Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Lots of Rambling

So what did you think about the Oscars? I always enjoy. My favorite speech was the director who won for The Kings Speech and thanked his mother for finding the script. AWW. All of the gowns were really beautiful this year right?! Everyone looked stunning. Check out the text to the right for my favs.
Lets talk about how amazing Jennifer Hudson is looking right now. Wow. I bet she feels so good. I gave out a little squeal of delight when she was announced to present because they played one of my favorite songs! I Love You I Do from Dreamgirls. It's very special to me and Scott because I surprised him at our wedding and sang it to him! Scott had no idea I was planning on doing that and he loved it! The song is just too perfect. I had to do it!!!

Photos via facebook friends :)

Hmmm....apparently Landon, who is in kindergarten, gets in trouble every day for talking too much. He most definitely gets that from yours truly. I got shushed a lot in school for talking too much. Sometimes there's just a lot to say....

I'm not sure what to do with myself today. I feel as if I should take advantage of my down time and tackle some major running miles. It sure does look pretty outside. I also need to catch up on my Shutterfly books. I love to make one for every trip Scott and I take. If you guys aren't using Shutterfly you should!!! It's so much better than in a big, thick photo album. I'm even thinking about creating a fun little wedding Shutterfly album. That could potentially take forever given there's like 2000 photos. I guess I don't have anything better to do though. Well actually, I may potentially have a job lined up. I know. That was easily fast huh! My boss (former boss) called me on Friday about this idea and she thinks I'd be the perfect person for it. I won't go into detail in case it doesn't work out but let's just say it's pretty awesome and I would still be doing hair. It's kinda perfect actually. I'll let you know more as I know more!

Friday, February 25, 2011

500th Blog Post!

It's time to celebrate because this marks Kara's Stories 500th blog post! I had no idea when I started this blog what I was doing. I was bored while living in Memphis and thought this would be a great way to keep me entertained. I'm so glad to know I've kept others entertained as well! I've had 3700 page views this month which just blows my mind. I surly don't understand why anyone would want to read about my little life but I definitely love that a lot of you enjoy keeping up with it!
Soooooo what better way to commemorate my 500th blog post than delivering some very big news. Drum roll please........I quit my job yesterday. Yikes! I know. I'm super shocked too. It most definitely hasn't sunk in yet. I woke up this morning and my first thought was 'I quit my job yesterday.' It's crazy.
I've been teetering with quitting my job for a while now. Don't get me wrong I'm in love with my profession. I truly believe it's what I was meant to do and I don't regret for a second leaving the UofA to pursue my dream. I don't know if I can even articulate into words why I've been wanting to leave. I just have lately. Scott and I have talked for months about it and he's always said that he's totally supportive of whatever I choose to do. I've prayed about it and driven myself crazy going back and forth of what I want.
So yesterday our manager called me into the office. He said that he could sense that I'm not happy with the new policies we implemented just this week and wanted to talk about it so he could make sure I'm okay with everything. Of course in typical Kara fashion I erupted into tears (so embarrassing) and told him how I felt about the new policies and just working there in general. Which led my mouth to blurt out 'I think it's best if I leave.' I love The Spa and everyone I work with and I believe I have the best bosses in the world. But I have been feeling for a while that I was wanting to take my life in a different direction and I felt that the Lord had him ask me if I was okay, which led to the perfect opportunity for me to leave the company. So anyways, I called my boss/the owner and told her about my decision and she said Clint had already informed her about it. She said that he said I was very lovely and respectful about the way I left and that sometimes it's just time to move on. I told Cathy that I'm still going to renew my license every year so if they're ever super busy and need someone to come in please give me a call. Or if they need someone to watch the front desk because the person who's supposed to do it is sick then think of me for that too. Clint told me that if in 2 months I think to myself 'why did I quit?' and want to come back then just come back. No big deal. Or if it's even 2 years from now, the door is always open for me to return.
Now for the million dollar question...what are you gonna do now? Hmmm...I have not a clue! For now my title will be housewife. The reason I hadn't left my job earlier is because I couldn't think of anything to do. But sense the Lord presented the perfect opportunity yesterday, I just decided to go on ahead and bite the bullet. I've been really interesting in volunteering lately so maybe I'll look more into that. I may get more involved with my church. Maybe I'll try my hand at substituting again although not with the Bentonville School District. (anyone remember that disaster?) I feel as if my possibilities are endless! I just have to find the right fit. And I'll still get to do the hair of my friends and family of course.
So yeah, crazy huh? It most definitely doesn't feel real but I'm so grateful that Cathy and Clint totally got what I was saying even though it made no sense at all I'm sure. Sooo....that's that. I prefer to not think of myself as unemployed but as simply a housewife! When Clint asked me what my goal with my career was (before I quit) I told him 'honestly my goal in life is to be a mom.' So yeah we're definitely not going to be making the babies because of this but I could take the opportunity to do some major nesting for the next 3 years or so. HA!
Alrighty. I'm done talking about this. It wears me out. Scott is taking me to a special dinner tonight to.....celebrate I guess? He won't tell me where we're going and I love when he surprises me like that. All I know is to be ready at 8. I'm definitely looking forward to it. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby I Was Born This Way

