Monday, March 19, 2018

Last Week To Be Three

Campbell turns four years old one week from today. How is this even possible? I can't believe it. When Campbell was a baby I remember thinking four seemed SO old. In my opinion at the time, I thought four would be the age where everything got easy. In reality, three was actually the age where life with Campbell got easy as in he became so much more independent and was able to do most things on his own. These last (almost) four years with my little buddy have been the happiest of my life.
I wanted to get some final photos of Campbell in his first room. I love this room. It's actually my favorite room in our house. It's just so calming and peaceful. That chair is the most comfortable chair we own. I love sitting in it and looking out of the window. The view out of the window is so lovely. This is also the best room for photography. The lighting is perfect and the colors make for such a nice, clean backdrop.
There are several reasons why this is my favorite room in our house but I'm sure my very favorite reason is that this was my first baby's bedroom. I remember when we brought Campbell home from the hospital. I was so excited to bring him into his room. The second I walked in I erupted into tears out of nowhere. I have never had anything like that happen to me since. Clearly my hormones were insanely out of whack but I didn't realize that at the time. Scott asked me why I was crying and I said because he was so tiny and we didn't have any clothes to fit him.
I loved Campbell's room when we had his crib but I have loved his little toddler bed even more. Converting his crib into a toddler bed was the best decision ever!! I highly recommend it. Campbell has loved his toddler bed. It's the perfect size for him and it looks so cute. I will miss this sweet bed and this sweet bedroom.
Almost four. Wow. Three was a great age. Campbell is such a good kiddo. I'm so proud of this little boy. This sweet bedroom has been a wonderful place for Campbell to call his own space. Just a few more sleeps here. And one more week of three.

Friday, March 16, 2018


Ivy and Madison will be six years old tomorrow! Next year we're going to have to start buying them "mature adult" food. What!? Honestly, I get a little sad every time they turn another year older. Time with dogs isn't enough time. These two are the sweetest little duo and life would not be as entertaining if they weren't in it.
These sweet girls have all of our hearts. We all call them "the girls." Even Bennett does! These last few months Madison has turned into such a little savage with the boys food. They turn their heads for one second and she's up on their table getting after their plate of food. You'd think we didn't feed her! She is such a mess and when she isn't stealing food, she's asking you to throw her mini tennis ball. Madison sleeps on my pillow. I use the term "sleeps" lightly because I'm pretty sure she's an insomniac. Any time I open my eyes in the middle of the night, she's looking at me. I'm convinced she only sleeps when we leave the house.
Ivy has taken it upon herself to be the protector of our family. She's the boss but loves the fiercest. Ivy loves her people, her dog bed, and taking the boys to school. She and Madison both love to go for a run with me and the boys. However, they don't run the traditional dog way. Nope. They ride in the basket of the jogging stroller. We attract a lot of attention and I'm pretty sure it's because of the two cute dogs in the basket. They know what my running shoes look like. They get excited when I put them on and if the boys are going, they are too. Don't even think about leaving them out.
Oh my sweet girls. How I love them. They bark a lot but they're perfect. Happy Birthday Madison and Ivy!!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Campbell's Big Boy Room Plans

Final design series and finishing with Campbell's new big boy room! We did this one on our own so I'm hoping it turns out looking okay! Haha!! We really wanted to do Restoration Hardware for this room. We've done both of our boys rooms in RH and we just love the look. Plus, we're still using some RH pieces of furniture from Campbell's room so it made since to continue with that same look. You can check out Campbell's nursery and toddler room HERE and HERE.
This is where we started with Campbell's bedroom. I still love it to this day. We bought the toddler conversion kit (best decision ever) so this has carried us a long way! We are going to continue to use Campbell's dresser. I love it and didn't want to change it so we kind of worked around his dresser.
There were a few beds that were the same wash as Campbell's dresser but I wasn't in love with any of them so we decided to go iron. I struggled with this decision. I was sooooo close to pulling the trigger on ordering Campbell this cool tent bed from RH. The frame on it matched his dresser and Scott and I went back and forth and spent way too many hours discussing it. Practicality ended up winning the decision so we went with this industrial, iron bed instead. I do love it and I know he will get many, many years out of this bed.
Scott and I loved these appliqued dog prints and since Campbell LOVES dogs, we thought this would be fun and make sense for him. They had so many cute "theme" options but at the end of the day, we wanted to do what Campbell loves so dogs it is! We ordered these four prints to go over his dresser.
This is what Campbell's bedding will look like including the adorable dog pillow! Super basic but we liked it and feel like it will carry him a long time. Whenever he decides he's over the dog thing, we can easily switch him to something else while keeping the basic pieces.
We're putting this star rug in his room to make it young and fun! We also ordered some neat accessories to add to the mix but I'll save that for when we get photos of his room all put together. Overall, I'm excited about Campbell's big boy room. I think he'll love it (I hope so at least!) and be able to grow into it for many, many years. I'm crossing my fingers that everything I picked out mixes well together! Heaven knows I spent a bajillion years on it so if I'm not pleased with the outcome I'll be super annoyed with myself!! Ha!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Final Installs & Packing

Today has been a day of checking things off my list and it feels good! Tuesdays are my days where I get stuff done. It's 1 of 2 days a week where we don't have anywhere to go or anything to do. It's usually full of laundry and chores and I spend all day tending to my house. Today was no exception and I've been productive which has been good for my soul.
I went and checked on our house later this afternoon and the hardwood floors are almost fully installed. They'll finish up tomorrow and start carpet. We're also getting all of our door and cabinet hardware tomorrow and pouring our driveway. At some point this week they're also putting in all of our bathroom mirrors and other than some final touch up's I can't think of anything left to do! The people are set to clean our house on Monday, we'll get the certificate of occupancy on Tuesday then start moving stuff in on Wednesday! I can't believe its here. It's been long but on the other hand it's flown by. It's really been such a fun process and Scott and I have really enjoyed building our house together. Next week will end with a bang with Campbell's birthday party on Saturday. Busy week!!
I'm slowly packing the house up. I try to get two to three boxes packed a day. I have a feeling we'll spend our weekend packing up our whole house then just eat off paper plates and get meals to go all of next week. No complaints here. Any excuse to not have to cook works for me!!

I know this isn't super entertaining stuff to read but moving is life right now so it's all I have to talk about! See you back here tomorrow!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Manic Monday

Can someone make it April already so I won't have a million things on my plate?
This weekend I loaded up the boys and drove to Little Rock. Scott lovingly asked me if we would get out of his hair so he could focus on working all weekend. Because he has so. much. work. right now. So I obliged even though my parents weren't even there. Haha! My Grammy was though so we hung out and that was fun.
We have an official move in date. Next Thursday, the 22nd, we will spend the night in our new house. Scott and I are going to move as much stuff as we can the day before then we're going to have the movers come on Thursday and get us out of our current house and move us into our new house. I just purchased Campbell's new "big boy" room which took me no less than 104 hours to come to a conclusion to. Of this whole entire process, choosing his room décor was the most challenging. Maybe I'll have time this week to blog it all. I hope so. I'm usually a week ahead with my posts but I'm struggling to even manage a Wordless Wednesday right now! Ha!!
One thing I'm not struggling with? Sleep. I totally forgot to set my alarm last night and one of my kids finally started talking to themselves at 8:20 this morning. I looked at my phone to see what time it was then flew out of bed. The boys have Mothers Day Out on Mondays and we have to leave our house by 8:45. Make breakfast, make lunch, get dressed, make coffee, in the car in 25 minutes. Campbell said "woah you are going so fast mommy!" Yup. And we made it on time!