Monday, August 4, 2008

Coach Thief

So today I decided to go shopping and headed over to an outdoor shopping area in Memphis called Saddle Creek. When I pulled into Saddle Creek I spotted an up-close parking spot and started heading toward it. This green SUV was blocking the aisle that I needed to get in so I just sat there and waited on it to get out of the way. After sitting there a bit I suddenly see this teenage boy hauling butt with 5 huge Coach bags dangling off his left arm!!! He hopped into the back seat of the green SUV that his role model of a mother was driving and the car started pealing out. I turned my head to get the plate number and they had it covered up with a freaking wal mart bag!!!! However, since I was so close I could see through it. I parked my car and ran towards Coach to tell the sales girls standing helplessly in the parking lot watching them get away that I got the plate number. They called the police and I had to stay there to report everything I saw. So there you go. Just another typical day in Memphis....

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