Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall Back Porch Decor

I wasn't sure if I should entitle this fall porch décor or Halloween porch décor! I decorated my back porch last Friday and got it all ready for fall. Everyone has enjoyed it so much. I didn't even do much but just a few tiny touches made it feel so festive and fun. I thought I'd share what I did on here with you all. I intended on taking a few more shots at different angels but my camera battery died on me right after I got started. Oh well. Here's what I did manage to take!
Our outdoor furniture is from Metro and the rug is from Lowes. I found the ghosts at Gordmans and the harvest basket I recently purchased from Target. I feel like I'll be able to use it in a lot of ways and I love just throwing a bunch of pumpkins on it and using it as a centerpiece. My cute fall sign was an etsy purchase and I've had my jack-o-lantern for so long I can't remember where it came from. I love going to the pumpkin patch and purchasing pumpkins every year. It feels as if it's a necessary fall tradition. However, I do love investing in fall décor pieces that I can use year after year. 
It's supposed to rain a lot this weekend but we still intend on spending a lot of time on our porch. The boys love being out here and I do as well! We have always enjoyed having dinner on our porch, which is why we wanted to have a dining table at this house, so I'm sure we'll have all of our meals out here this weekend. Tomorrow is the official start to fall! Happy Fall Y'all!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

18 Weeks

Size of Baby: Almost 7 ounces and 5.5 inches long. About the size of a bell pepper.

How I'm Feeling: Such a tricky question these days. On the one hand I feel a million times better than I have been but on another hand I'm just so blah. My belly is stretching and it's very uncomfortable. It's also so big and already getting in my way. My back is slowly beginning to bother me and last night I took my first prevacid because by the end of the day, I feel like I have reflux. I'm trying to embrace this pregnancy because it is without a doubt the last time I will be pregnant but I'm also just so ready for this to be over with so I can go back to feeling like a normal person again.

Cravings/Appetite: I definitely have my appetite back but I am eating a lot more than I do when I'm not pregnant--which makes me feel guilty--but I just can't help it. I try to be good but I get so nauseous if I don't eat carbs, especially for breakfast. I am stressing about gaining excess weight but I'm also trying to give myself grace. I mean, I am pregnant after all. I never worried about weight gain with my previous pregnancies and I didn't even cross the 20 pound weight gain mark with my other boys. I don't know why I'm so concerned this time.

Clothes: Enjoying all of my loose, flowy dresses before fall gets here!

Movement: Oh my goodness yes. He's moving as I type this! I can't believe how much I feel him move and how strong he is. I tell Scott that I'm convinced he's bigger than he's supposed to be because of his big movements and also because of my big belly. That's what I'm telling myself anyway! He moves so big, Scott is able to feel him! It's crazy. I wasn't even able to feel Bennett move at this point in my pregnancy with him. Although he just wasn't much of a mover in general. This little guy is like his biggest brother, Campbell, and he moves all the time.

Changes in Me: I said this last week but my belly is just so big. When I compare it to my pregnancy with Bennett, it looks the same but it is just so crazy to me how big it already is. I also think it seems so big because it has really grown so much just in the last few weeks. I went from zero to huge overnight it feels like.

Baby Purchases: Kickee Pants dropped their newest fall line last Friday and if you know me and my love for Kickee, you know I couldn't resist. I got baby brother some newborn footies and big brothers the pajamas to match. Be still my heart.

Favorite Moment This Week: Scott being able to feel the baby move.

Looking Forward To: Fall. The temps have gone back up to the 90's here the last few days and I cannot deal. It literally made me feel sick to walk around outside with the boys in this heat last week. I can't imagine how women feel who are much farther along than me! I need it to start cooling down stat because I'm clearly not meant to be pregnant during the hot months. Thankful for my early spring/winter babies for sure!!

Monday, September 17, 2018

Basically Fall

I spent almost my entire weekend outside. The weather was nice and I was feeling the fall spirit. We have this tiny little bounce house so we set that up for the boys in our backyard and Scott and I watched football. Then we did the same thing again on Sunday. It was truly lovely. The temps look as if they're going to start dropping a little next week and call me basic but I'm excited. I always love fall but hold tight to summer. However, this year, I'm ready for fall. And Christmas. I think it's because we have a new house and I'm ready to experience the seasons here. I'm excited to have holidays here and decorate my new house for Christmas.
Another reason I wanted to spend so much time on our back patio this weekend is because I decorated it for fall. I haven't done anything to my front porch yet. I thought I'd wait another week or two. But my back porch is ready! I used a lot of the Pinterest images I shared on Friday for inspiration and now our porch is fun and festive. The boys love it and I do too! I'm planning to take some pics of it and share it on here soon.
The boys had school today and all I did with my time was search around town for the perfect mini muffin pan. I found one! If this doesn't sum up the excitement of my life I don't know what does.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fall Inspiration

It's happened. I have the fall bug. Considering we're halfway through September, I feel like it's an appropriate time to break out the decorations. I'm spending my day getting my house decorated for fall. I did a little bit of fall decorating on the inside of my house earlier this week and now I'm going to finish the rest. Like every other girl out there, I love fall. Getting my house in the fall spirit is making me giddy. As I'm sure most everyone else does as well, I love to turn to Pinterest to get inspired with just about everything in life. Here are some recent fall photos I've added to my Fall board that will hopefully inspire you as well! You can follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wordless Wednesday