Friday, September 30, 2011

Stroller For Holly

Scott and I were out and about all day today! It felt good to get out of the house but I'm afraid my foot is suffering for it. Just yesterday it was starting to feel SO much better. I better stay off it tomorrow.

While out and about, Scott and I were talking about how we wish we could have brought Holly with us. I hate leaving her for long periods of time. Even though I'm sure she's sleeping the whole time we're gone. Regardless, I decided I should carry Holly around more so we went to Petco and got her a dog stroller! Hehe.

A lot of people in NWA tote their dogs around and now, I'm going to be one of them! Holly LOVES to go bye-bye and she's such a good, calm, and quiet dog so I think she deserves a dog stroller. And PS, she loves it. I knew she would because when Landon was little he always wanted to put Holly in his stroller and push her around and she happily obliged.
A little ridiculous? Maybe. But I don't care. I think this stroller is going to come in very handy....

And as if Holly hadn't already had a fabulous day, Scott made her a dessert with her favorite treats: Ice cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie, and Beggin Strip. He wanted to know what she would tackle first. I was a bit against it, I mean, that's a little extreme, but my curiosity got the best of me and I gave in. And just so you know, it went Ice Cream--Beggin Strip--Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Walk In The Park

Scott and I took Holly on a little adventure today--The Bentonville Bark Park. She loves the Bark Park but sadly, I don't take her that often. Holly definitely enjoyed herself! She loves to sniff and explore so the Bark Park is perfect! The fun little obstacles are a bit tricky for a 7 pound lady but she attempted and enjoyed anyway. We stayed for about 20 minutes which was plenty of time for Holly. She's an indoor kinda gal. She enjoys an adventure but is always excited to get back home. After a quick stop by Sonic to get her some water (she was panting like crazy) we headed home....Tonight Scott and I had date night at Bonefish! It was much needed. I haven't been able to really get out and about since my whole foot ordeal and I've very much missed a night out. I had a bit of trouble getting dressed because most of my 'going out' outfits require heels. Getting ready was sightly traumatizing because of my lack of options but I pulled something together and decided it would do--would have looked way cuter with heels--but good enough.
Since Scott and I always watch movies on the weekends, we've put ourselves in a bit of a predicament. We've run out of movies to watch!!!! It's a little embarrassing that we've literally seen all the movies. So we decided to go to Best Buy after dinner and purchase the first season of Mad Men. I've heard it's so good and I think it could (potentially) be a show Scott and I will both enjoy. Of course we had to stare at TV's while we were there for a good 18 minutes but you know....that's normal...
Time for Mad Men! Fingers crossed that we love it! We need something to watch on the weekends that's not a Disney/Pixar film. Not that I don't thoroughly enjoy those actually....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kibbles, Cookies, and Tabloids

I am a very happy girl because my husband isn't working for the rest of the week! He decided to take 2 days off. He's got nearly 20 vacation days left for the year so he wants to use them up as much as he can. It's going to be a nice, LONG, weekend and I'm very excited about it!

Holly and I enjoyed a little vitamin D today. Holly isn't very outdoorsy. She loves to get the mail and go for a walk but she doesn't just love hanging outside. However, we must have spent 30 minutes in my backyard enjoying the lovely weather.

Holly is so funny though--she won't get in the grass. She walks all around the patio and stands at the edge to sniff the grass but she won't walk in it. She does the same at my parents. Silly girl.
Also, I think I may have found something Holly will eat. Kibbles and Bits! She used to eat those when we first got her then we switched her to a much healthier food--Science Diet--and she's been eating that for a decade or so now. I wish she would eat a little healthier but I guess it doesn't really matter at this point. As long as she's eating, I'm happy.

Speaking of healthy, or lack thereof, look what snuck into my cart at Walmart today! I may have gone a bit overboard but I always buy cookies when fall strikes. It's my tradition!