Wow! It is pouring down rain outside. This kind of rain usually comes with a side of thunder and lightening. Isn't it so wonderful to wake to rain tapping on your window. It makes your room extra dark which makes it extra hard to get up. I don't have to go into work today until 2. I'm there until 8. If you're wondering if I like those hours the answer would be no. For many reasons. I like waking up early in the morning because I have to. On Thursday's I'm the epitome of lazy. It's almost 1 and I haven't even showered yet. Also, I hate working until 8:00 for obvious reasons. Boo. Oh well. Can't always get your way right? Usually rainy days = slow work days because people don't want to pay to get their hair done for it to just get wet or frizzy.
Last night Jaclyn and I had a little happy hour at Bonefish. It must'v been very happy because we got there at 4:45 and stayed until 8:30. Time flys when you're eating good food, drinking wine, and having girly conversation! It's always nice to have someone keep me company. I told Jaclyn last night that I truly believe the Lord made me specifically for a man who works nearly 24/7. I don't think the average woman could handle it. It annoys me sometimes but usually I'm really okay. I'm mostly just very proud of Scott. He's got a very successful career going and he deserves it because he works so stinkin hard. I would never complain (well okay every once and a while) to him about how hard he works. I just try to be very supportive. Maybe it helps that my father is the same way. This is what life is to me. The men work all day, all night, all weekends and that's just how it is. I remember going to a friends house after school and her Dad came home at 5:00 and I was so confused by that. I mentioned it to my Mom when I got home and she was like 'yeah Kara that's normal. Most people's Daddy's get home at 5:00.' I had no idea! Clearly I was born for this. It helps to talk to my Mom about it because she 100% gets it. So anywho, I'm always up for a girls night because well 1.) I don't have to cook. 2.) I get in some good company/conversation and 3.) It's just nice to get out on a week night right? Thanks JJ for last night's company!
Alright. I guess I should hop in the shower and get ready for work. Even though a movie and blanket seems way more approporiate for this weather. I really need to invest in some rain boots....

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dream Jobs

If you had the opportunity to do your dream job what would it be? I got to thinking about that today but I couldn't narrow it down to just one. This is what I decided upon.
1.) One of those people who travels around the world either doing stories on restaurants, hotels, or resorts. I mean, how can I get in touch with Travel and Leisure and figure out how to get hired by them because I'm pretty sure I'd be really good at it. I love to read my Travel and Leisure magazine and just sit at my computer for hours checking out stuff on their website. I could recommend the top places to stay and eat at any city around the world. Trust me. I've done my research.
2.) Kelly Ripa's job. She has to have one of the best jobs EVER.
3.) Here comes the quirky dork in me: Professional Organizer. This job is totally obtainable and I would get a little organizing high every day if people hired me to come organize their house...especially their closet.
4.) Working for Marie Claire, my favorite magazine. Imagine how cool it would be to work for a fashion magazine therefore always being the first to know the latest fashion trends AND nearly being required to dress totally fabulous for work. All the while meeting celebrities at The Ivy or Chateau Marmont and interviewing them, then going to their photo shoot for the cover and being involved in that too!
5.) Call me strange but how cool would it be to be Brangelina or TomKat's kids nanny? You get to travel all over the world with them plus get a little nosy insight into their life. And really, how hard could it be to be a nanny? Well, I guess Brangelina's bunch could be a little exhausting....worth it though. Plus you could probably totally raid Suri's closet when she grew tired of her stuff.
6.) It would also be so cool to own a vineyard. Can't you just see me sitting in a rocking chair on my wrap around porch, wearing a white button down, slacks, ballet flats and a pashmina, looking at my grapes, while sipping the wine I just made? I can.

