Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! Forgive my slacking on here this week but you know.....three kids. Plus, when all you do is stay home all day nursing a baby and picking up after your big kids, it doesn't really provide you with much blogging material.
Valentines Day around here is always pretty low key. I got Campbell and Bennett a cookie cake and some balloons. Scott and I got ourselves a grazing board and we're planning to chill and do nothing tonight. Very much looking forward to a low key evening with my husband. It doesn't feel like we've been able to spend much time together the last few weeks. Scott is always catching up on work after the kids go to sleep and I'm picking up the house and going to bed early. So a date night in sounds perfect.
Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, February 8, 2019

Campbell's Big Boy Room

I've been meaning to write this post since summer. Whoops. I'm finally getting around to sharing Campbell's big boy room with you all. I absolutely love this room. I had help decorating pretty much my whole entire house and it spoiled me. So when I was in charge of this room all by myself, I was so worried I wouldn't be happy with my choices. I've always loved interior design and would consider myself to be pretty good at it but when you start working with a professional, it makes you realize you aren't as good at it as you thought you were. Ha! I spent hours pouring over every detail of this room and I'm so pleased with the way it all came together.
I had a few pieces from Campbell's nursery that I was already starting with. His dresser was the main piece I wanted to be able to use as well as his glider. I have always loved Campbell's dresser. I love the distressed finish of it. Plus it's basically brand new and in perfect condition so there was no sense in not using it. His glider is just so comfy and we knew there would be space for it in his new room.
When we decorated Campbell's nursery (you can see it HERE) we didn't consider the fact that he would need a big boy bed one day. His crib turned into a toddler bed (see his toddler room HERE) but not into a full size bed. We have since made sure our other boys beds turn into a full sized beds so we don't have to buy them new beds. All of the furniture from Campbell's nursery is from RH Baby and Child. Unfortunately, they didn't have a bed that I liked in the same finish as the dresser. I decided to go with an iron bed because I knew it would work and I think I love having an iron bed more than if we had done one that matched the rest of the furniture. They did have nightstands in the same finish as the dresser and they are the perfect sized bedside table for Campbell's room!
I love RH Baby and Child. The style fits our interior design style for the rest of our house so it's basically a one stop shop for me when I decorate my kids rooms. They make it easy since they have room galleries for design inspiration on their website. I can get ideas of how they pair different things together.
Campbell loves dogs so a dog "theme" just made sense. I loved the dog prints the moment I saw them and thought they would be so perfect for Campbell so I picked those first then decorated everything else around it. Since they are pretty neutral prints it made it easy to choose bedding to go with them.
We wanted to add in a few fun elements for Campbell so we thought a cool star rug, a fun toy basket, and a big star over his bed would make him happy. They do! Campbell LOVES his star light. He likes for it to be left on when he falls asleep and I sneak up every night before I go to bed and turn it off. When he wakes up in the morning, he turns it back on. It's how I know he's awake! I can look on the monitor and if the star light is off, he's still asleep but if it's on, I know he's up! The switch runs right down the center of his bed so he can easily reach up and turn it on and off. I never even considered when we got it that he would use it like this and that it would actually be functional. It's been so great!! Plus, Campbell can sometimes get scared at night and I think his star light makes him feel safe. There's been a few times where I've woken up in the middle of the night and noticed the star light was on, even though I turned it off right before I went to bed.
So there we have it! Campbell's room. It's one of my favorite rooms in our house. I'm thrilled with the way it all came together and spending hours obsessing over every choice I made paid off. Ha!! I think Campbell will love this room for many, many years. I wanted it to be age appropriate but also grow with him and I think we definitely accomplished that. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Bed | Nightstands | Light | Star | Rug | Glider | Pouf | Bedding | Sheets | Art | Toy Basket | Shelf | Pillow
Dresser: RH baby & child Layne Collection (discontinued)
Curtains: RH baby & child (discontinued)
Canvas Print: Bassett
Bedside Table Lamps: Bassett
Accessories: Flea Market

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Peaceful Days

Happy Thursday! Wells had his weight check today and I'm happy to report he is officially back up to his birth weight which is a whopping 5 pounds, 12 ounces. He gained 7 ounces in 6 days and they were impressed since babies typically gain just half an ounce a day. Way to go Wells! He is still such a sleepy little nugget. I can't remember exactly but I feel like Campbell and Bennett were starting to wake up a little more at this point. I told our pediatrician today that Wells literally just eats and sleeps and he said that's just a sign that he has a full, satisfied tummy.
My big boys went to school today. Is it okay to admit that I am loving their school days even more than I did pre baby Wells? I think it's just because my days look so different. Instead of running errands all over town, I'm home. It's a nice change. I'm never, ever home alone and even though Wells is with me, he's so quiet and just sleeps so it feels like I'm home alone. It's very peaceful and I really love it.
I was hoping to share Well's nursery tomorrow but I can't seem to get his light hung. Hopefully one of these days we'll get it out of the box and on the ceiling. I do have another room to share with you though and it's a pretty fun room so come back tomorrow for that!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Life With Three

We aren't quite two weeks in and my mom just left today so I don't really feel like I can give a true assessment on what life with three kids is like but people keep asking so I'll give the low down so far! Ha!
So far, so good! You hear a lot of people say "three is a game changer" and you also hear "it's no different than two" and so far I'd put us in the later category. Wells is a good baby (please stay this way Wells!!) and Campbell and Bennett have adjusted great. It's so different this time because Campbell is basically 100% self sufficient whereas when Bennett was born Campbell had just turned two so he still needed help with everything. So having Campbell be able to do his own thing is helpful. And he helps do stuff for Bennett too like open snacks, get water, etc. Bennett has always been an independent little guy. He's always spent most of his time in the playroom and he doesn't care if someone is with him or if he's playing by himself. He still needs help doing a lot but as far as being entertained, he takes care of that all on his own.
As for me, I feel like I'm adjusting well! Wells is still in that stage where he basically sleeps all day so that's easy. When he wakes up more, we'll see what life will be like! I'm not as tired this time around as I was the other two times. I guess I've learned how to function on not much sleep even though I've always gotten a full nights rest. Sleep has definitely become less important to me as I've gotten older. I do look forward to Wells giving me just a 4 hour stretch of sleep. Right now he is still waking up every 2.5-3 hours but thankfully he is a very efficient eater so it doesn't take long to feed him then get back to sleep.
My biggest struggle right now is wanting to be in bed by 8:30 but not being able to because of all the things I have to get done before I go to bed. I start trying to do everything I can do early in the day but no matter what, there's always something that needs to get done, so I'm not able to crawl in bed as early as I want.
Overall I'm super pleased with how everything has gone so far. I feel great as far as recovery--this one has been my easiest to date. The boys have adjusted well and Wells is being a really good baby so far. Hopefully we'll continue on this path! I'm cautiously optimistic!!
Oh and here's a few pictures of Campbell and Wells. Campbell LOVES "baby Wells" soooo much. He has always been the best big brother. It's one of the things that makes me so proud of him. Bennett and Wells are so lucky to have Campbell as their oldest brother. I hope he always takes care of them the way he does now. I think he will.
I'm planning on sharing Wells' nursery on Friday so stay tuned! I love how his little room turned out.