Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 16, 2018

Breakfast Room

Sharing our breakfast room today!
I wrote a post on this room after we had picked out all of the furniture and fabrics for the space. You can read that HERE if you like. I was really excited for a breakfast table for us to all eat at as a family. Even though it doesn't look kid friendly, it is. I'll explain how later. We gather here every night for dinner and I love it.
There is some beautiful blue stitching on our head chairs so we played off that color by using the same shade of blue for our accent pieces. I love the shade of blue and it carries throughout our home so all of the spaces coordinate and tie together nicely. The window treatments were in our living room in our previous house. We tweaked them a little so they would fit this space (turning two huge panels into three and putting the decorative fabric tape across the top instead of going down the sides like they previously were) and they really finished out the room beautifully.
It was very important to me to have a kid friendly table for us. We're a young family so messes and spills are to be expected. In our home before, we didn't have a kid friendly dining situation so before we all sat down together, we would drape towels over the chairs where the boys were sitting. I did not want to have to mess with that this time but I also didn't want to have to sacrifice having a beautiful table either. Our Bassett decorator, Marla, suggested putting these wood chairs on either side of the buffet. When we sit at the table, we can use these chairs for the boys and just wipe them clean once we're finished eating. It was really the perfect solution for us and I am so pleased with how it all worked out. The rug we chose is also very kid friendly and easy to clean. You can take it out to the driveway and hose it down if you need to. So we can relax and enjoy our family meals together and never have to worry about messing up our furniture. A win for everyone.
Bassett covered the whole space for me but there were a few tiny accessories I found myself. My favorite is the food scale that I found at the antique market. I think it's so neat and adds so much character. It's honestly one of my favorite accessories in my entire house. Marla used dishes to decorate these shelves and I love it. It gives it a cozy kitchen feel. Old books and a few little accessories finished out the little space here and I love how it all pulled together.
So there we go! Our breakfast area. I love the space, the family gatherings and the delicious meals we have here.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Potty Training Prep

Hey all! I know, I'm so MIA these days. Honestly, I sat down at my computer on Monday to write a new post and had nothing. Notta. I've still got nothing.
Our days feel long and boring right now. I think we've hit that summer slump. We do the same things every day basically. Now that our house is all finished, I'm not busy with that anymore. I'm so glad but now I'm left with nothing to do. So....kind of boring. The boys and I are going to the pool a lot. They have one more week left of school and then we're out for a month. We'll be heading down to Little Rock to spend a lot of time with my parents as a way to keep us all entertained.
Before we go to Little Rock though, I'm going to potty train Bennett. I'm hoping to say, two weeks from today, that he will officially be potty trained. I'm going to do the 3 day naked method, just like I did with Campbell. It worked beautifully and he was 100% potty trained after 2 full days. He was a tiny bit older than Bennett will be but I remember at the time thinking he could have started sooner. I have one more package of diapers left from my Honest bundle and I didn't renew my shipment so this is happening. I'm already mentally preparing myself. Kind of dreading it.....kind of looking forward to it in a way. I just feel like it's time. If it doesn't work, no worries and we'll just try again later. But I think he can do it. Last time I trapped Campbell and I in the playroom for 3 days (because I didn't want him peeing all over my house). I'm thinking this time we'll just hang out in Bennett's room since he has a bathroom connected to it. I'm just planning on laying down ALL the beach towels and ALL the blankets on the floor so when he has an accident it doesn't get on the carpet. That's what I did with Campbell and it worked perfectly. Basically we're crate training. Ha!
So wish us luck and send us all the good potty training vibes. I am looking forward to not having to buy diapers for the first time in over 4 years. Hopefully Bennett picks up on it as quickly and easily as Campbell did.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Rainy Friday

Happy Friday! It just started raining really hard here at my house. I'm not sad about it. It has been SO hot and we needed it to cool down. Plus, since we just planted so many new trees and plants, I'm always thankful for a good rain.
We had a fun week full of a lot of activities. On Monday we met up with some friends to swim. On Tuesday I took the boys to see Trolls at the movie theater. Wednesday was the 4th, we recovered from that yesterday, then today we met up with some friends again to play and have lunch. The boys have two more weeks of their summer school session then they're off for a month before the fall session starts up. We are going to have to make sure we plan a lot of fun stuff during our month off. I love the routine our school days provide us and I feel like I always get in a funk when we don't have school.
Bennett is currently napping (while it jealous. Those always make for the best naps) and Campbell is watching Power Rangers. Since Campbell doesn't nap, and hasn't for over a year now, he watches TV while Bennett naps. It's my only way for peace. Campbell has recently discovered Power Rangers. At first Scott and I weren't sure what to think about it. He seems young and I still want him to be obsessed with Sheriff Callie. But alas he's growing up and the days of all the super hero stuff has arrived. We went to Target last night to look at Power Ranger toys and I just wanted to go back to the Little People aisle. I frequently hear "hiya" from the playroom now and it's both humorous and a little sad. My boy is growing up. Sigh.....
I'm going to try to be productive and do some laundry now. So hard to be productive when it's raining.....
See you back here next week!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4th

We had a great July 4th holiday. A few days ago we weren't sure what our plans would be. We didn't know if our neighborhood pool would be finished in time but thankfully it passed inspection on Tuesday so we were able to spend our day hanging out at our new pool with our new neighbors! We are so excited about our new pool and clubhouse. Y'all. It's SO nice. The clubhouse is 100%. Scott and I both commented that we felt like we were at a resort, all that was missing was a swim-up bar. The pool has a beach entry which is SO perfect for the kids. They absolutely loved the beach entry and I was able to lay there all day, stay cool in the water, and get a tan. The clubhouse has this huge, glass garage type door that opens up into the pool area. For a little bit, the boys got tired of being in the sun. So they just sat in the clubhouse and watched Disney Jr but we could see them the whole time because we opened the glass door. The speakers operate on Pandora and each room in the clubhouse can be on a different station. There's an awesome kitchen in there where we were able to keep our food and drinks....basically I'm obsessed. I've never had access to a clubhouse before and this one is so well thought out, beautifully decorated and designed and absolutely perfect. I'm so pumped about it and it made our day at the pool just that much nicer.
We went back to the house to let Bennett (and myself!) nap then as soon as he was up we headed back out to the pool. We stayed there until dinner, grilled hotdogs then lit a few fireworks before we went to bed.
Both boys slept until 9:00 this morning. That has never, ever happened. It was beautiful. And a testament to how much fun we had the day before! It was a really chill day which was refreshing. I've always been in charge of planning our previous neighborhood 4th of July party which kept me busy the whole day. So not having any responsibilities and being able to just take it easy was nice.
Overall, a great day with my little family. We met some neighbors and enjoyed their company and our new neighborhood amenities. Couldn't have been better.