I'm pretty sure if I could do one of these jobs I'd feel like the coolest person on earth. Ahh....good day dreaming today. I should waste more of my time and think like this more often.

Monday, February 21, 2011


I'm still in Little Rock. I decided to stay an extra night. Scott had to do a lot of work yesterday and there was really no need in me watching him do it! I'm going to head back today though.
Yesterday Scott and I went with my parents to Fellowship Little Rock. It was truly one of the most moving sermons I've ever heard. It was about forgiveness and the pastor was speaking about Christ dying for our sins because he loved us that much. Of course we've heard that before but this touched a little deeper with me because of the way the pastor spoke on it. He mentioned that before the cross once you sinned you had to go, find your best lamb, take him to the alter, place your hand on his head, ask for forgiveness of your sin, the lamb was killed, then you were forgiven. We've all heard that before too. However, then the pastor said 'I bet if we had to do that still, we wouldn't take sin lightly.' Wow. That really got to me. I thought about Holly. She's my best. I'd have to sacrifice her because of a stupid sin. How horrible that must have been. The sermon made me look at the cross in a different way. I'm so grateful Christ died for me so I don't have to sacrifice an animal like that. After the sermon was over, the pastor had us fill out a card that we received as we walked in. It was something that we wanted forgiveness for. Then if you wanted, you walked up to the front of the church where a cross was placed, and laid your card at the foot of the cross. It was incredibly touching. Everyone just one by one came and placed their card. The praise band sang the most beautiful songs and suddenly, after I placed my card and went back to my seat, I found myself completely broken. I'll be honest, it's the first time in a long time I've felt broken over a sin. But I also felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders because at that moment, I truly felt forgiven. Luckily, my Mom had tissues! Once church was over, and we got in the car, we were all silent until Dad said 'well all I can say is wow. That was not a service to be missed.' I'm so grateful I was there. It was a life altering experience for me.
I've said it a million times before and I'll say it again-- Fellowship Little Rock is the best church in the world. I wish I could be a part of it every Sunday.
So anywho, that was what my day was like yesterday! Followed by The Kings Speech with Mom and Grammy--great movie! Alright. I'm going to hop in the shower and get ready for French Onion Soup at Panera with my Mom. I started counting calories again yesterday. I've taken the 'It's The Holidays!!' food excuse with me for an extra 2 months which has led to an extra 5 pounds. I'm mortified at myself. This must get off immediately. I feel gross. It's amazing how just 1 or 2 bad meals a week can result in 5 pounds over 4 months. Honestly, I was probably eating like a normal person actually does. It's ridiculous that I have to eat only chicken or fish and vegetables for dinner, very small amounts of carbs, and tuna for lunch and run 4 miles every day if I want to stay really thin. I will never have a good attitude about it and I will never get to be the person who can eat just whatever. Bitter Betty....Bitter Betty indeed.....

