Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kara's Stories. Why I Write Them.

Have I got a story for you. This one ranks right up there with my brand new car exploding--for no reason--a few years ago.
So I'm at work on Saturday. I was majorly bummed to miss out on the very first Razorback home game....or just a game in general. However, for the love of my new job I put on my happy face--and my best Red and White gear--and headed to work. It was pretty slow--obviously. And around 3 the owner asks me to sit down and talk to her. (Background on the owner. She's not American and pronounces my name Karah.)
So she says "Karah, it's just not working. This is not the place for you. I fire someone else because I knew you had a job before and I thought you would be so wonderful but you not and now I have to beg her to come back and work for me since you were so disappointing. We going to New York soon and you cannot watch the store on your own and I have to protect my store. Retail is just not for you. I watch you and I'm like 'Oh My Gosh' I just feel so bad for you when I watch you."
So I said 'well okay I guess I'll just go on ahead and leave then' and she said 'No! Karah you still have so much to learn.'
Wait. What? You just fired me....
I have to say I wasn't surprised one little bit. I told Scott I thought that may happen because she's a touch flaky. I could hardly control my laughter the last few hours I was there. Who fires someone because they don't know how to run the store on their own after 5 days? That is why the word training exists. Why would you complain that I don't know how to open and close when, instead of my hours being from 10-6 {open to close}, they're from 11-5? And to top it all off--you fire me then insist I learn new things? All of that combined with the accent--priceless.

I honestly laugh every time I think about it. And don't even get me started on how hard my Dad laughed when I told him--in detail--what all she said to me. He couldn't believe his ears.
There are many similar stories as mine--I've come to find out--which makes me feel way less crunchy.
I'm not embarrassed at all because I know I didn't do anything wrong. I'm a very fast learner and I felt I was a great employee that was good at my job. It was her lack of patience combined with a little bit of cray cray (that I was warned about) that brought her to the conclusion that I needed to be let go. I am very bummed though. I really enjoyed the few days I worked there. I thought I finally found my nitch.
She concluded by saying she still wants me to blog and come to trunk shows to talk and socialize with the customers because she thinks that's something I am actually good at. Umm, no thank you. I'm dunzo. I don't mean to throw anyone under the bus but I'm not about to make myself look wrong--when I'm not. So I'm being politely honest.
I could indulge in more info on the whole deal and make this post way more funny but what's the point? I'm over it and don't even feel like talking about it anymore.
See. This is why I call it Kara's Stories. Because I manage to come up with a lot of them...

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