And finally, I saw this when I was waiting to check out. Good Grief! Sadly, some people will actually believe that. Remember what I say--you can only trust People and TMZ and the majority of the time, US Weekly gets it right but not always.
Happy Modern Family Day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pumpkins & Appetites

I'm bored. And not to keep talking about my foot but it hurts--STILL! I try really hard to stay off it and when I do it feels sooo much better the next day. But sometimes you can't just sit on your bottom all day. Aside from the going crazy part--theres just some things that need to get done. Who would think that going to church, Walmart, Target and a doctors appointment last week could irritate it that bad? OVER THIS.

I'm loving that it's cooler but don't you think it should be a lot cooler by now? I know it never is but I always feel like by the end of September it should be boots and long sleeve weather.

Speaking of "Fall" I got this candle at Target for $10 and I'm obsessed with it. It has lasted such a long time and it makes the entire house smell so good. $10--can't beat that. I plan on getting a few more so I can have it all through November.

This little one is stressing me out. She has, for almost a week now, decided that she doesn't like food anymore. Just like that. Holly has always loved food and she lives for treats. It's so bizarre! I have, of course, spoken with her doctor about it. She said a lot of older dogs start to do that and I need to just keep trying all kinds of things and mix it up for her. She said if Holly doesn't want dog food anymore than feed her people food. But even some people food she won't eat. I gave her a filet--nope. Philly steak & cheese--eww. Cake--no thank you. Scrambled eggs--not her favorite anymore. I don't know what to do!!! I have found that if I sit and hand feed her some things she'll eat it then. I hope it's just a phase. I thought it was her medicine but her doctor said that shouldn't affect her appetite. She acts totally normal other than not eating and I know she's okay since we just did all of that blood work. Stressing me out Holly!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Holly's Friday

{New Sam Edelman Flats. I'm a bit obsessed. Not only because they're ridiculously cute but they're super comfy. Something you don't always find in a flat.}

Greetings and Happy Friday! I'm glad it's the weekend so I can have Scotts sofa company. Holly and I have had an eventful day...

I watch Holly like a hawk. I observe her every move. She's (almost) 15--I have to if I want to make sure my sweet baby is happy and healthy. Last week I noticed she was licking her lady bits--something she never does. After a day and a half of that--off to Dr Brown we went. After a urine sample we discovered that Holly had a UTI. No surprise there--she gets them all the time. Bless her little heart. They have a shot to give now so we did that and off we went.
The last two days I've noticed Holly has been drinking a lot more water and going potty way more. "This is it" I told Scott "she has diabetes." Right when I woke up this morning I made an appointment with Dr Brown--Again. A blood test later proved she's A-OK. Whew!

I probably jump the gun a lot--therefore causing me to spend unnecessary money at the vet--but I just can't help myself. Holly's my baby and I would rather have a piece of mind than an extra couple hundred bucks. Poor Holly hates going. She shakes like it's -48 degrees and hides from the doctor behind my feet!
To top it all off, just a minute ago, Holly and I went to get the mail when she spotted a (very) large dog and took after it to say hi. The typical sniffing of one another was going perfectly fine when the other dog bit Holly on her butt lifting her right in the air. The owner slapped the dog and he immediately let go of Holly. I ran and picked her up and she was literally in shock. That's never happened to her before! The girl was humiliated and apologized over and over. I was traumatized, so was Holly, but she's okay. I honestly think the dog was trying to play and it didn't leave any bite marks on my doodlebug. Holly insisted I carry her inside immediately. little survivor. She's doing perfectly fine now and is ready for me to stop blogging so we can all watch Bridesmaids together...and get that tootsie roll I promised her. I think she deserves it.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's Update

This is what life looks like from my perspective these days. I don't know how people do it when they're on bed rest for months and months. I seriously think I would freak out. I think my foot is getting worse. Its so painful that it makes me a little nauseous at times. As long as I'm A-OK for China then I can try to patiently sit on the sofa for the next few weeks.

