Thursday, January 18, 2018

Playroom Plans

I wanted to start sharing some of our home interior designs with all of you! I thought I'd start with the playroom because it's one of the rooms that was the most important to me. That may seem silly to some of you but I spend most of my time in the playroom. That's where we keep all of the boys toys so naturally that's where they want to be. Of course now that they're both a little older I'm able to do tasks around the house while they play upstairs but for the most part, I'm secluded to the playroom.
When designing the home and also doing the interior design, I stressed to all involved how important it was for me to make this room special. One way that we made it really functional was by putting a small office for me right outside of the playroom. It's a part of the playroom but also it's own room (if that makes sense?) so I'll be able to sit in my office and do some work while the boys play and do their thing. I am very excited about this. I feel like I will be able to get so much more work done during my day instead of having to wait until after the boys go to sleep. I haven't decided how I want to decorate my office yet. That will probably come to me after I move in. However, we have the boys playroom all set and ready to go! This is what we're doing.
One thing I just had to have were some built-ins in the playroom. I love built-ins. I didn't care what they looked like I just knew I wanted them. Scott's cabinet designer came up with the idea to do them around the window and put in a window seat and I loved that idea! I love it even more seeing it in person. The window seat has drawers under it so we'll be able to store a lot of toys here. I'm currently on the hunt for cute bins that I can monogram and stick in those cubbies. 
I told Marla (our interior designer) that she had full control over all of our interior designs so I was excited to see what she had picked for the playroom! I love what she chose. We are doing a pull out sofa in the navy fabric and a swivel chair in the pattered fabric + pillows for the sofa in it and the orange fabric. Our playroom makes the shape of an L so we're doing two of that fun, colorful rug. One of the rugs will sit under the sofa/chair space and the other will sit under the play table which we are putting in front of the built ins. The great thing about these rugs is that you could take them outside and hose them down if they got dirty or stained so they will be perfect rugs for the playroom!
That navy buffalo check fabric will be the fabric for the ottoman (we went with ottoman instead of coffee table) and we also made a cushion for the window seat out of that fabric. The window seat will have some pillows of all the fabrics to pull it all in together. 
So this is kind of funny but we got this Pottery Barn play kitchen for the boys for Christmas and we loved the finished of it so much, we decided to incorporate it into other parts of the playroom. We figured it will be sitting in the playroom, we love the look of it, so we may as well tie it into other places. We searched and found a media consul that matches the finish so we're going to use that for our TV.
Pottery Barn also has a play table in this 'smoked gray' finish so we're going to get it as well. I'm planning on having the boys eat breakfast and/or lunch in the playroom. They currently eat breakfast in our bed or walk around the house eating and getting crumbs everywhere and Scott and I are SO tired of it. New house = new rules. The table and indestructible rug that it sits on sounds like the perfect place for them to have meal time! 
So there you go! That's the playroom. I can't wait to see it come together. There is also a really big closet where I'm planning on keeping every. single. toy. Well, except for the kitchen and train table. And I'm so in love with how the trim carpenter designed the closet. So silly I know but it is 100% if you ask me!
My hope is for this space to feel inviting and cozy. I want it to be a fun place for kids to play but also a space that adults will enjoy spending time in as well. We chose a pull out sofa in case we had a lot of guests at our house and needed the extra space. We also thought that when the boys are older and start having sleepovers, they may want to sleep in the playroom on the pull out sofa. 
I'll of course share photos of it once it's completed but now you have a good idea of what we have planned for this little area! And I know I've mentioned this before but we are working exclusively with Bassett on our interior design. Other than the play table and media consul in this room, everything else will be coming from there. Just throwing that out there for those that are curious about where items are coming from!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Puffer Jacket

Last winter we didn't get much of a winter. It would randomly be 70 degrees in February and we played outside in short sleeve shirts. This winter, however, is a whole different story. It is currently in the single digits here and absolutely freezing. We've gotten snow and temps so unbearably cold it's best to just stay inside and never leave the house.
One thing I wanted to purchase this year was a new coat. I have a lot of wool coats and I have my ski coat but I wanted something inbetween. A coat that wasn't as casual as a ski coat but something that would keep me just as warm. Enter, this coat. It is seriously the warmest coat I've ever owned.
I had a ton of layers on when I purchased this and just threw this coat on over it so I could keep on shopping and I was legit sweating. Ha! Turns out when you have this coat on you don't also need a puffer vest, sweater, and long sleeve shirt on under it. Just a shirt will do which is nice because tons of bulky layers can get uncomfortable after a few hours.
This has been my go-to coat since I purchased it. I love it so, so much and know it will keep me warm for years and years to come!!! It also comes in a vest and it's beautiful. I'm going to keep my eye on it to go on sale because I may need to add it to my coat closet as well.
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Monday, January 15, 2018

