Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Let's talk about Ivy! Or, Little Ivy as I call her--Because she's just so wittle!!! Ivy is the smallest of the bunch. She eats the most though! Ivy LOVES the chew bones. She also loves to chew my stairs. Neat. Luckily that can easily be fixed and she hasn't gotten to furniture which would be much more devastating. Her teeth must hurt because she always has to be chewing on something.
When Ivy isn't chewing on something, she's hanging with her pal, Mr. Ruff Ruff. Ivy LOVES Mr. Ruff Ruff. He is her little stuffed animal that must go everywhere with her. When I get her out of the laundry room in the morning she says hi very quickly then runs back into the room and gets Mr. Ruff Ruff and just walks all around the house with him for a good 5 minutes not setting him down even to go potty. Every. Single. Day. It's so cute and so funny! She loved him from the beginning so I got extra Mr. Ruff Ruff's in case something happens to him in the future.Ivy is very quirky. She arches her back like a cat when she wakes up from a nap. She always yawns when you rub the right side of her neck. She rears back before she takes off running. She's very predictable! She has lots of funny quirks.
Ivy is definitely the smartest. She's also my little cry baby. Ivy communicates via crying. If she can't find me in the house, she cries. If I shut her out of my room she sticks her arm under the door....and cries. If she can't reach something, she cries! It's such a sweet little noise. I love the cries. Haha!!Ivy is kind of hard to read. She cries when she can't find me, always has to be beside me but she isn't much of a lover. She's never as excited to see me as the others are and doesn't want me to pick her up and tote her around. I've decided to spend more one on one time with Ivy because I want her to love me as much as she loves her sisters!! Ivy is very selfish. I gave the girls new bones yesterday and she nabbed two of them and ran away. If her and Madison are chewing bones she'll take Madisons and lay on top of it then chew hers. Madison looks at her and just barks and barks!!!! Ivy doesn't care. Haha.
Ivy's body is grey now but I think she's going to turn into a golden/copper color. I love her little white chest and her dark black face and ears. She's a cutie.
Ivy and Madison have two totally different personalities but they balance each other well and love each other so much. I love having two little twins! It definitely brings a lot of entertainment to the house!!

Monday, July 30, 2012


This week I'm going to share more about my pups and today we will start with Madison!
From the first hour I had Madison I knew she was going to be a little rascal. She settled herself right into this house the minute she walked in without the tiniest bit of concern about where she was. I call her Crazy Madison because----well she's crazy!!
Madison is a little barker. She barks at Ivy when Ivy takes something away from her--and keeps barking at her until she gets it back. Occasionally I can hear her barking when I come home and get out of my car. She's saying "hurry up and get in this house!!!" I usually wake up to her barking in the morning when she's up and ready to get out of the laundry room--about 7:30. When I'm getting her food ready in the morning she impatiently barks at me. She's a mess!!! Madison definitely communicates via barking. It makes me laugh most of the time because it's a cute little bark and it always comes in two's. I wouldn't mind though if we could tone it down just a touch!
Madison is also the most athletic of the bunch. She feels like she's full of muscles when you hold her and she weighs the most out of the girls. She always wins at a game of tackle and by far dominates during play time.
While Madison is crazy and barks and plays rough, she's also the sweetest of the bunch. Madison is a little lover!!!! She is always the most happy to see you (even if you're a stranger) and won't stop giving kisses.
Even though she's so anxious to get her food in the morning, she sits back and patiently watches the others eat first then she takes her turn when they're done.
Another uncharacteristic trait Madison posses is that she's terrified of other dogs! She likes Ivy and Grace and that's it. She will hide under the sofa or in my lap until the dog leaves. Loud noises scare her too.
The few times I've let the girls sleep with me Madison snuggles right up to me and doesn't leave that spot all night.
Madison's sweet little teddy bear face is so precious to me! I think her name fits her perfectly since she's kind of a tomboy. I feel like she would look totally out of place with a pink bow in her hair but super adorable with a Razorback jersey on!! A lot of people have asked me how I came up with the names and the answer is pretty simple. Scott named one and I named one. Madison is the name Scott chose.
Madison is a mess but I love her. I tend to have to apologize for her "playful" behavior sometimes but honestly, my dogs are well behaved and quite calm especially for being puppies.
Madison is so lovable and full of personality. She's a happy little puppy and definitely brings loads of entertainment to my life and I'm glad she's mine....even though she's crazy!