Friday, February 18, 2011


Cheveau. That would be the wine I just got out of my Dads wine fridge and it's aaaahhhmazing. I'm in Little Rock folks. Came down today for a little party tomorrow night and to get my doodlebug and take her back to my place. It is way overdo for my custody time. She missed me. I missed her too. I almost cried when I saw her...not kidding.
Ahhh. Excuse me I just had a sip of my Cheveau. I love raiding my Dads 500 bottle wine fridge when I come to Little Rock. I gave him a little call (he and Mom are in Napa. Jeal) and told him I was in the mood to drink a glass of white, while sitting on his back porch enjoying the lovely weather while listening to music play on the speakers. He suggested Cheveau and I'm so glad he did. It's amazing. This is the first time I've had it and it's officially on my top 5 list now.
Im sure you've noticed by reading this blog that I enjoy a little Vino. I'm very into it. Not just the drinking part of it. I love smelling it and swirling it. I love tasting which fruits are in it and what type of barrel it sat in. I love everything about it. I'm a little mini sommelier waiting to blossom. Drinking my Dad's wine is the best because it's always top notch. Unfortunately Scott and I cannot afford the wine my Dad can right now but luckily he shares! Macadoodles it is for the Johnsons. Dad's get's shipped from Napa. The stuff in the liquor stores is not good enough for him. He's a wine snob and isn't even ashamed to admit he shouldn't be. I find it to be a beautiful quality. HA!
Speaking of Napa, I've still gotta make it there soon. It's on my top 25 things to do while I'm 25 list. I told my Dad I guess I'm just really confused why he didn't take me this week. He keeps sending me pictures saying 'cheers.' I told him it's not sweet to rub it in. Hopefully, when my Dad retires, he'll buy a vineyard in Napa. That would be the ultimate of coolness. Wine is definitely something my Dad and I share a love of. It's a fun hobby that we have in common and we enjoy very much together. Dad says he's taking me to Napa in June. Chris Botti is playing at Robert Mondavi Winery and we both want to go hear him! That would be another thing Dad and I share in common....jazz!
Alrighty folks. Scott should be getting here soon. We drove in separate cars because I just didn't feel like waiting on him to get off work. I don't work on Fridays and wanted to hurry to see my Holly girl instead of sit at home and twiddle my thumbs. I tried to talk Scott into taking today off but of course that didn't fly. He won another award at work today. The Star of Excellence for something. It should start to be getting embarrassing by now. I mean, can't he share with the other 60+ people in his office? Greedy, greedy, greedy. I guess I should take him out to Bonefish to celebrate. Any excuse right? Enjoy your weekend folks. CHEERS!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'll Be There For Youuuuu

Hmmm....what do I have to talk about? Nothing. But I think of this little gem as my public diary and feel as if I should write in her every day. Or try to. I'm going to print all of these blogs off and turn them into a book so my grandkids can read it. I feel as if they're giggling right now....a zillion years down the road....reading that. They will call me Gammy. It's what Ryan Reynolds calls his grandmother in The Proposal (Betty her) and I feel as if it's a perfect grandma name for me. Because I have a Grammy, her daughter (My Mom) is Gamma so it's only appropriate that her daughter (ME!!) is Gammy! A mix between the two. Genius I know. Bring on the compliments of how cute that is.
Okay so since this is Wednesday talk I feel as if I should mention how much I love Modern Family. I've been into it from day one. I noticed the promo's before it aired and told Scott I just knew it was going be a funny show so we've been watching since the pilot. I'm beginning to worry I love it more than Friends. Let me give you a little background info on me and Friends. I'm the queen KING of Friends. I'm not even being dramatic about that. I win. I win at quoting, I win at the trivia game, I win when it comes to everything Friends. I mean, of course I have ALL of the Friends DVD's (I went to Walmart at midnight on Tuesdays to get them when they came out on DVD), know the episode names and quotes by heart, AND have even gone so far as to watch the episodes with commentating from Bright/Kauffman/Crane and know what they say in those too. Seriously, if I could go on a Who Wants to be a Billionaire--Friends Style-- I would win and I'm not even trying to kid you right now. Scott has become a major Friends fan since knowing me. It's kinda hard not to because we fall asleep to the DVD's every night. He can actually handle the trivia game and it's pretty sexy because he can keep up. Ahhh...a real man!
ANYWHO....enough already about how much I know about Friends and how nobody can beat me with the knowledge. The point in this was to let everyone know that I love Modern Family just as must almost like I love Friends. Modern Family makes me LOL and I love having a great show to look forward to on Wednesdays! If you're a Friends fan and you're not watching Modern Family you're missing out!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Day Of Love

My Valentines Day was wonderful! This marks the 5th Valentines Day with the best Valentine I could ever want! I got up and made breakfast for my special guy, laid around a bit then Scott called to say he couldn't make it home for lunch since we were going out to dinner. He needed to get in as much work as possible because he wasn't allowing himself to work when he got home like he usually does. So I asked him if he'd like for me to bring him a lunch. He said that would be great, so I put love and heart into making his lunch, even throwing in a little chocolate goodie. I found an adorable little sack with hearts all over it and thought that would be just too cute since it was Valentines Day after all. I texted him (at a traffic light...not while driving!!) to let him know I was 2 minutes away and when I pulled into the parking lot and handed him his lunch in his cute heart sack he said 'oh are you being serious with that? Just hand me the food that's in it I cannot walk into work with that sack. I love you though.' I was like 'but it's Valentines Day!!!' and he said 'I'm sorry, it would be way too embarassing.' RUDENESS!
He made up for it by giving me some of these...
....and not working when he got home but instead taking me out to dinner at the River Grille. It was YUM-O. I have to say my absolute favorite time with Scott is when we get dressed up and go eat a nice meal together. Not only do I get to enjoy good food and wine but I get to have great talks with my favorite person. It's something I treasure which is why I'm glad we do it every weekend usually.

