sent home these days too....
Enough on that I guess.
I had to go to El Dorado today to proof check my wedding photo album. It looked great! I can't wait to get it in! I'll post some of the pictures as soon as I get them on a disc.
Tomorrow I'm headed up to Memphis and I'll be there the rest of the month. Well...not the end of the month because Landon Luttrell is coming to town! Scott and I will head to LR that last weekend to spend some time with him but other than that I'll be in Memphis! This week is Jake's spring break so I hope he'll come up some and hang out. I won't be holding my breath however as he is quick to disappoint. I don't mind saying that out loud because I tell him all the time he is my most shady friend. (Sorry Jake...love you anyways)
Speaking of Jake....did anyone read his blog? I'm sure you did as all of you who read are friends with him as well. He did one of the greatest things that America allows and posted his opinion on my previous post. I feel, however, that he was slightly confused about some of my arguments and I just wanted to clarify some things in case you all are thinking the way he is. After this I'm done and dropping it.
First of all, I feel he was missing the point on many things. I never made an issue of a swimsuit or a coat and tie. I don't care if Obama wears gym shorts in the oval office. I only made mention of Reagan refusing to wear only a suit because it was helping argue my point -- that he felt the presidency so relevant he believed wearing a suit was only appropriate. I understand Obama can't help if the paps catch him on the beach topless. That, like I said, was before his presidency...I made no argument of that. I'll leave the rest of what he said alone and let him have his opinion.
Last but not least, I want you all to know that I base my opinions on careful thought and reasoning. I don't get my political knowledge from The View, Perez Hilton, talk at the dinner table or People magazine. I watch the news for 2 hours a night so I can keep myself updated and educated on what happens in this country. I love politics, I love a debate and I'm more than willing to listen to anybody's opinion. Just know that mine is always right. :) Haha. JK......sort of.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Response to Poll Voters

Now that the poll voting has closed, I wanted to take the opportunity to write in detail about why I feel the president is wrong by drinking a beer at a basketball game. To everyone who voted that it was not appropriate for our current President to have a beer on the sidelines of a basketball game, I commend you. You believe, as I do, that our president is no ordinary man but a man that we entrust our lives to daily, therefore, holding him to an extremely high standard and setting an example for our country. You are the Americans who will try their hardest to keep our country a great and strong nation for generations to follow and won’t allow it to fall into the hands of extreme corruptness and political correctness. Thank you.
One of the things that has set America apart from other countries has been our high moral values, but sadly I think that this is something that is leaving American culture and I think this poll proves that. Look at Europe for example. It is now acceptable to have nudity on primetime television, offer marijuana on the menu at restaurants, and live solely off of the government. Sadly, I fear that this is the direction that America is heading. What has happened? America used to be a place that people all over the world respected and wanted to be a part of. America was a place where honest, hardworking people could make their dreams a reality, but no longer if we keep heading our current direction. Our forefathers founded this nation upon values and principles. They looked to the Bible for direction on how this country should be governed. Slowly our country is losing its set of values. People can get away with anything. Sure the news causes uproar with Britney Spears new song, has something to say about All My Children’s lesbian wedding, and finds Chris Browns’ violent behavior appalling. But what happens? I just heard If You Seek Amy on the radio, All My Children aired their lesbian wedding and people watched, and I’m sure Chris Brown will do some type of anger management class and everyone will continue to buy his music. Where does it stop? When will it go too far? If we don’t have a leader setting a standard for others to follow, how much further in the hole will this country continue to go? What will it be like for my kids and grandkids?
I think everyone can agree that the President of the United States is the most powerful man in the world. Don’t you think that a man of this distinction should set the standard for others to follow? I do. The issue at hand is not that Barack Obama was having a beer, but where he was having it. I doubt he is the first President to like beer, but I do think he is the first to have public pictures of him enjoying one. I googled it. Not one sitting president, that I found, has been snapped drinking a beer. I don’t mind that Obama likes beer, but do think that it is something that should be done out of the public eye. It’s. Just. Not. Presidential. Put him in a tux at a white house dinner, holding a glass of champagne, and I’m fine with that. That’s classier than a beer at a basketball game. Was he purposely drinking a beer so that America can see him as a normal guy? Well he’s not a normal guy. He’s president of the United States of America. Only 44 men have held that title and they’ve held it to a high esteem. President Reagan refused to enter the oval office unless he was in a full suit and tie because he felt the oval office too important and the job of president too extraordinary to be taken lightly. By wearing a suit, he felt that he was respecting his predecessors and his country. When I saw the picture of my president drinking a beer at a basketball game I became very disappointed. This isn’t a republican or a democratic issue for me. I expect many things from my president and class is one of them. He’s different. He’s special. He’s important and he’s historical. He’s not me. He’s not you. Whether he likes it or not, he’s not a common man. He’s the President of the United States of America and that automatically set’s him to have a higher standard. Would you be okay seeing your pastor at a basketball game drinking a beer? If no, why not? Because you hold him to a higher standard. It just comes with the job. Fair or not. People expect more out of people like that. At least I do.
I feel like Barack Obama is trying to change the whole dynamic of the presidency. There are just some things that shouldn’t change. Culture and time may change things, but the persona of the President of the United States of America should never be tampered with. It’s in a class of its own and it should most certainly stay that way until the end of time.
Like I’ve said many times before, I don’t want people to think I’m making this a beer thing. If I saw him smoking his cigarettes in public I’d cause uproar of that too. Or if I saw him on the beach in a swimsuit, I’d find that inappropriate as well. (Seen both already but they were before his presidency so I won’t make an issue of that) I don’t know if what I’m saying will make sense to anyone or change anybody’s opinion but if I can make at least one of you who feels like he’s doing nothing wrong, see what I’m seeing, then my mission in writing this is accomplished.
My wish is simple. You’re my president, act like a president.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iOne and Memphis