I was over-excited to receive new magazines in the mail yesterday! I haven't been so grateful for a magazine read since beauty school--also known as the most miserable time of my life. Almost all hairstylists feel the same as me--fair warning to anyone headed to Beauty School--it's wretched.

Hey speaking of hair--don't you love Lena Heady's haircut? She looked so fabulous at the Emmys on Sunday and I think her do is way cute especially for someone who's around my Mom's age. Love it. If I ever get crazy and decide to cut all of my hair off I'd definitely consider this style.

Confession: I have a bit of a girl crush on Camilla Belle. I think she's so gorgeous and she's got great style.

I'm so blessed to have this little girl in my life. I thank God for giving her to me--and for allowing her to be in my life for such a long time--nearly every day. She is so, so sweet and I cannot imagine life without her. Holly is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life. I love her more than anyone could ever know.
Greys is back tonight! So happy all of my shows are starting to reappear.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bed Rest

I've officially been put on bed rest for the remainder of the week. I made my foot worse yesterday because I haven't really obeyed my doctors orders of staying off it as much as possible for 2-3 weeks. I could walk fine so I figured it was no problem. Wrong! I've made it so much worse. My foot is now green and yellow and the shower water hitting it this morning stung. And I'm back to limping. I could really use a hoverround right now!

Today hasn't been too boring. I've kept myself entertained by reading magazines and countless hours of television. I also baked a few goodies for Scott.

Banana Nut, Chocolate Chip, and Blueberry Muffins! I figured it was okay to bake. I just stood and put no weight on my left foot. My doctor probably wouldn't be happy to hear I did that. Oh well...

I got a very fun package in the mail today! I've been wanting some Hunter rain boots for a while so I finally ordered a pair online. I'm so excited! I went with the original style in green and I'm very excited about future Hunter sock shopping.

Want to know something that brings me happiness? My makeup bag. I think it's so cute and it's the perfect size for all of my products. I have a lot of makeup and most bags aren't big enough but this Tory Burch cosmetic bag is just right! Love it!

J. Crew opened in Little Rock yesterday and I'm beyond excited. So is my Mom. Because she knows it's my very favorite store and figures it'll want me to come to Little Rock more. Ha! She's probably right!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today's Tuesday.

One week later and my foot is still hurting me!! Scott says it's because I'm too active. I think he may be right. I would go crazy if all I did was sit on the sofa and watch TV though!! I've gotta get out for just a few hours. I've never had anything hurt me this long--even when I twisted my ankles. And I still suffer the repercussions of those injuries. Every time it rains ol' grandma here gets all achy in her ankles. And the first few steps of my runs always kill my ankles. Who knows what this new injury is going to do to me now. I'm so terrified of re-hurting my foot. Even if little Holly stepped on it somehow I would die. It is very tender. Ugh. Ready for this to be over. On a good note, my doctor has called me twice to check on my foot. I think that is just so nice of him to take the time out of his busy day to do that.
Guess what else? My back is SO SORE. I'm guessing it's the car wreck?? The wreck wasn't even that bad but I guess it was bad enough to make my back get sore. Scott pointed out a funny--this just hasn't been my month. Pass out at the doctor--get fired--break foot--get in wreck--back get's sore. Hmmm.....surly October will be really fabulous.
I'm about to head out and search for a pretty wrap for my Mom to wear at night. On Thursday my Mom and Dad are off to Spain, France, and Italy. Aren't you so utterly jealous of them? I'm so excited for them and I hope their trip is so fabulous that they want to buy a home in one of those places. Any one would do. Ha!
I've also got to get a passport photo made for my Visa for China. Ugh. Passport photos are the worst. They make drivers license photos look like glamour shots.
Okay. I guess I better get moving. I'm going to try to make my outing be as quick as possible then I'm going to come home, prop my feet up, and read some magazines. I've got 2 Glamour and 2 Marie Claire's to dig into.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

