Friday, October 20, 2017


I shared this on my Instagram earlier this week but wanted to share here as well that I am now a part of the LikeToKnow.It team! I have used LikeToKnow.It for years now and think it's such a cool tool. For those of you who don't know about it, LTK is a tool that allows you to shop exact items from an Instagram post. You can download their app and once you have the app, you can simply screenshot any photo you see with the LTK hashtag or watermark. Then you can go to your app and it will provide you with links to the items you're interested in shopping. It's not just clothes but home décor as well. It's really such a cool concept and I use it daily while I'm scrolling through my Instagram. I'll still blog about where I find specific items also so you can find everything on here too. I'm excited to share home décor items once we move into our new home but for now, it looks like I'll just be sticking to my occasional outfit posts. I'm super excited to be a part of this team of bloggers and look forward to being able to participate in one of my favorite apps and Instagram handles!
I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

My Little Pumpkins

A few weeks ago the boys went with me to pick out some pumpkins for our front porch. They love pumpkins and had a great time being my little helpers.
I've already shared this photo on my Instagram. I was taking it as a test shot and was just checking to make sure my lighting was okay but I ended up loving what came out of it. These two are the very best of friends. Bennett is always trying to keep up with Campbell and Campbell is the protective big brother. I absolutely love watching their relationship grow as they get older. My hope is that they will forever and always be the best of friends.
I think Bennett might be finishing up his final wonder week. He's been a lot better the last few days so I'm hoping it's over. He's also drooling like crazy so maybe he really is getting teeth which has been partly to blame for the fussy behavior. He only has 6 teeth so it's time for more that's for sure! I have definitely been taken to my limit the last few weeks and it has mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted me. I was in bed at 8:30 earlier this week and out cold by 9:00. I slept hard for 10 straight hours. I don't usually climb in bed until 10:30 and I don't fall asleep until 11:00 so that is really early for me. I felt so good when I woke up the next morning. I need to do that at least once a week. I've said this before but I rarely get to where I feel like I've reached my limit. I love being home with these babies and even some fussing or whining or whatever it may be, doesn't really get to me. I feel like I'm usually just smooth sailing then suddenly I feel like I'm going to lose it. I told Scott I really needed a date night with him so he got one set up for this Saturday! We both need it and are looking forward to it. We really don't do date nights often enough so when we get one, it's super exciting. This stage of life is really hard but it has been, without question, my favorite stage of life thus far. I wouldn't change anything about it. Even if it does mean fussy babies, messy toddlers and feeling like I go days with only seeing my husband in passing because we're both so busy.
I'm looking forward to a fun Friday and a fun weekend with my family. I've been wanting to do some fun, fall-ish things for a few weeks now but we have been so busy and just haven't had time. This weekend we're making time. Scott doesn't know that yet but once he reads this he'll find out. :) Our little family is due for a day of making some memories. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Toddler Boy Clothes | Pants and Shoes

I get asked a lot of questions about my boys clothes. I wrote a post HERE about their wardrobe and where I shop for them. I still shop at the same places but today I wanted to focus on pants and shoes because I know those two things can be a struggle to find. Now that it's fall it's time for jeans. I feel like every mom has the same complaint about pants/jeans. They're too big in the waist and too short in the length. My boys are both average on the weight and height charts but pants are hard. Fear not, I've found some good ones and they actually are long enough. Let's get started.

1.) Boden Rib Waist Pants. Campbell and Bennett both have these pants in green this year and I actually had to size down for the both of them and the length still works perfect. Campbell had these in plaid last year and they were my favorite pants of his. Highly recommend and the rib waist looks very comfortable.
2.) Boden Lined Canvas Pull-on's. I got these for Campbell this year and I absolutely love them. The reviews warned they were for skinny boys so I thought to myself "perfect!" These pants great. Highly recommend.
3.) Zara Basic Chinos. I have found Zara pants in general to be the best fit for both of my boys. Their leggings, trousers, jeans and chinos all fit my boys perfectly. They are true to size and perfect in the waist and long enough in length.
4.) Zara Skinny Colored Jeans. These jeans are super long and fit Campbell in the waist just right. It does have an adjustable waist and I did tighten it but it didn't bunch and look weird like some of the adjustable pants do. I have these in several different colors for Campbell. They are great if you have a really tall, skinny boy. I feel like Campbell could wear these into next fall honestly.
5.) Gap Pull-on Canvas Joggers. I love these joggers. I got them for Campbell and Bennett. I did size down because Gap runs so big in the waist. However, it didn't affect the length for us. I don't think they'll take us into spring because the length is just right, right now. I loved them though so decided to get them even if they won't last as long (possibly) as some of our other pants.
6.) Baby Gap My First Skinny Jeans. These were Campbell's and now they're Bennett's! Gotta love hand-me-downs. These are the best jean that Gap has for a small waist and long length.They fit Bennett just right.