Long time no blog! I've been a very busy girl. I worked for my parents all last week. It's exhausting work!!! I was at their office until 11:30 one night but it's worth it because they pay good!! On Friday, I hopped in the car and headed to Memphis to go see my precious husband! We had a great weekend. He had dinner ready and waiting for me on Friday night. We woke up early on Saturday and decided to take a walk/run around mud island. On Saturday night we decided to go on a date to the Majestic. We went to bed early and slept in on Sunday. (Oops.) We decided to go for a walk/run again on Sunday and we ran past Justin Timberlake's mom! Scott's like, how do you know celebrities mom's? Duh! US Weekly. She has a house on the same street that Scott lives on and I always drive by slowly to see if JT is in there. (stalker) That's what people in Memphis call him. JT. I know other people around the world do that too but if you live in Memphis it's only appropriate to call him JT. Yesterday, my brother drove up to Memphis for some business and we decided to go eat at Spindini. Yum-O! Before we headed out to din, Jake and Kelly stopped by Scott's to visit for a bit. I hadn't seen Jake since the wedding so of course our conversation was filled with wedding talk. Jake made me laugh really hard when he told me his dad asked him if it was a requirement for my bridesmaids to be a size 2 for the wedding. And Kelly tickled me when she was explaining Jake's 'state of mind' that night in detail. It was really funny to hear his stories but my favorite was when she told me that although Jake wasn't fully 'there' he still managed to charge up his cell phone before he went to bed/passed out. Haha. That is really really funny to me. It could have been the way Kelly told it. I dunno...
After Kyle, Scott, and I ate dinner, Kyle convinced us to go to Tunica for some blackjack. I ALWAYS lose. I get a 20, the dealer gets a 21. I get a 19, they get a 20. So not fair. Kyle says I'm bad luck and won't even let me play at the same table as him. Scott and I ended up breaking even so we felt pretty good about it. Kyle, of course, came out a winner by a couple hundred. He's a rockstar at blackjack.
Today, I had to leave Memphis and head to Little Rock to work for my parents for the rest of the week. Scott's coming to Little Rock this weekend and then we'll head back up to Memphis and I'm staying there for the rest of the month! I took all of March off from work. When I get back to NWA, I'm actually going to be starting a new job. The salon is owned by the same lady that owns my salon now but this one is in Rogers. Since Scott and I are going to be living in Rogers eventually, I thought I'd go on ahead and see if I could get a job up there because I felt that it would be a little more permanent. My boss is great and had no problem with me moving salons. I'm really excited about working there and can't wait to start!
I guess I should get ready for bed now. Long day at Image One tomorrow I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Poll

I'm curious to know if people think I'm being extremely conservative or if they agree with my take on Obama drinking at a basketball game. I'd like to see what others think. Do you think it's okay for a sitting president to be seen drinking at a basketball game? Take my poll! This should be interesting....

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bunnies and Beer

Well I had a very busy weekend just like I expected. Scott got in Fayetteville around 4:00 on Friday and I was so happy to see him! We ate dinner with Matt and Meredith at Savor on Friday night and it was pretty yummy. Saturday, Scott took me shopping then Saturday night we drove in the snow to eat dinner at Crabby's with Grandma, Grandpa, and Randy. We woke up for church on Sunday, then headed over to Jodie and Steve's house for some chili. Scott decided to take a half day off today so he stayed with me in Fayetteville last night and woke up bright and early this morning to drive to Memphis.
So last night I made Scott watch The Girls Next Door with me and it was the episode where all of the girls move out of the house. I swear I have a serious problem because I cried throughout the whole hour long special! For real Kara? Something is seriously wrong with me crying over playboy bunnies leaving Hef and the mansion. I did though. I totally cried. However, I was excited to see in the end that Kendra is getting her own show. That intrigues me just a little bit even though she is my least favorite. You can tell that she is completely lacking in the intelligent department. Not in a Jessica Simpson way either. Jess is just silly. Kendra.....not so much. My favorite is Bridget! I'll be watching her 'Bridget's Beaches' show when it airs. Holly does nothing for me. I think she really is truly in love with Hef which is just a little disturbing on so many levels. I wonder if they'll do the show with the new twin girlfriends now? Doubt it. I know it wouldn't be near as good.
RiRi got back with Chris Brown? What is up with that? I'm gonna go on ahead and call that move a huge mistake.
How bout our president! He's doing some very interesting things in that office. Including throwing parties every Wednesday with an average of 600 people including all types of famous folks and going to basketball games and drinking beer while sitting on the sidelines. Classy! I guess I'm just a little bit confused. Is he a celebrity or a president? Oh wait that's right, he's totally a celebrity which is why he got elected. I mean, I love a yummy corona with a lime in it and I don't have a problem with Obama loving it as well, I just don't think it's appropriate for the President of the United States to be seen drinking one in public at a basketball game. Call me a hypocrite I don't care. His approval rating is down 15%. That's quite a bit considering he just got into office. Total disaster.