Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wells | 4 Months Old

Wells is celebrating his 4 month birthday at the beach!! He has been the best little travel buddy. He has been SO chill and go with the flow. The little nugget just gets sweeter, happier and easier with each passing week. Here's all about our little Wellsy at 4 months old!

Weight: Wish I knew! He has his 4 month appointment next week. I would guess around 10.5 pounds.

Height: I don't know this either but he seems really long to me. His legs and stride seem longer than his brothers. He's growing out of clothes because of length, especially his footie pajamas.
Sleep: Well. He was sleeping 12 hours consistently before we left for vacation. I knew that would happen. We'll get back into it once we get home and our routine is really consistent again so I'm not really concerned about it. I'm still swaddling him and I'm planning to drop that as soon as we get home too. He isn't trying to wiggle himself out of his swaddle yet which has surprised me. He likes being snug as a bug. But it's time to drop it.

Eat: Wells is on the same eating schedule as he was last month. He has taken a few bottles for me and each time he only wanted 4 ounces. When he nurses it takes him about 8 minutes to eat.
Clothes: This boy grew overnight it seems and his clothes suddenly didn't fit anymore! Wells wears all 0-3M clothes but I fear a lot of them won't last much longer! I will have to buy him all new summer 3-6M clothes before it's all said and done. I knew this would happen since the seasons don't quite line up with Campbell and Bennett. We aren't short of boy clothes in this house that's for sure but 3-6M summer clothes are non existent around here!! Wells has already moved into his size 3-6M Kickee Pants and he honestly doesn't look like he'll still be in them by the time he's 6 months old!!

Diapers: Just finished up all of our size 1 diapers today and moved into size 2!
Likes: His paci, being held, being swaddled, bath time, smiling.

Dislikes: Being tired.
Milestones: Wells coo's all the time. He puts his hands in his mouth and chews on them. He kicks his little legs constantly and can push up really good when laying on his tummy.

Month Four: Month four was a great month for our little Wells! He is just growing and changing so fast. He has the sweetest coo's and smiles every time you look at him. He wants to laugh so bad but can't quite figure it out yet. He took his very first vacation and loves the sound of ocean waves lulling him to sleep.
All About Wells: Oh my goodness what a sweetheart this baby boy is! He has decided to start competing for the 'easiest baby ever' title. Wells is my little sidekick and is just going with the flow these days. He still loves being held and will let you do it all day if you want, but he's realized he can't be held constantly and he's okay with that too. His precious smile lights up my world, his brothers continue to be completely obsessed with him, and he's got his daddy wrapped around his tiny little finger too. We love our baby Wells!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Last Day of School

Campbell and Bennett had their last day of school yesterday! It isn't "technically" officially over quite yet because they will both go back for the summer session in a month but the summer session is a little different than the fall session so it definitely felt like the last day of school yesterday.
Campbell is officially done with preschool. He had his little graduation ceremony yesterday. I have been sad about this day since the day Campbell started. Campbell has been in Adventureland since he was 10 months old and we have absolutely loved every second of it. We have only had all positive experiences there and both of my boys have always been happy and excited to go to school every single week. What started as an opportunity for me to get a mom break has turned into a place I send my boys for them, not me. Their school days are their favorite days and having them interact with friends and learn so many skills has been the greatest blessing.
Campbell kept saying he didn't want to graduate and go to kindergarten. I think there are just so many unknowns for him and his future. Adventureland has been his place of comfort for almost his whole life. He knows all the teachers, even the ones who aren't his teachers, and they know him. Everything about it is familiar and everyone there is so loving. I know he's sad to be leaving, and honestly probably doesn't understand why, but I really do think he'll love kindergarten once he gets comfortable at his new school.
It's so funny because when Campbell was two years old, the director of Adventureland took me on a tour of the preschool building to show me the classrooms and explain the curriculum to me. All of the pre-k 4 kids looked SO old to me and now here's my boy, all grown up and the oldest one at his school. I am so very thankful that we get a 6 week summer session so he can go back. He'll be in the same classroom, with the same teacher but not all of the same friends do the summer session. Most do, but not all. And the summer session is more of a chance to play and have fun instead of learning. So it's different in a way but equally as fun. So since we will technically have 6 more weeks left I won't cry just yet. But I know the tears will come because what a blessing this place has been for my Campbell and for me as well.
Thankfully we still have more time at Adventureland. This little guy will start pre-school in the fall!! and Wells will be attending as well. By the time it's all said and done, our family will have spent an entire decade at Adventureland!!  But let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Bennett had a wonderful year and he talks about his little friends ALL the time. I know he is going to absolutely love pre-school. It's quite a bit different than the younger classes and I can't wait to watch him learn! It's crazy to think that he will be learning how to write in just a few months but all of that stuff is right up Bennett's ally so I know he will love it!
This was a great year for my boys! They both had fantastic teachers, made new friends and continued their friendships with old friends. They learned a lot, were always happy to go, and made a lot of great memories!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mothers Day

