Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Chicken and Rice Casserole

So you guys are loving my easy meals posts. I'm so glad! I've gotten so many emails and comments from y'all saying you've tried some of the dishes and loved them. I probably have one more post I can gather up but after that I'm probably out. I've said before that we basically make the same dishes over and over. I like to venture out and make a new Pinterest recipe every now and then. And Scott grills for us a lot, especially in the summer. But for the most part I just recycle the same recipes every month. In the fall I'll have to share my favorite game day foods. They are yummy! But today I wanted to share this recipe that I posted on my Instagram Stories last week and had a lot of people ask me about. It's so easy I was able to share how to make it in one, 15 second story. But it was probably a little fast and I got asked how to make it so I thought I'd just post it on here.
There's a lot of chicken and rice casserole dishes out there but in my family, when we say we're having chicken and rice casserole, this is what we mean. My Mom made this meal for us when I was growing up and it was always one of our family favorites. Now I make it for my family and my boys love it! I think it's a perfect meal for little kiddos but an adult pallet can appreciate it too! It has so much flavor and it is seriously the easiest meal to make. I know I've claimed that about a lot of my meals before, but for real, this one is. Top three easiest recipes I make for sure.

-Minute Rice (I do brown)
-Boneless, Skinless chicken breast or tenderloins
-1 can of golden mushroom soup
-1 pkg of Liptons Dry Onion Soup Mix

-Cook your rice. I do 2 cups which equals 4 servings but you can do more if you have more mouths to feed.
-While your rice is cooking, mix together the soup, soup mix, and one can of water until well blended.
-Place cooked rice in the bottom of a casserole dish.
-Lay the chicken tenderloins on top of the rice
-Pour soup mix on top.
-Cover and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

Please excuse the bad photo. I saved it from my Insta Stories after I started getting a lot of feedback and it's the only photo I have of the meal before it was plated. But this is what it looks like once it's been cooked. And I totally use disposable casserole pans all the time for easy cleanup.

There you go! That's all there is to it. This is the exact same "sauce" I use when I make a pork tenderloin in my crockpot also. I swear it tastes good poured over anything. I promise you will love this meal and it may become a favorite in your family too!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

We kicked our weekend off with our traditional Chick Fil A Friday. We don't eat there every Friday....but most Friday's we do, and I'm not even going to pretend like I don't love it! Bennett got to play in the play area for the very first time and he thought it was pretty cool! Campbell normally climbs all over the area but he stayed right by Bennett's side the entire time.
Another big event in Bennett's life happened over the weekend. We moved him to his convertible car seat. I love the UPPAbaby Mesa so much so I always keep my boys in it as long as possible. But the last few days Bennett had started crying as I was putting him into his car seat so I figured it was time to upgrade him to the big boy car seat. He seems much more content now although we still can't take a car ride without a paci. Not sure when we'll actually be able to do that honestly.
We had a fun Saturday night hanging out with a lot of our friends. We went to our neighbors/friends house and hung out until 7:00 hit and we had to leave because it was time for the boys to get ready for bed. Haha! We used to not meet up with friends until 7:00 and now that's when our evening ends. Babies and toddlers are everywhere now and I think our gatherings are way more fun than they used to be thanks to the presence of our sweet kiddos.
Yesterday we went to church then ate lunch after. Once I got Bennett down for a nap, I went to Walmart to get our food for the week. I love doing that. Getting food for the week. I don't know why but I always have. I guess I like having my refrigerator and pantry stocked and all of my dinners for the week planned out. It makes me feel organized which is a nice feeling, right?
This week is our last week of the MDO summer session. We have a month off before we start back. I'm a little sad that this is Campbell's last week with his teachers and classmates that he's had for almost a year now. He has had a great year and has grown so much. He'll just start talking about something that I know he picked up from school and it just makes me so happy that he's not only having fun but that he is learning too! Next month Campbell will officially start preschool and that just blows my mind! We will be at the same place but it's a different building with a different program. He will have a learning book and seem like such a big boy! It will be a little different for him than it has been the previous years but I think he'll love it. For now we're going to soak up our last week of him being a toddler at school before he turns into a preschooler.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Boys of Summer