Now let's talk shoes! Shoes are hard, right? I am super particular about the boys shoes. Apparently a lot of y'all are as well. These are what I've gotten for the boys to wear this fall.
1.) Native Kids Chukka Boot. Full disclosure: I've purchased these online but haven't received them yet so I can't get a review but from the photos I like. We love Natives so I'm crossing my fingers these will work because we need an every day, casual navy shoe.
2.) Steve Madden T-Chuka Boot. These are Campbell's "church shoes." I think they are really sharp. They zip on the side which is super nice and Campbell says they're easy to bounce in. So there's that.
3.) Ugg Canoe Suede Sneakers. Obsessed with these shoes y'all!! They have a hook and loop closure so the laces are "fake." I predict these will be Campbell's most worn shoe this fall/winter.
1.) Freshly Picked Oxfords. Freshly Picked released these oxfords a few months ago and they. are. precious. The color is beautiful and I'm in love.
2.) Elephantito Bootie. These shoes are so cute. Bennett hasn't worn them yet since it just got cold 5 minutes ago but I think he'll get a lot of use out of them this winter.
3.) Freshly Picked Moccs. Blue Spruce is my favorite winter color. Campbell actually has these in their Next Steps, the hard sole mocc. I would have linked them but they are SO hard to find these days but I do love them so if any of you come across them, get them! Blue Spruce is a beautiful color that goes with everything.

Monday, October 16, 2017


I've recently been telling Scott that I have really been wanting and needing to do something fun. He asked me what I meant and I told him I wasn't sure? Maybe a date night or a girls night. I never, ever do anything like that and after a while you just need it, you know? Fast forward to this past weekend. I did some Halloween mini photo sessions for some kids in my neighborhood. It's the first time I've ever taken photos without Scott there with me. I take photos of my own kids all the time but I've always been nervous to do it for other people for some reason. I left Scott to hang with the boys, grabbed a bunch of pumpkins and got all set up to take some cute Halloween pics.
I didn't even think taking photos would fulfill that need for something fun for me, but it did. It was a nice escape from my every day to do something different and something that I really enjoy. I know I take a lot of photos of my own children, and they are my favorite people to take photos of, but it's different when you're taking photos for others. I had so much fun doing it that it makes me want to do it more often! I've always said that photography is my favorite hobby. It has brought me a lot of joy over the years. This weekend, I learned that it can also be a stress reliever. It was nice. And kids in their Halloween costumes are just adorable. So there's that as well.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Happy Friday everyone! I am ready for my weekend. It's going to be a fun and busy one.
Last Friday we went to First Friday on the Bentonville square. First Friday happens on the first Friday of each month. It's basically a community block party with live music, food trucks, and family activities. Campbell rode a pony, scored a ton of free candy (the land of Walmart suppliers has it's benefits in more ways than one) and watched some guys do really cool bike tricks. We love going to First Fridays + our square in general. I know I've said it before but I LOVE my town and never want to leave here.
This week went by quickly even though Bennett cried for most of it. We had two days where it was COLD. Our meteorologist said they reminded her of a typical December day. It was such a nice change but didn't last long because we're back in the high 70's now and it's going to stay for another week. After that it looks like it really is going to turn into fall--and stay that way. I'm ready. I love the way the heater feels in my house. And the smell when it kicks on. Don't worry, by February I will be begging for warmer temps but for now I'm excited for scarves, falling leaves, fires and cute little boy fall clothes. Speaking of, I got to put my boys in their fall clothes for two days this week and even Scott kept talking about how cute they looked. Fall clothes + little kids = adorable.
I'm planning to do a post on where I shop for the boys fall clothes including where I find Campbell's pants and jeans that are long in the legs and skinny in the waist. I think this is the most common complaint for moms when they're trying to find pants for their littles. It seems like all the pants out there are too short in length and too big in the waist. But long leg, skinny waist pants do exist and I'll tell you where to find them!! I'll also tell you where to find cute boy shoes--the hardest part about shopping for a boys wardrobe.
See you all back here next week! Enjoy your weekend!!