Okay, although it's only 9:30, my workout wore me out today so it's time for me to hop in bed!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Five Things

I thought about sharing with everyone how bad my cabin fever is. How I'm sick of looking at Scott work at his computer. How I'm sick of Egypt news ruining my programs. How I'm sick of eating lean cuisines. How I freaked out today when I tried to get out and couldn't even make it halfway through my driveway which had me give into a good, overly dramatic cry. But I'm tried of the dreariness. I'm over it. So I'm going to pep myself up by letting you know five things that I'm grateful to have while I'm stuck inside with nothing to do.........Sex and the City re-runs on E! ........The bubble baths that help me keep my sanity
........people who have blogs which keep me entertained for a bit
........the mail man who still brings me my Travel & Leisure Magazine which gave me the idea to search out vacation destinations which led me to this place in Jamaica where Scott and I will be visiting during our birthdays in May In my pretty Vera Wang glasses

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome to My House!

I really love it when people put pictures of their home on their blogs or facebook. I think it's really interesting to see people's decorating styles. Also, it's neat to know where people cozy up after a long day at work or where they spend their weekends entertaining guests...or themselves for that matter. This is the little place I call home. It's a craftsman style home in Bentonville and it's the perfect space for the hubby and myself! Shall we start with mine and Scott's bedroom first? Here she is! I may have gotten in a little bit of trouble when I came home with that horse painting but I didn't care because I'm OBSESSED with it. The painting and furniture came from Lighting Emporium. Bedspread is from IO Metro and the curtains and big mirror are from Pier 1.
Right off our bedroom is the bathroom Scott and I share. If you look through the mirror you can see the walk-in shower and a little bit of my bathtub. I treasure my tub and use her almost nightly. Every girl should have a big bath with jets right?!! I tried to be very Pottery Barn in the bathroom with serene, clean white lines except decided to give it a pop of color with that canvas!
This is guest bedroom #1 or as Scott and I call it--The Memphis Room. It's called the Memphis Room because the only artwork decorating all of the walls are posters from the Memphis In May music festivals we've been too. I love the posters because they're so colorful and are also a fun memory. We'll get to add another poster to the collection this year but I think I may have to wait until the next house to hang it because I've run out of room to put them! That bedspread is from IO Metro and that dresser--well I've had that since 7th grade.
Guest room #2 also known as the green room. Bedspread and curtains both from Dillards. Painting--Lighting Emporium.
This is my kitchen. She's everything I was looking for. Cream cabinets, granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. Good thing I have a really big pantry right!?
This is where Scott and I dine! Correction. We eat on the sofa while we watch TV. However, when we have company or it's a special occasion, we pull out the chairs and dine here. Table and chairs--Lighting Emporium.
Guest bath! Again trying to go with the Pottery Barn feel. I got that shower curtain at Target. I truly believe they have the best shower curtains to choose from and they're super cheap!
Last but not least, here's the place I spend most of my time! I sit on the right side of the sofa with my legs curled under me and watch all of the shows I love! Everything in this room came from Lighting Emporium except for the little coffee table and floral chair. Those came from Pier 1. Oh and my curtains are from MGrace.

So that's my crib! I'm CRAVING a new sofa. That was Scott's from college. When we merged furniture we flipped a coin over my beautiful yellow linen sofa, and this guy. He won. It's a nice sofa and all but I'm very ready to get a new one. I'm trying to just wait it out until we build our house. So now you know where I hang! I find her very warm and cozy and enjoy spending my life here very much....for now :) As you can see, most of the stuff I have is from Lighting Emporium. If you've never been there you're majorly missing out. Even my Mom, who lives in Little Rock, has decorated her home with many pieces from Lighting Emporium. It's worth the drive! :)

Enjoy Snow Day #2!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Brought Colorado Back With Me