Hey all! I hope you had a nice Mothers Day on Sunday. I spent my afternoon cleaning my garage. Ha! It probably sounds like a bad way to spend Mothers Day but I've been wanting to clean it out since before Wells was born and we just weren't able to get around to doing it. So it felt sooooo good and looks so good now too! Clean and tidy spaces make me happy so all is well. Before I cleaned Scott snapped a few pics of me with the boys and that made me happy too.
Sometimes I still can't believe I'm old enough to be a mom. It feels like I was in high school yesterday. And I sometimes still can't believe I'm a mom to three boys! Life is loud and sometimes exhausting but it's more fulfilling than it ever has been. I've landed my dream job and living the life I always longed for. When I was a young girl I used to dream about being a stay at home mom to my kids and even on my hardest days, I still know there's nothing else I'd rather do than to stay home with my babies. And as a Mothers Day gift to me, Wells has decided to start sleeping 12 straight hours the last few days! It hasn't been going on for a week yet, so we'll see if he stays consistent but I have a feeling he will. I was prepared to keep that middle of the night feeding for a couple of more weeks honestly. I baby him since he's my last and also since he was born a month early. But if he's ready to drop it then I guess it's time. It's bittersweet....mostly sweet because sleep. But babies don't keep and with every new milestone, I'm reminded that time can be a thief. I love seeing my boys grow though and being their momma is the absolute best!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Bennett Is Three!

Today is Bennett's third birthday. I'd like to say "I can't believe it" but three years with this crazy kid seems about right! Haha!! Bennett came into this world without making a peep and basically remained that way for the first year of his life. I used to look at him when he was a baby and think to myself "I bet this is exactly how baby Jesus acted when he was a baby" because that's how sweet and perfect he was. But he's made up for all that quiet these last two years by being loud, entertaining and so very amusing.
Bennett is currently very into puzzles. He does them several times a day and he is really good at them!! We got him a 100 piece puzzle for his birthday and it's challenging but with a tiny bit of help at my insistence to get him going ("no help me, okay. No help me") he can do it! He's knocking the 60 piece puzzles out of the park and I love that he's into puzzles.
Bennett has always loved toys. He definitely enjoys and takes advantage of his fun playroom. His favorite thing to play with is his play kitchen. He plays with it daily, especially his pretend ice cream. Sometimes I can't find or hear Bennett and I'll peek in the playroom and he's in there all by himself, quietly playing, and I always think it's the sweetest little scene.
Bennett also LOVES to dress up. He has all sorts of costumes and every day he'll come running up to me with one of them in his hand saying "will you help me with this." As soon as he gets it on, he immediately goes into character.
Bennett loves Campbell and since he could talk he's called him "Bampbell" but literally just in the last week he's started pronouncing Campbell's name correctly and it's totally breaking my heart. I will forever remember that he called him "Bampbell."
Bennett loves all things Disney. He doesn't care if it's Toy Story, Rapunzel, Winnie The Pooh or Moana. Bennett loves Disney movies and the music in them even more. I've created a Disney playlist on my phone and we sing to it every time we get in the car. Bennett sings loud, knows all the words and also changes pitch when he's supposed to which I personally find to be very impressive!
Oh how I love this little boy of mine. I never imagined I'd have a blondie and I love his golden head of hair and his big brown eyes. Bennett is an absolute mess and says something funny several times a day. He's so innocent and sweet, he talks to everyone, and he lives life to the fullest. He's been looking forward to May 9th for a long time. He spent his special day at school and had a birthday party with friends then tonight we took him to McDonalds for a Happy Meal and his first time to play at their Playplace. After McDonalds we took him to get ice cream--his favorite.
Happy 3rd Birthday Bennett! I adore everything about you and love you to the moon and back!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Wordless Wednesday