First Fall Saturday

Sunday Greetings! How was your weekend? Mine was great--nothing special--but great. Scott and I opted out of going to the Razorback game. It was kinda my fault actually. I was a little uncomfortable about the thought of getting around campus with my crippled foot. I'm sure it would have been fine but the idea of trying to climb up and down hills and tons of people potentially stepping on my foot--well it was just a bit scary for me. The downpour of rain made that decision even easier. I've been a really bad Razorback fan this year....
So if we weren't at the Razorback game, tailgating and calling those Hogs, what in the world were we doing?? Great question!
We slept in really late--almost 10. I made Scott a delicious breakfast (Jimmy Dean Breakfast Scrambles--ya'll do those? If not, you're missing out on the greatest gift life gives). We then turned our TV to ESPN immediately and began our typical Fall Saturday. I don't know how the thought occurred to me--since I never visit a fast food joint--but I decided Wendy's Chili would go perfectly with the rainy day. I had it for the first time last year at the high school football championships and haven't forgotten about it since.
So Holly and I took off to purchase 2 large Chili's--and 2 cheesy potato's. YUM. It's my new thing. Seriously. We had it again tonight for dinner. It's the new staple in my life...
After our delicious fast food lunch, Scott and I hit up Williams Sonoma for a few necessities. Then we went to Target for toilet paper and ended up spending $75--because we were bored. For the first time in money spending world ever--it was Scott's fault. Peanuts, Sour Patch Kids, Cliff Bars....he had a little bit of an over-excitement process. We were in there for an hour. Scott very much enjoyed himself and then a light bulb went off in my head. For me, Target is no big deal--I go whenever (and the mall, etc). Scott never goes anywhere because he works so much. He explored the isles of Target like a kid at Disney World.
We met up with Randy (father-in-law) at Crabby's for some random happy hour drinks and talked a lot about our future home--which brought me lots of excitement. I think Randy is excited too. We have ideas that are different for him and I'm pretty sure he's going to copy.
My day was fab. One of those that you remember as being one of those great fall days....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boom Boom Pow