So I hear it's snowing? I love snow. I really do. But I've gotta admit the lake/boat is calling my name BIG TIME. Snow days aren't very exciting for the Johnson clan. This is what usually happens when a snow day hits our house. This snowy window in front of my bathtub gives me the perfect reason to run a hot bath, along with bubbles and maybe even a glass of wine. back porch. WOAH!
Scott spends his snow day working of course. Boo for work laptops!
I usually take the opportunity to majorly clean my house....
I'm always prepared to eat yummy lunches even if the power goes out. Mmm...chicken salad and salsa! Delicious!
Ahhh! My adorable little nightlight. It's a smore & a snowman! Couldn't you die!
And last but not least, snow days lead to boredom which usually leads to snacking. My least favorite thing about snow days....oh and also 40/29 feeling the need to interrupt my favorite morning programs just to mention over and over how much snow we have.

Okay well, After spending 3 hours doing an incredibly good job of cleaning my house and getting laundry done...and by that I mean even hand washing those sweaters that have been in the laundry basket for weeks, I think it's time for me to kick back and relax. I'm super excited because Modern Family comes on tonight which is the best show on television right now. And I'm pretty excited about Mr. Sunshine premiering tonight because well....I love Chandler Bing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gifting--My Love Language

Brrr. It's ridiculously cold in my house right now. I'm on my lunch break and let me tell ya, I've never been more happy to be here. I just had the privilege of cutting the hair of the craziest lady in Northwest Arkansas. Not like 'girl you so crazy!!!' More like 'I'm pretty sure you have probably been institutionalized at some point in your life before.' Wow. I informed our manager I will never cut her hair again. If they even try to put her on my books a note will pop up saying 'HELL TO THE NO.'

Valentines day is just around the corner and I made Scott a list (with pictures) of Valentine Gift Ideas. Some people may find that incredibly inappropriate of me...but it's not and I'll tell you why. Scott didn't get me an anniversary gift. He (just like I said he would) told me my gift could be a massage at the spa in Crested Butte. Since I work at a spa and can get massages for free, spending $105 on a massage just seemed painful. If he had gone on ahead and gotten me a giftcard to open....after he opened his beautifully wrapped gifts... then that'd be one thing but he didn't so I didn't get a present. Even though he got like, 6 from me but who's counting.
While my husband is perfect he's just not a gift giver. I honestly think he's got so much going on at work he just doesn't think about it. This doesn't work for me because that's my love language. "The most annoying one" Scott says. Uhh...I could think of a different love language that I think half of the population could agree is way more annoying. Moving on...
Gift giving is my thing. I love it and I always try to be super thoughtful. For my parents Christmas gift this year, I took it upon myself to spend oh, a good 100 hours transferring ALL of our old home video's onto DVD's. It took forever but I didn't mind because I knew they would love it. In fact just this week I got a sweet little card in the mail from my Mom telling me how much she loves the gift and enjoys watching the old videos and how much she appreciates it. (Sweet Mom!!)
To me, a gift is how you show somebody you love them. If I get you a gift and you don't get me one in return....woah. It's a super sad day for me and you just majorly hurt my feelings. Anywho, Scott better not forget to get me a little Valentine present or I just might cry.

My shopping trip was kinda successful yesterday. I went to Mason's and got these cuties! Love!! Along with a little white Velvet tanktop perfect for layering.