Friday, July 27, 2012

What's Going On

I've been the worlds worst blogger this summer!! I've totally been out of my routine which is exactly the reason why. I've had house guests, I've spent more time at my parents house in the last few months than I have in the last few years....it's just been crazy! So what's been new? Hmmm....The girls are blonde now and have a buzz cut. I knew they would look different because their new growth wasn't black anymore so I prepared myself for a change but when I saw these new puppies I gasped and couldn't believe it. They are way lighter than I thought they'd be. Plus their hair is entirely too short. We will definitely be growing it out. I asked for the Holly cut. This is not the Holly cut. I think their legs, ears and face will stay the same but I still expect to see change in their body hair color. I think Madison is going to be totally blonde all over--exact color as her little legs and I think Ivy's little body is going to get darker and match her face. This photo was taken 7/16 and they already look different.
Grace is here with us for the next week! Mom and Dad are in Napa so she's staying with us then Mom and Grammy are going to come up next weekend to watch the pups because Scott and I are going out of town for a wedding. Grace, Ivy and Madison will be together for almost a whole month total and I'm so worried about them all when Grace leaves to go home and things get back to "normal." I feel like they'll be really sad.
Dare I say we are 100% totally potty trained? I probably shouldn't but I'm going to. They've finally started to get completely terrified of me when they get in trouble and are learning what "bad girl" "quit" and "NO" mean.....and good girl too of course!!! We are also starting to figure out that the word "treat" is a really good thing. Baby steps for my babies!
I haven't spent quality time with my husband in over two weeks. I'm glad to be back to normal and I'm looking forward to a fun and easy weekend.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Grace's Television Debut

Grace made her television debut today! It was a lot of fun. Mom, Dad and I woke up at 4:30 this morning because we had to be at the station at 6 am. Grace went on TV around 6:15 and she was such a good girl--of course! It's always fun seeing behind the scenes of a news room and it was neat getting to be there. We'll always remember Grace doing this when she was just a tiny little puppy and it's a fun little memory we will forever have!
Here's a link to the segment if you all would like to see it! And by the way, Grace is NOT a morning girl. Even though she only got a few hours of sleep last night she managed to make it through the clip with only one yawn and a few seconds of heavy eyes towards the end! Haha!!!

Click HERE to see Grace on THV This Morning!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gracie Grace

Gracie Grace (that's the special name I've decided to call her) is going to be on THV tomorrow for the Dr Bob segment!! I'm not sure what time. All I know is we have to be there at 6 AM. Which means I'm waking up at 4:30. Which means, ugh!! Everyone set your DVR's (or tune in if you actually wake up that early) to check Grace out!! Grace is not a morning puppy so I'm anxious to see how this goes! Hopefully there will be a link online that I can share with those of you who don't get THV!

See y'all on TV tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


It's been a Mom & Kara only kind of day. I can't remember the last time we had one of those!
Grace got her first haircut today. She looks beautiful and ready for her television debut! Mom and I have had a pretty chill Saturday. We did a hint of shopping but have basically been home enjoying the Andy Griffith marathon on TV with the little ones.

This blog post was pointless but I was in the mood to write one.
I think all of you have forgotten to follow me on Instagram--@kara2lou. Or all but 5 of you don't have an Instagram and thats why I only have 30 followers.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Small Screen Star

I'm back in Little Rock for the weekend. Grace is going to be a TV star on Monday so I decided to ride back with Mom because I, of course, have to be here to watch. Dr Bob does a segment on one of the local TV stations every Monday morning giving pet advice and he asked Mom if he could use Grace. We will be there bright and early Monday morning and I'm excited about it!! I'll post more details about it later. Obviously, I'm going to need you central Arkansas folks to hit record on the DVR to watch.

I'm so tired!!! I went to bed entirely too late and woke up entirely too early. I ate a delicious dinner at the Chenal Country Club with my parents (and borrowed one of Mom's dresses) and now I'm ready to get on my comfy PJ's and snuggle in bed. Night friends!!!

