Monday, December 11, 2017


Happy Monday everyone. This is the boys last week of MDO before a month long break so I'm doing my best to get every possible thing done that I can do. It's crazy how when I'm alone running errands I can do things about five times faster than I can when I have two cute boys in tow with me. I told Campbell last night that this would be his last week of school for a long time and he was super bummed about it. He asks me every single day if he can go to school. I'm so glad he loves it!
Another thing he asks to do every single day is go see a movie. Our mother/son date night to see 'The Star' really had an impact on him apparently. I knew he loved it but I didn't realize he loved it that much. Scott took him to go see it again on Friday night because he hasn't stopped asking to go see it again. We hope to take him to see Ferdinand together over the Christmas break. I love that Campbell loves going to the movies because I love it too! I look forward to when Bennett will be able to sit through a movie. I predict lots and lots of trips to the movie theater with the boys in our future.
It was freezing cold here all weekend so we mostly stayed bundled up inside. Season Two of The Crown started on Netflix on Friday so I parked myself in front of the TV and binged over the weekend. I love this show and if you aren't watching it you're missing out! It's about Queen Elizabeth and the royal family and I find it so fascinating. If you're intrigued by the royal family like I am then this show is for you! I'm excited to finish the season but then it will be so long before another one starts so a part of me wants to take it slow. I'm sure I'll finish before the week is up though :)
Until tomorrow...

Friday, December 8, 2017

Poinsettia Pups

Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe that Christmas is just a little over two weeks away!! I still have shopping to do. I'm trying to finish it up before the boys last week of MDO (next week). 
Today I wanted to share these photos I got of the girls a few weeks ago. They are my top favorite photos of them for sure. I needed a good picture of them to put on our Christmas card and a few easy snaps later and I got it. Didn't even take 5 minutes! They were being so sweet (or maybe they were bored? Ha!) and laid their little heads down and just stared at me while I was shooting. I love the light and colors and the way it all came together. Very proud of these pics! 
I hope you all have a fun-filled weekend. Scott and I want to take the boys to do something fun and Christmas-y. Campbell asks every single day if he can go to the movies to see ''The Star' again so maybe he and Scott can go and do that over the weekend since Scott missed out on it the first time. I'm sure we'll find something fun to do. See you back here next week!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Tour

Every year I give a little Christmas tour of my home but I decided to skip out on it this year because it literally looks almost identical to what I did the last two years. I posted all about it HERE so if you want to take a peek, feel free!
I shared this photo on Instagram last week and I have been getting so many questions about where everything is from. I didn't link any of it because I've had it all for years so I know it's probably unavailable to purchase now. But I'll share anyways since so many have asked. My stockings are from Dillards although I've seen the same looking ones at Homegoods/TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning before. The garland is Threshold from Target (last year). My Christmas pillows are from Pottery Barn a few years ago but they usually keep the same ones around year after year so you could probably still find them. Finally, the girls bed is from Restoration Hardware. It was their Christmas present last year and they LOVE it but it is sold out unfortunately.
I love my Colorful Christmas and think it's so fun for the boys to enjoy. However, I think I'll have to mix it up a little next year in our new house and do something different. We'll need a bigger tree (I'm thinking flocked!) so I'll probably stick this tree in the boys playroom or something and do a different "theme" for our main tree in the living room. Scott said he wants it to be "woodsy" and I was like
"like plaid and burlap?" and he was like...."I'm not sure...maybe." So maybe we'll go woodsy next year. Ha!
I love Christmas and enjoy my Christmas d├ęcor. The twinkling lights really do make me feel merry. It's kinds of sad that this is our last Christmas in this home so I'm embracing the Christmas memories we'll make here for the last time. Very much looking forward to Christmas in our home next year too! Bittersweet times.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, December 4, 2017

Christmas Time Is Here

Hey friends! Happy Monday! We had a fun weekend! Last night we went to the Stewart Family Christmas Light Display in Fayetteville. I have wanted to go for years and last night we finally went. It was amazing!! We had so much fun and I couldn't believe how many lights and blow ups they had. They were actually featured on The Great Christmas Light Fight on ABC tonight so that was fun to watch since we were just there last night. If you live in the vicinity of the Northwest Arkansas area you've got to go! We got there around 5:00 and the timing was perfect. We had about 5-10 minutes before it got busy. As we were leaving there were tons and tons and tons of cars backed up so I'm glad we got there early.
I hosted a Shades Kids giveaway on Instagram yesterday/today. I have mentioned on here before how much I love Shades Kids. They have the most adorable clothes and some of their stuff has been my very favorite outfits. Bennett had a little bubble from them that he wore this summer that was my hands down favorite outfit of his over the summer. It's THIS ONE if you care to see what I'm talking about :)
The boys are in school this week and next week then they're off for Christmas break for a whole month (insert wide eyed emoji). I'm trying to wrap up all of my Christmas shopping before they're out. I've completed my Christmas shopping for Campbell and Bennett (and the girls! we don't leave them out!) but I still have more left for other family members.
I feel like the holiday season is flying by. I know it's only December 4th but I feel like Christmas will be here so soon. I'm soooo excited about Christmas with the boys this year. We have always been in Little Rock on Christmas morning but Scott and I have always said when Campbell was 3.5 we wanted to start the tradition of doing Christmas at our house, with just us, doing our own family thing. I'm excited about doing Christmas with my little family! I have so many fun things planned for us in the few days leading up to Christmas. I can't wait to make cookies for Santa and tuck the boys in bed at night and get them excited about Santa coming. I'm so looking forward to Scott and I setting everything up for them on Christmas Eve. I feel like these are the golden years of Christmas for us because our kids are young and everything is so magical! Christmas is always special but I feel like it's extra special right now. I love it.
I have had so much fun Christmas shopping for these sweet boys. I struggled at first to find stuff for Bennett since Campbell already has it all but I've ended up finding him some good items and I think he's going to love it. I know Campbell will love his presents. He'd be excited about a lump of coal in his stocking honestly. Hahaha!!! This kid gets excited about everything. I love that about him.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Books

Happy December! We kicked off the month by doing one of my favorite Christmas traditions. After lunch, the boys and I went to Barnes and Noble to pick out two new Christmas books--one for each boy! I've been doing this since Campbell's first Christmas and I really love it and look forward to it. The boys love it too and we always end up being there for about an hour looking at all of the books and playing with the train table too.
This year we ended up choosing The Polar Express and Frosty The Snowman. Campbell looked at The Polar Express and said "that book is too big for me." Haha! I assured him it wasn't and that he would love reading it. Campbell was really excited about Frosty The Snowman because he watched the show on TV last week and he absolutely loved it. I was honestly surprised since it's such an old show but he was captivated and has asked several times to watch it since. I guess that's the reason Frosty is a classic! No matter how long ago it was made, children (and adults!) still love it. 
I was planning to get Bennett a 'That's Not My' touch and feel book like the angel one or reindeer or something but they didn't have any. I may have to get him one of those later because he has recently, within the last few months, started to LOVE books, especially touch and feel ones. I know he would love to add another one of those to his collection! I'm glad that both of my boys love books and I'm happy we were able to have another year of our fun Christmas tradition of picking out new Christmas books! Our Christmas book collection is slowly growing and will be quite large before we know it!