Monday, February 7, 2011


How's everybody's Monday going so far? Mine is so so. I haven't done much. I slept in really late because it must'v been 3 am before I fell asleep. I got in my bed around 10ish to watch Glee. Then caught Oceans Eleven on TV followed by Pretty Woman. Yeah it's frustrating. I don't understand why my head just can't fall asleep at a decent hour. My Mom and Grammy both have sleeping troubles and I'm so terrified I'm falling into that myself. I definitely think if I had a king sized bed to sleep in that would help. I just can't sleep (comfortably) in the same bed with someone. Even 7 pound Holly gets in my way. Of course she does manage to sleep curled by my neck and I breath her hair up my nose so that's probably the reason for her bed buggin. She is my favorite cuddle partner though! So snoft and snuggly.
Anyone ever own a Dell? What do you think about it? I have a Dell laptop (typing on it right now). Scott and I got it while we were engaged. I had a Mac Desktop in college but didn't have anywhere in my apartment in Memphis to put it. Since Scott had a work computer he let me use his laptop. Then, it died so we went in together and bought a new one. Well, this one is a ticking time bomb waiting to go out on me too. This little booger won't charge. I thought maybe something was wrong with our charger but I got a new one and that's not the problem. I have to sit on the sofa with it plugged into the wall just to use it. I was telling Brad and Jaclyn about it this past weekend and Brad said the exact same thing happened to his computer. SAME EXACT thing is what went wrong with Scott's college laptop. All of our computers have lasted us about 4 years which makes us you think Dell does it on purpose? I can't even unplug it for a second. I try to take it to my bedroom and I RUN in there and try to get it plugged up in time and bing, it goes dead. Then I have to hit the GO button again and it's like 'battery critically low hit F1 to continue.' There's no way the battery can be critically low it's been plugged in 24/7 for a good 2 months now. Problem is, Scott and I really want a Mac Desktop but we don't have a place to put it in our house now so we're trying to wait until we build a house to get a new computer. I just know this little guy is eventually going to go kaput on me at anytime now. I'm very bummed. Anywho. If this happened to your Dell laptop too you are not alone.
A lot of people ask Scott and I when we're going to start building our house. It will probably be around this time next year that we start. We're excited about the future process! We already have ideas of what we want and how we want to build it. My father-in-law is a great contractor with excellent taste so I'm glad he'll be the one building for us! Pretty soon we'll have to start thinking about a lot and house plan. Craziness. I'm definitely ready. I really do love my little home now but it's getting a little cramped. I won't be sad to move out. Getting away from the Walmart traffic alone is going to make me happy.
Okay folks. I'm in the mood to go shopping at Masons. I know it's only 30 minutes away from me but I never go. I've become one of those classic NWA people who is like 'Fayetteville is just so far away from Bentonville.' I hope I come back with some fabulous goodies. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Twenty One Questions

I'm going to do one of these random question/answer things because I'm bored.

1.) Who was your favorite teacher? Nobody really stands out. I really liked my algebra teacher in high school but I can't remember her name! What was her name Syd? You took that class with me. Mr. Strange was cool. I liked Mrs. Post too. Mrs. Jerry in the 1st grade was fun. I liked my English teacher my junior year but I forget her name too!!!

2.) What are your two favorite careers? I got paid when I was Miss Teen Arkansas. That was a pretty awesome job. I like my current job now...

3.) What is the hardest things you've had to do? Hmm....I got bullied really badly in junior high and a little bit in high school....that's never easy.

4.) When was the last time you lied? To whom and why? Probably to Scott about the price of something I bought. Oops!

5.) Tell me about something you really regret. Hrm. I've done some pretty embarrassing things in my life but it's alright. Best way to learn right?

6.) Favorite book? Eat Pray Love was a book that really made me think about living life fully. I guess I could say it's been one of my favorite books.

7.) Who do you envy? Victorias Secret models.

8.) Something great you achieved. I get excited about achieving little things like doing a good job cleaning my house, making a yummy meal, or running lots of miles.

9.) What was your worst punishment when you were a child? I never got in trouble growing up because I was a really good kid. I made a B in science one time though and my mom took super mario brothers away from me. Sixth grade....still remember it.

10.) Tell me about your first kiss. It was in the 9th grade during Musicfest on the square in El Dorado and I thought it was the nastiest thing I ever experienced in my life and I couldn't wait to get home and brush my teeth. To this day--not loving a french kiss.

11.) Who is someone you really admire? Scott. He's such a hard worker, he's always positive and happy and just really has it together. He's my hero.

12.) What country would you most like to visit? I'm really wanting to go to Italy for a few weeks. Scott and I almost went for our anniversary trip this year but we decided to go when the weather is nicer and when we can afford to stay longer. Maybe I'll get to go soon!!!

13.) Favorite song? Favorite Movie? Favorite movie hands down--Forrest Gump. I love so many songs it would be hard to narrow down. Right now I'm really loving the Peas The Time/Dirty Bit. It gets me groovin.

14.) Something you would happily do again? My wedding day!! Best. Day. Ever.

15.) Five favorite foods? Mexican, Turkey and Dressing, French Fries, Anything from McAlisters and Chocolate

16.) What would be the hardest thing for you to give up? Chocolate. I'm really starting to worry that I'm addicted to it.

17.) What scares you most? Birds, Fish, Garbage Disposals.