Oh and PS, my friend Ashley just sent me a text saying she's engaged!!! I'm so excited for her! Let the wedding planning begin!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Week With Landon

This week with Landon has been a blast! I've loved having him here at my house and I really think he's loved being here. We haven't done a whole lot which is exactly what Landon prefers. We lay around all morning, go to the pool during the afternoon and do something fun at night. I'm definitely getting a taste of motherhood though. My house is not OCD approved, I have company while going potty, get barged in on while getting dressed, it takes me 45 minutes to eat a sandwich and I don't get a chance to enjoy my wine and watch my shows until about 11:00. Ha!!
Last night Mom, Scott and I took Landon to Fast Lanes. It's this great place here in Rogers with an indoor bowling alley, race car track, putt putt and arcade game area. Plus a restaurant with decent food and a bar. (Smart thinking these Fast Lane folks did with sneaking in that addition.) Scott and I actually go with our friends all the time and we always have so much fun. I've wanted to bring Landon to Fast Lanes since it opened and I finally got to do that last night. We bowled 3 games and my little competitor didn't exactly have the greatest time. He hated that he was getting beat by everyone and pouted at first. Then Uncle Scott encouraged Landon to try to beat his score every game which put a little pep in his step. His best score ended up being a 65 which I think is pretty great for a 7 year old!
After bowling we hit the arcades. Landon ended up winning the jackpot
on one of the games and won 1,000 tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a loooooooot of deliberating, he ended up coming home with an over-sized Scooby Doo. He's really into that right now.
We had to skip out on the race track because we ended up being there for way too long but hopefully Landon can come up for a Razorback game this fall and we can go back and check that out!
I love my little nephew like he's my own but I must admit, mommyhood is not calling my name yet. I like my life that consists of just me and Scott. I need to keep it a little longer. I look at my friends on Facebook who have babies and die over the cuteness of them and it makes me so excited for my time. I love reading blogs that are about Moms and their babies. I sometimes consider buying a little person outfit that I come across that's way adorable.....and maybe even already think about what type of fashionista my little girl will be. I've quite possibly googled "modern baby high chairs" and already checked out maternity clothing options online. I might have Pinterested and saved way too many nursery room photos on my iPad and told Scott when we were purchasing a new car for him to keep babies in mind.
I'm prepping for it but not ready for it! Who knows when I will be. People ask me ALL THE TIME. We said 5 years from the time we got married and it's been 3 1/2. Looks like we're maybe sticking to that statement?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My little nuggets got their first haircut yesterday. I thought we were going for a trim but instead we got a buzz. I was going to post pics....but I'm just not ready yet. Mom thinks they look so adorable....and they do....but it's so different!! Here's a pic I took of them right before we left for our first beauty shop visit.

Mom, Landon and I hung by the pool all day. It was fun! And I'm pretty sure my nephew consumes more food in one day than my husband does. Keeping Landon entertained is a challenge. He ALWAYS wants you to play with him. However, I think he's having a great time here!! It makes me happy.

It's time to put my little 7 year old buddy to bed. I think I'll push for the Bee Movie tonight. It's for sure my favorite. I LOL....not kidding!!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Sorry! I took a blogging break. The summer will do that to ya. Let's chat shall we?On Wednesday I headed to Little Rock to see my little buddy. He's here for the summer and I'm loving it! I, of course, took my girls so they could play with Grace. They love her and she loves them. When the girls first saw each other they were so excited they all let out a little tinkle. It's been a record breaking 2 weeks since they were together--way too long apparently......and we're the three best friends that anyone could have....It was rainy in Little Rock on Saturday so we saved the lake for Sunday. The forecast said it would be cloudy but Landon loves it so much so we decided to go anyway and it ended up being a beautiful day! All was fantastic until about 5 minutes after this photo was taken. As you can see, we were getting prepped for my water ski adventure. I got up and was gliding along when I decided to get out of the wake and boom!!!!!!!! The water was choppy and I totally busted and just like that, my Marc Jacobs sunglasses sunk to the bottom of DeGray. It made me sick. Not kidding, I couldn't even sleep last night. I tossed and turned reliving the moment that I literally felt them slide down my leg to the bottom of the lake never to be seen again. Try as I might, I couldn't save them. I hate myself for forgetting to take them off. I loved those sunglasses.
We haven't taken the girls on the boat yet but Grace is fully ready! Could you not eat her up!!
I came back home today with a few friends in tow! Landon, Mom and Grace are here!! Landon hasn't ever stayed with me before but I've always wanted him to. I already worry about my mothering though. I'm too OCD. I went to the grocery store to get stuff just for him. While picking out snacks I chose ones that wouldn't leave crumbs.
I've got a cool week planned for Landon and he's met some neighborhood kids his age and so far the day has been pretty awesome!