Kid Free Weekend

I had a fantastic weekend! My parents took the boys for the weekend so Scott and I got some much needed time to ourselves. I realized a week ago I haven't had any kind of mom break/life break (other than Mothers Day Out) in a year. It quickly depressed me once I realized it. I think time away to refresh and regroup is so important. I was due. My Mom offered to take them and I didn't even hesitate to say yes. We met each other halfway, switched cars so we didn't have to mess with car seats, and went our separate ways. Campbell and Bennett were beyond excited to go to Pops and Gammas house. Scott I and I wondered if they even noticed we weren't there. Haha! Once I got back into town I did a little shopping then Scott and I had date night--dinner and a movie! Say what?!
We tried out a new restaurant at our mall called MidiCi. I know they have several locations but this was the first time I had ever eaten there and we were blown away. The food was fantastic and the atmosphere was perfect. This will be a new go-to for us, no doubt. It's perfect for when you want to go to dinner and a movie since it's so close to the movie theater. After dinner we walked to the theater to see All The Money In The World. It was really good!
We slept in the next morning, I went for a run, then we got moving and took care of some errands that are hard to do with kids in tow. We ate lunch, went to the mall and well, just did whatever we wanted to do! It was great. Later that evening we had a nice meal at Ruth's Chris then came home to watch a movie.
We kept talking about how awesome our weekend was. This was our first stay-cation since having two kiddos and we absolutely loved it. I may prefer it over a real vacation which is crazy but true. Our house was so quiet and clean and life just felt easy. It was nice for a few days.
Of course we were excited to squeeze our sweet babies once they got home. I don't think they missed us. They both bawled their eyes out when Pops and Gamma left them with us. LOL. Felt the love for sure. Great weekend. I'd love to have more like them and hopefully not wait an entire year for the next one!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Life Currently

Hey all! I thought I'd give a little update on life here lately. Things are fun around here right now with our home build because a lot is happening. In the past I've always popped by the house maybe once a week. Now I'm going in almost daily because so much is happening and changing every day.
Our cabinets started getting installed last week. They are almost all finished installing all of the cabinets. I took this photo of our kitchen yesterday. I've been looking forward to this getting installed since we started the process so seeing it was really exciting for me. I remember sitting in the meeting with the guy who designs cabinets for Scott and discussing the tiniest of details of what all we wanted. Seeing it come to life is awesome! They have a tiny bit more to do in the kitchen then it will be complete. As I was leaving the house yesterday, they were getting started on my pantry--another area I've been excited about since we started. It looks like they may be saving my closet for last. Pure torture! I'm so anxious to see it come together.
Once the cabinets are all in and the trim is finished, they're going to start painting. Hopefully that will be sometime next week. The boys playroom is all done. They've installed the built-in's (and I am SO SO happy with them!!) and they've done their closet in there and I love how they arranged the shelves. I know that may seem so silly but they really maximized the space so a lot will be able to be stored in there. We did shelves all over the closet but there is one small space where we did a mini hanging bar for dress up clothes/Halloween costumes to be stored. Also we're doing a pull out sofa in there so if we have guests staying in that room they have a small little space where they can hang their clothes. It's the little details like that, that make me happy. I love the design of the playroom closet. Haha!
One of these weeks I'll get organized and do a week of house stuff. So many of you tell me how much you enjoy the updates I share on here and Instagram. I think we all love seeing homes come together....which is why there is an entire channel on TV dedicated to it! Ha!
Campbell is currently spending his days doing puzzle after puzzle. He was super into puzzles around this time last year. Then after a few months the puzzle flame died off. But on New Years Eve we went to a friends house for a little bit and they were working on a 1000 piece puzzle and Campbell "helped" and it reignited his puzzle flame. He knocks out his 48 piece puzzles pretty fast so Scott and I thought it would be fun to challenge him with a 100 piece puzzle. Earlier this week I took him to the store to pick one out and he chose this butterfly one. He has completed it once a day since we got it. It's the first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning. It takes him a couple of hours but he can do it and is getting faster each time! He LOVES it and every time he gets a few pieces he yells at me "Hey Mommy! Come see this!"
Meanwhile, Bennett is still just as busy as can be. He has changed a lot over the last month and I'm happy to report he no longer screams every second of the day. I wrote a month or two ago about him turning 16 months old and that same week he began screaming his wants and it was driving me to the nut house. It lasted about three insanely long months. A few weeks before Christmas it stopped and he's been going strong since. I am now able to enjoy his presence again and not only do I enjoy him, I find him to be more adorable than ever and he is currently at my favorite stage thus far. Isn't that how it always works? Hard to be around one week, can't get enough of them the next. Toddlers...
Ivy and Madison are still just living the dream. Same ol' same ol'.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wordless Wednesday