18.) What makes you bored? When Scott works at home and I'm just sitting on the sofa with nothing to do.

19.) Do you dream? I dream every night and I always remember my dreams. Sometimes I google what they may mean. I'm very into it.

20.) What is something you really care about? I really care about my little doodlebug, Holly. Of course she's more like someone but I haven't talked about her in a while so I thought I'd mention how precious she is and remind everyone how much I love her.

21.) Do you want kids? Of course!! I just don't know when. I'm very bipolar about it. When I have kids I want 3 and it would be more than ideal to have a little girl first followed by two boys. Perfection. Scott only wants 2 kids. We'll see who wins.

Just A Little Bit Of Everything On My Mind Right Now

What is going on yall? I've just got to get out of my snuggly bed and shower up but this snow has given me a little infection called LAZY. I just don't wanna be productive. Except that the McAlisters half/half is calling my name so I'm really anxious to get moving. I'm going to eat there for lunch today and I'm doing some major indulging. Chicken tortilla soup + chicken fijita spud!!! I NEVER allow myself to enjoy a spud but I'm slightly hung over today which means I just don't care what I eat. If I were in college I'd hit up Slim Chickens but I'm not anymore (sigh) so I won't do that. Why am I hung over? I just dunno. Actually I do know. It's because I went to Ruth's Chris happy hour with Braclyn last night and had 3 martini's. Head. Hurting. Bad. Okay and I came home and had some wine while I watched Grey's Anatomy. I KNOW!!! What's wrong with me. Geez.
I just status updated this on Facebook but I'm gonna say it on here too. It bugs so bad when people say Tex AR Kana. Like it's 3 words. It's not TexARkana it's TexERkana. Get it right. It also bugs so bad when I tell people I'm from El Dorado and they're like 'that's right by TexARkana right?' No. That's not right. It's an hour and a half away. I just don't get it yall. I know where everywhere in Arkansas is. Nobody in my neck of the woods does. It's more than irritating to me. Scott says 'just let it go!!!!!' Okay I'll try but it really, really bugs.
You know what else bugs? When people's facebook status updates are music lyrics. UGH. That's all some people update and I just go ahead and click that big X next to their name. I don't care if you'd catch a grenade for your boyfriend. I'm sorry but I don't. Put a picture of your dog or baby as your update and I'm way more likely to give it a thumbs up.
Speaking of Facebook, I sent Eduerdo Saverin a friend request. You know, he's the guy Mark Zuckerberg screwed over. I sent Mark Zuckerberg a facebook message about an idea of mine but he never responded. RUDE! Yes I'm that person.
How is it that Jennifer Aniston is 42 and makes me feel bad about myself? Her body is crazy and so is her hair. How can someone who's 42 look better than someone who's 25? I'm not okay with it.
Okay I guess I'm gonna get showered up now. UGH. The thought of putting on makeup seems so miserable. TGIF!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Who just finished watching Oprah? Yeah.....pretty sure I'm not going to have an appetite for meat for a while. I've always said that I'm surprised I'm not a vegetarian given how much I love animals. Today's Oprah was on living a vegan lifestyle. I'm not sure I could go all vegan but I definitely don't see myself needing to eat meat with every meal anymore. Tonight, for example, the meal plan was the same as every night. I've told you before that Scott and I only eat chicken or fish with grilled, steamed, or sauteed veggies and/or salad for dinner. Occasionally we'll do fajitas. We just don't eat heavy dinners or carbs at night. We've been that way since we've known each other. I feel as if it's not only healthy but helps keep weight off. Anyways, we were going to have chicken tenderloins tonight. Pretty sure Scott can have an extra helping of those because I'll only be indulging in salad and sauteed vegetables. My cousin read some book about how they kill animals for us to eat and it disgusted her so much that she's totally given up meat. TOTALLY over night. I better not read that book or it'll probably just do me in.
Today's snow day has been good. I haven't gotten cabin fever yet but I'm pretty sure it will hit me hard tomorrow. Everything is already shut down for tomorrow. Scott's been working from home. He got some award at work today. The Star of Excellence Award for Positive Energy. Hahahaha. Not surprising. He's always happy. A little too much sometimes.
I think Scott may be done with work now so we're gonna hang. We've declared tonight movie and wine night. I'm pretty excited about it.