The girls got their first haircut today. More on that later.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Short Report

I had a lot of things to do today but I decided to put them all on hold and finish reading my book while laying by the pool and working on my tan! I made it out to the pool around 1:00 and had it all to myself the entire day. I submerged myself in my summer read and was shocked when I looked to see what time it was and my clock read 4:30. I was certain it couldn't have possibly been past 2:45! Needless to say, it was a nice day in the sun that managed to fly by thanks to my delicious summer read. Any guesses on what it was?!

Monday, July 9, 2012


I've been on Instagram for a really long time now but have always kept my photos private and for my own personal use. However, I decided to open it up this weekend so I need you all to follow me @kara2lou!! I used to have hundreds of photos on my Instagram but deleted a ton of them about 8 months ago because they were using up too much space on my phone. I'll probably encounter that again fairly soon which is why I think I'm going to have to save up to get the biggest gigabyte iPhone there is. My 16 gigs doesn't hold squat!! It stresses me out. I blame my photos--I take way too many.
So there you have it! Follow me on Instagram y'all!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Scott and I went to Beaver Lake this weekend to hang out with our friends and, like always, we had a great time! Our weekend consisted of laying around, floating in the water, eating good food, playing crazy card games, laughing and enjoying each others company!
I also took these two little nuggets for the weekend getaway. They did me pretty proud. We had about 3 accidents but for the most part they didn't stress me out as much as I thought they would. Ivy and Madison were good little girls and I'm very grateful for that! They get better and better everyday and puppy life is getting much easier.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I'll see you all back here tomorrow!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuck Like Glue

We are Madison and Ivy and we do everything together. We dig through our toy box together....We get hungry and thirsty at the same time.... We both fall asleep in the kitchen when Momma cooks dinner....You never see one of us without the other. If my sister is doing something, I do it too--good or bad! We have the same schedule, like the same things, and stick together like Siamese twins!
We get sleepy for naps at the same time and climb in bed and snuggle together....
We chew our bones together....
We play with our toys together....

We even get the urge to go potty together!!!!
We are Madison and Ivy. Two peas in a pod and very best friends. We love each other SO much and are so happy that we get to stay together for the rest of our lives.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Bedroom

Today I want to show everyone what my bedroom looks like! It took forever to get it completed since it took forever for my bed to come in. How do you decorate a bedroom without a bed? Ugh. I knew what style I wanted to go with though so when the bed did finally come in I knew exactly what I needed to finish the room. I wanted to do the monochromatic look in my bedroom as well as my living room and I'm loving grey right now so I continued with that theme! The bed is really creamy and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do grey in here but I found this quilt at Pottery Barn and it worked out perfect!!! I love my mirrored nightstands!! I searched everywhere for mirrored nightstands and was very particular about the style of them and these are exactly what I was looking for. You can probably tell which side is mine and which is Scott's. I wanted my side to be really pretty and girly and Scott's to be pretty but masculine. A flower arrangement and a sweet picture of my little doodlebug (taken of her in our bedroom) helped me accomplish the look I wanted for my side and stacked books and a simple clock on Scott's nightstand completed his. My windows are an odd height and a standard curtain size doesn't fit so I had to order extra long curtains and one of these days I'm going to get them hemmed!! These curtains just so happen to be the exact same color as the grey quilt and I didn't even plan that. You can imagine my excitement. I want to put a little chair or chaise lounge in that corner but until I find one I like it will just remain empty.
So that's my bedroom! It's very simple, cozy and comfortable and I'm really pleased with the way everything came together. It still needs a little tweaking but for the most part it's complete and I enjoy it very much.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


The good life.....

.....and learning what it means to be happy again.....

.....even if it will forever have a different meaning.....