So I got in a wreck yesterday. Actually it was's midnight.
This has truly not been my week. I fall in my shower Monday night---tear left foot ligaments. Then today I'm driving Scott's car--heading home on Walton and BOOM! Car hits me. Ugh! It wasn't very traumatizing. I've been in 3 wrecks in my life and this one ranks #3 as least scariest. I saw it coming--in slow motion. I was at a complete stop--traffic was bad. I heard squeals and looked in my side mirror and saw a car acting all crazy like. I wanted to get out of the way but there was nowhere for me to go! I knew it was going to hit me or the car behind me. It's so funny how you can have so many thoughts within maybe 5 seconds.
I was the chosen one and I guess because I saw it coming, I wasn't surprised at all. I still got the shakes and stepped out of the car. So did the other girl and we decided to move to the nearest parking lot so we wouldn't block traffic.
I called Scott immediately since I was in his company car. I was so worried he would be annoyed but he--nor his boss--wasn't at all. I told him I was across the street from Taco Bueno and he had no clue where that was. #healthyfamily #kindaproudofthat
The girl--Barbie--felt horrible and apologized over and over but I wasn't angry. It was clearly an accident and she said she hydroplaned which was very understandable considering the weather today.
After all of the police work, and the (hour long) phone call with the Sara Lee Fleet + Insurance Company, I was finally able to (somewhat) finish what I was trying to accomplish--my Fall decorating. I felt like a bit of a hillbilly. I got in a wreck with two stacks of hay in my car. I traded with Scott at lunch (since he has an SUV) so I could fit the hay stacks in my car. Ironic!! I'm actually very grateful I wasn't in my car. That would have been way more traumatizing.
Scott informed me that I may have to take a drug test--as to prove I wasn't under the influence. I'm glad I avoided the doobie this week! (KIDDING! I've never done any kind of drug in my life--ever...EVER!!!!)
Anywho--Next week--by default--should be fantastic!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So hmm....I've got nothin! I mean, why would I? I've been sitting on my bottom all day 'resting' my foot. My precious husband worked from home today to take care of me. I felt way better today....didn't limp around hardly as bad. The pain was still there but I can walk better which is most important to me.
The one thing that is a bit annoying about a crippled foot is having to always take a bath. See, I take baths for them to be a relaxing experience. Showers are for washing hair and shaving. Having to do that in the bath--Ewwie. The hairs falling out of your head....the ones you're shaving....well they're floating all over the place! It's just not...rejuvenating. I don't feel as clean afterwards. You know my germaphobeness...
Anyone watch the Jacqueline Kennedy 20/20 special last night? Riveting!! I've always been fascinated with the Kennedy's especially Jackie. I was glued to my TV for the whole 2 hours. So interesting.
I'm very ready to decorate my house for! Do you think it's too soon? I want to say no. The weather has been a bit chilly and it's football season. I'm craving Hay Stacks, Mum's and Pumpkins. I may just go for it. I don't think my neighbors will mind. I think everyone secretly wants to decorate for Fall now anyway.
I'm leaving for China one month from today. Who's excited!?! Me! Way Much! I haven't done my typical planning for this one. I usually research all the hot, must see places. I'm sorta relying on my father-in-law (Randy) and grandfather-in-law (Grandpa aka Al) for this trip.
Shortly after Grandpa left Walmart, a man approached him about getting a {Walmart type} store in China started. Grandpa obliged and recruited Scott's dad to help. A few months later--Lotus was born! It's the Walmart of China. Needless to say, Randy knows everything about China since he lived there for many years. Plus, he's really good with chop sticks....
Randy and Grandpa can help me with all I need to know so I don't feel the need to do tons of research. I told my Mom I'm really determined to find a Lotus.
What else should be high on my China to-do list? Anybody ever been there? Facebook me!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Last night I did some serious damage to my left foot. I wiped out as I was stepping into my shower and fell backwards onto the floor outside. It hurt like the Dickens. The kind of pain where you can't make noise. I somehow managed to fall asleep but when I woke up this morning my foot was throbbing. I decided I better go to the doctor since my foot was swollen, I couldn't walk on it, and it was super tender when I barley touched it. He took one look at it and sent me off to get an xray. Turns out I did some pretty good damage--tore some ligaments. I've been ordered to stay off it as much as possible for the next 2-3 weeks. Neat. He wanted to put a cast/brace on it but I said no. That looks so miserable and it really wouldn't go with any of my outfits.
I have to do some physical therapy after my 2-3 weeks otherwise the possibility of it tearing again are very high. UGH. I'm just glad it's only 2-3 weeks and not 6-8. I'm also grateful that it's the top of my foot because I can at least limp around without it being too terribly painful. I just look ridiculous.
And then there's the whole no working out thing that I'm mourning over. Boo! I'm unemployed--working out is the only interesting part of my day! At least I have this little one to keep me company on the sofa!

Monday, September 12, 2011

How Does One Pack For China?

Last night I received a very cool piece of news. In exactly one month and 2 days, I'll be on a plane headed to China!!! Whaaat?! That's right. I'm going to Hong Kong and Shanghai. I'm way excited but it really hasn't settled in yet because it's all happened so fast!
So how and why am I going to China? Well, Kyle has to go for work and my Mom decided to tag along. They've had it planned for a really long time. Mom called and told me last night that her and Dad had been feeling really bad for me with the whole 'getting fired after 5 days' bit so they decided to try to figure out if I could go too. They never told me they were looking into it in case it didn't work out. But surly enough, Kyle discovered that a seat on the plane opened up and Mom called me last night to tell me about it! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited.The Little Rock game was a blast! We got to the tailgate around noon and stayed until the sun went down. We decided to take Holly since we knew we weren't going to go into the game. She had so much fun! She got decked out in her favorite Razorback jersey and enjoyed all of the attention she received. She really wanted to sniff around the entire golf course and I would indulge her as much as possible. Kyle had his car and kept the hood up the entire time which made for a perfect seat for Holly, Scott, and myself.
Needless to say, I had a pretty fabulous weekend! It was great getting to see my family and I thoroughly enjoyed taking Holly tailgating with me. And, I'm going to China. Still nearly speechless about it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/01--My Day 10 Years Ago

I remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday. The day started out normal like every other day in a high school juniors life. After my second period ended and I was headed to the third I ran into Toni Register. I'll never forget it. She said 'Kara the towers in New York have been hit." What?? I replied utterly confused. As she was explaining more I went into a daze trying to take in and understand what she was saying to me. I don't remember much between that and my fifth period class which was English--Mrs. Jean Williams. Because EHS didn't have enough televisions for every classroom, they decided to put most of them in the English classes. I remember my main emotion as been confused--not believing what I was seeing.
Of course the whole school day was pointless. Looking back now, I wish I had left school to go home and watch all of the news coverage. Since we weren't allowed to have cell phones, I didn't get a chance to call my parents until school was out at 3:15. My parents were in Little Rock that day for business. After discussing how horrible the events of the day were, my mother insisted I go get gas immediately. "Even if you have 3/4 of a tank full--go get more. The prices of gas are about to sky rise" she said. So I did. I went to the gas station immediately--and waited in an hour long line to fill my tank. Apparently everyone else in El Dorado was thinking the same thing as my mother.
After I got my tank filled up, I went to Arby's to pick up some dinner. I took it home and as I was eating it my friend, Kaci Hollensworth, called me. "Jesus is coming back" she declared. OMG. You could totally be right!! I thought. We sat and talked for a minute. The whole time I was pondering what I was going to do about Holly. And I felt scared that I didn't have my parents there with me.
My brother called me soon after. He had a lot of tests that day and stayed up all night long studying for them. So when they were finished at 9:00 AM, he went home and slept--until about 6. He called me and was like 'what's going on????' Ummm....our country is under attack and you're just now realizing? {That phone call still gets me. The ultimate 'are you for real?' moment.}
Later that evening, I gathered at the EHS football stadium--with thousands of others--to pray for our country. That day was so surreal that I feel like I hardly comprehended what was going on.
I've always watched Good Morning America in the whole life. Like, even when Joan Lunden was the host. So I was, of course, watching it as I was getting ready for school the weeks following. They did some report on the effects it had on our country and I had a very strong feeling of America being utterly defeated. My heart sunk into my stomach for the USA. Needless to say, I've never felt that for my country again. I feel as if we're stronger than ever now and I truly know what it means when people say they're 'proud to be an American.'
We do live in the best country in the world. I never thought much of it before 9/11. I think about it a lot now. I'm so blessed that my ancestors came here so that I can live the life that I do now. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. God does truly bless the USA.

Watching all of the coverage of 9/11--ten years later has been so sad. I know it sounds weird for me to say this, but I'm glad I was of an age where I was old enough to understand, remember, and comprehend what was going on that day. I feel as if I have an even greater appreciation for my country because of it.
Scott and I have been following the news all day. We watched a 20/20 special on ABC tonight and I totally lost it. Scott had to walk into the bathroom and grab me tissues. Loud sobbing, uncontrollable tears....heartbreaking sadness for those who lost their loved ones. What a horrific and almost unbelievable thing to have happen to our country. It made my heart happy to see that all of them have managed to move on with their lives--can say they're happy now--and had a smile on their faces.
As long as I live, 'We Will Never Forget' will always reign a true statement in this young American's life.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ready For The Weekend!!'s your day been? I wish I could say mine was filled with hard fashion work but it was not. I've had nearly a dozen calls/texts/facebook messages from people today. Some saying they wanted to warn me about the cray cray, some saying how bad they felt for me, most saying how hard they laughed when they read yesterdays post. Ahhh well....I have no words. Really. All I have is Ahhh well...
I decided this afternoon that I would drive to the square in Fayetteville and check out Northwest Arkansas newest boutique craze, Savoir Faire. It's such a gorgeous boutique! Unlike anything NWA has to offer.....or actually Arkansas for that matter. I walked away with a fabulous pleated black maxi skirt and a white blouse that will for sure be a wardrobe staple. It's a must visit.
........Top--Forever 21. Skirt--Limited circa 1997. Yes I've had it that long........