Are y'all making the most of your summer? I always try to. I used to be a winter kind of girl before I had kids but now I'm all about the warm weather and summertime fun. Being outside is so much more fun than being inside when you have kiddos. We like to eat dinner on our back patio. We grill a lot so while Scott is cooking, we're just chillin in our backyard. The boys (and girls!) love it.
Something new we're doing this year is hanging out in our driveway a lot. Campbell has a lot of toys that he likes to play with and our driveway is the best place to do it. It's fun because neighbors are out and we always chat for a little bit with them. Sometimes we'll go for a "parade" as Campbell calls it, around our neighborhood. Campbell rides his scooter and Bennett rides in the cozy coupe.
Of course we love to go to the pool. It's not as challenging with two as I envisioned it to be. Campbell loves to swim and Bennett enjoys people watching. I can kind of block Bennett in with the pool loungers and create a little space for him to play with toys. He happily hangs out and it feels safer to me blocking him in since he likes to crawl all over the place. I usually just hang out in one of the loungers that's blocking Bennett in while I watch Campbell do his pool tricks. We try to get to the pool two or three times a week. When I was little it seemed like we were always at the pool and I loved it. I created a lot of great memories spending my summer at the pool and I hope my kids do too!
Something we love to do in the summer is go to the Bentonville Farmers Market. It's just something to do and I love snatching up some fresh fruits and vegetables. Walking around the square is just plain ol' fun and we usually grab lunch somewhere while we're there. I didn't grow up with a Farmers Market in my small town so maybe that's why I love it so much as an adult.
Sometimes it feels like we have lazy summer days where we stay inside all day because it's just so darn hot outside. But for the most part, I try to get us outside doing something fun. Usually at night when it's cooled off a little. We have such a great neighborhood full of young families and Campbell almost always has someone to play with whenever we're outdoors whether it's in our driveway, at the park or at the pool. There's a few things I like to try to do every summer that are still on my bucket list. I want to do putt putt golf, take a trip to the slash pad, and have friends over for a BBQ cookout. We've already done a lot of fun things this summer but I want to make a few more memories before it's over!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Five UnKnowns

Today I thought I'd post five things you may not know about me. I love reading this kind of stuff about other people so hopefully you'll enjoy reading mine!

1.) I sleep with an eye mask. I only do it in the summer when the light coming through my bedroom in the morning is so bright it feels like the sun is right in my backyard. Like, the whole entire sun. It drives me nuts. We have blackout curtains and they are thick, charcoal velvet so you would think they would do the trick but it's still so bright. The problem is we have to leave our bedroom door open so the girls can get in and out while we're sleeping so the light is coming through all of the windows in our house. If we could shut our door our room would be dark but we can't so eye mask it is. Scott asks me if I really can sleep with it on and I really can! I don't notice it at all. I sleep until my alarm goes off vs waking up as soon as the sun starts to rise. It's great!

2.) I take Plexus. I started in the spring after I decided I just couldn't take being exhausted anymore and wanted to try it to see if I would have more energy. Believe the hype people!!! It's amazing. I noticed a difference in how I felt the very. first. day. I do their probiotic and most days I take the pink drink but sometimes I forget. I love the probiotic.

3.) I hate cucumbers. I am not picky when it comes to food but I absolutely cannot stand the taste of cucumbers. Whenever I eat a salad I request them to leave off the cucumbers because I don't even like the way the lettuce tastes where the cucumber was laying on top of it. No cucumbers!!

4.) I am a Friends Expert. I have seen every episode of Friends about 12 million times. I own all of the DVD's and have even watched all of the bonus stuff on the DVD's like bloopers, episodes with the directors/creators commentary, etc. I have a couple of Friends board games and I always win and every time one of those Friends tests is floating around on Facebook, I take it and get a perfect score. I'm not trying to brag but....well, yes I am.

5.) Tuesday is my productive day. I don't plan for it to be like this but Tuesday is usually the day where I'm most productive around my house and I get a lot done. I think it's because it's usually our day where we have nothing to do so I just take advantage of it. I do laundry all day, clean and organize. It's kind of nice to knock it all out in one day so I can take it easy the rest of the week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

I took these photos of the boys about 2 weeks ago. I wanted some "American Summer" photos of them. I take a lot of photos of my boys with the camera but these are what Scott and I like to refer to as "real" photos. The kind where I get them dressed in cute outfits, fine an awesome location, and wait for the perfect lighting. We don't do photos like this very often but when we do, I just love them. I'm really proud of these pictures. Scott was working late so I did it all on my own. I like to have his help with "important" photos because it's SO hard to take pictures of two young children by yourself. Usually one of us is putting them back in the right spot (because toddlers don't stand/sit still in case you didn't know) and behind the photographer trying to get them to smile. But this was all on me. And even though these pictures were being taken when the boys should have been in bed, they cooperated pretty darn well! Here are a few of my favorites.