That was about it. I ran a few other errands but nothing too terribly exciting. I've got to figure out what I'm going to do with my life now. I hate thinking about stuff like that. It stresses me out way too much. Scott's been great. He just wants me to be happy--if it's as a housewife or a little career gal he doesn't care. I'm bored though. I've gotta find something. Ugh! I have a feeling this will take a while. Why can't my job be professional travel person?
Tomorrow I'm off to Little Rock. I'm overly excited about seeing my family AND tailgating on Saturday at War Memorial. Maybe I'm biased but I'm pretty sure my brother and Kirk Gober put on the best tailgate in Little Rock. All are welcome! I'll be in space O by hole 13. They've got a whole shrimp broil thing going on--along with televisions for people who don't have tickets. As random as it is for Scott and I, I think we're actually not going to go to the game but watch on the TV at the tailgate instead. We think it's more fun to do that at Little Rock games and it's sorta becoming mine and Scott's tradition. I'm way excited about it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kara's Stories. Why I Write Them.

Have I got a story for you. This one ranks right up there with my brand new car exploding--for no reason--a few years ago.
So I'm at work on Saturday. I was majorly bummed to miss out on the very first Razorback home game....or just a game in general. However, for the love of my new job I put on my happy face--and my best Red and White gear--and headed to work. It was pretty slow--obviously. And around 3 the owner asks me to sit down and talk to her. (Background on the owner. She's not American and pronounces my name Karah.)
So she says "Karah, it's just not working. This is not the place for you. I fire someone else because I knew you had a job before and I thought you would be so wonderful but you not and now I have to beg her to come back and work for me since you were so disappointing. We going to New York soon and you cannot watch the store on your own and I have to protect my store. Retail is just not for you. I watch you and I'm like 'Oh My Gosh' I just feel so bad for you when I watch you."
So I said 'well okay I guess I'll just go on ahead and leave then' and she said 'No! Karah you still have so much to learn.'
Wait. What? You just fired me....
I have to say I wasn't surprised one little bit. I told Scott I thought that may happen because she's a touch flaky. I could hardly control my laughter the last few hours I was there. Who fires someone because they don't know how to run the store on their own after 5 days? That is why the word training exists. Why would you complain that I don't know how to open and close when, instead of my hours being from 10-6 {open to close}, they're from 11-5? And to top it all off--you fire me then insist I learn new things? All of that combined with the accent--priceless.

I honestly laugh every time I think about it. And don't even get me started on how hard my Dad laughed when I told him--in detail--what all she said to me. He couldn't believe his ears.
There are many similar stories as mine--I've come to find out--which makes me feel way less crunchy.
I'm not embarrassed at all because I know I didn't do anything wrong. I'm a very fast learner and I felt I was a great employee that was good at my job. It was her lack of patience combined with a little bit of cray cray (that I was warned about) that brought her to the conclusion that I needed to be let go. I am very bummed though. I really enjoyed the few days I worked there. I thought I finally found my nitch.
She concluded by saying she still wants me to blog and come to trunk shows to talk and socialize with the customers because she thinks that's something I am actually good at. Umm, no thank you. I'm dunzo. I don't mean to throw anyone under the bus but I'm not about to make myself look wrong--when I'm not. So I'm being politely honest.
I could indulge in more info on the whole deal and make this post way more funny but what's the point? I'm over it and don't even feel like talking about it anymore.
See. This is why I call it Kara's Stories. Because I manage to come up with a lot of them...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Television Woes

Today has been ridiculous. My TV has been messing up a lot lately. Usually Scott just unplugs the modem to reboot it and it starts acting normal again. However, today it would not cooperate with the normal routine so I decided to give Mr. Uverse a call. Well, I didn't realize Mr. Uverse would keep me on the phone for 52 minutes. Apparently he could temporally fix the problem but someone would have to come out tomorrow to really fix it. Okay. That works as long as it can be temporally fixed. TWO minutes after we hang up the phone the television goes on the fritz again. UGH! So I call back. When she says how can I help you? I reply 'okay let me start by saying I just got off the phone with a tech guy a few short minutes ago and he kept me on the phone for 52 minutes so I don't want that to happen again--got it?'
30 minutes on the phone with her later--she says she'll send someone out right away. So the guy comes out, stays for about 30 minutes, says it's fixed, then leaves. My TV was working just swell until the perfect moment for it to go out--during the season premiere of Rachel Zoe!
Livid now, I call customer service to inform them all about my day. She says they obviously didn't fix the problem and she will send someone out tomorrow to fix it. She had to put me on hold so she could figure out when the guy could come out. Exactly 40 minutes of being on hold later, I hung up.
Guess who will be getting a nice upgrade tomorrow? Me. Because I intend to complain big time and I will be off the phone in less than 10 minutes with a nice smile on my face.
After my incredibly frustrating day--with that 3rd call setting me off the edge--I decided to run a nice, hot bubble bath and take a load off. It wasn't until I was nicely settled in, soaking my frustrating day away, when I realized I gave Holly a bath in my tub last night--and I forgot to clean it before I got in. Mmmm Hmmm. I never bathe Holly in my tub. I always do it in the kitchen sink but for some reason last night my tub just seemed easiest. She doesn't shed so I didn't notice any Holly hairs to remind me she was in there last night. She really is always squeaky clean since she doesn't go outside but still. Ew. Not a pleasant realization.
Now I'm off to bed--except not really probably. Because as you've already read I have insomnia and a night laying in bed wide awake would only seem like the appropriate way to end this day.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tailgating & Insomnia

Haay! I really don't have much to say today. Like, really. I've been staring at these few words for many minutes now. I think it's going to be a fun weekend--even though I'm not going to the game (insert sobbing here). My brother and some of his friends are staying at my house and I think a bunch of my Besties and I are gathering for a yummy dinner tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure I'm going to sink into a depression on Saturday--picturing everyone at that very minute having a blast tailgating and hog callin. I seriously cannot recall a time in which I've missed a game. Even when Scott and I lived in Memphis we made it to every game. Even when it rains--I'm there--tailgating in the back seat of a car and waiting out the thunder under the bleachers. I honestly think I'm most sad about missing tailgating. It makes me way happy and is probably one of my top 5 favorite things about life. It's just so much fun and part of the whole SEC football package. You can't go to a Razorback game and not tailgate a solid 5 hours before the game starts. It's just unnatural. Even when the game starts at 11 am. That's what breakfast burritos and mimosas are for! Ahhh.....I've gotta stop. I'm just getting more depressed.
Hmmm....m'kay I guess I'm done. I need to go to bed since it's almost 11:30 but I'm really not tired. I suffer from insomnia and there is nothing worse than laying in bed wide awake. Especially if your spouse passes out 5 minutes after his head hits the pillow. So not fair. This is all Scotts fault anyway. I don't like sharing a bed. When I'm alone, I get the best sleep ever. Sharing a king bed with Scott works just fine. I can't wait to own one of those. Queens are too small for 2 people. I need my space. AND, any kind of sleeping pill has the total opposite effect on me. AND my restless leg syndrome does not help matters either. Mom and Grammy both suffer from insomnia. It was bound to happen to me and it makes me really sad.