Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Toy Story 4

We saw Toy Story 4 on Saturday. The Johnson family LOVES Toy Story. We have all the toys and watch all of the movies on repeat weekly. So when we found out they were making a 4th we were super pumped!! I wanted to go see it first thing Friday morning but Scott asked me to wait until Saturday so he could see it with us and I reluctantly obliged. Just kidding...I really did want us to all go see it together so we woke up on Saturday and went to the first showing our theater offered.
First of all I experienced one of the most embarrassing moments of my life when Bennett loudly and clearly told the girl at the concession stand "Mommy has candy in her purrrrse!!" She gave me a look to let me know she was not happy with that info but I pretended like he didn't say that and ordered our popcorns and drinks and got out of there and to our seats as quickly as possible!! People frequently ask me what I do with Wells when we go to the movies since we go to so many and we always bring him with us! He does great and watches the movie until he falls asleep. I'm taking advantage of it this summer because I know he won't be easy like that next summer!!
Spoiler Alert!! I am about to talk about the movie ending so if you haven't seen the movie yet you may want to stop here!! A few months ago I heard Tom Hanks say he was so emotional during the last scene he could hardly do the voice over for it. And considering I have NEVER cried harder at the end of a movie than I do in Toy Story 3, I was dreading the tears I knew were ahead of me. I still cry at the end of Toy Story 3 every time and I watch that movie at least once a week. Anywho, I was prepared for a sob fest but I did not cry as hard at the end of TS4 as I did TS3. When the ending was happening I literally said out loud "what? No!" and was not on board. But I continued to reflect on the ending for a little bit after (I know, I'm ridiculous but I told you I love these movies) and I decided I actually like how it ended....which I know is not a popular opinion. Woody has always had such a deep connection to Andy and his life has just not been the same since Andy grew up. And while I love that Andy gave all of his toys to Bonnie so all of the toys could stay together (and taught her their roles at the end of TS3.....that's the part that gets me the most y'all), Bonnie didn't love Woody the way Andy did. He spent his time in a closet yet continued to take care of Bonnie as loyally as he did Andy. Woody loves Bo the most, next to Andy, so it makes since that he would want to be with her after being reunited again.
So there are my thoughts on a cartoon movie. LOL. Obviously very invested in this series but it's seriously the best and I am one of the few who liked the ending even though it broke my heart a little!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Wells | 5 Month Old

Weight: One week ago he weighed 11 lbs, 5 oz. I'm actually taking him in on Tuesday for a weight check so we'll see what he's gained since! I doubt it's much. Tiny peanut.

Height: Two feet tall!
Sleep: Such a good little sleeper this one. Wells goes to bed at 7:00 and most days I have to wake him up at 7:30 the next morning (!!). He takes 3 great naps every day and sleeps for 1.5-2 hours. He sleeps on his tummy in the same little corner of his crib (we call it Wells' corner!). Wells sleeps great in his crib but not so much in the car seat so this makes life a little tricky right now. I always do my best to make sure he gets those naps in his crib so errands are super quick or we just stay home all day and go nowhere. Otherwise little man gets tired and doesn't appreciate us disrupting his good crib naps.

Eat: Wells eats 5 times a day. 7:30, 10:30, 1:00-1:30, 4:00 and 7:00. Since he dropped his middle of the night feeding, it's increased his daytime feeding time and now it takes him around 12 minutes to eat. I still don't ever give him bottles but I did give him one last night and he took it!
Clothes: Wearing all 0-3M clothes and size 3-6M Kickee Pants pajamas (it's the only pj's we sleep in around here). I was really worried that he would grow out of his clothes and not have anything to wear the last 2ish months of summer but his growth has seemed to slow down a bit (typical at this age) so we might be okay!

Diapers: Size 2 Honest Diapers
Likes: Smiling, sleeping, being held. Wells loves Campbell. We have recently introduced him to some toys and he is fascinated! He also thinks Mickey is quite entertaining but only for about 10 minutes.

Dislikes: His bouncer. He has never liked that thing but sometimes he obliges.
Milestones: Wells learned how to roll over (on my birthday!) and he thinks he can't lay on his back now--immediately to the tummy. He can sit up (supported) and bear weight on his legs really well. He chews on his hands a lot and smiles at us ALL the time. Wells started giggling at us this month and it's the sweetest little sound!!

Month Five: Wells dropped the swaddle this month and decided to become a tummy sleeper. He talks to us all the time and smiles constantly. Wells gives us giggles now and it melts my heart. Last Saturday he scratched his eye really badly resulting in our first ER visit at Childrens but he recovered quickly and those baby blue eyes are still just as pretty as ever!
All About Wells: Obsessed with this baby. He is an angel and an absolute sweetheart. I smile at him constantly and he smiles so big right back! I adore watching him sleep on his tummy with his booty in the air. I watch this baby in awe and soak him up. He's growing too quickly and it makes me sad. I used to not love the baby stage but now it's my absolute favorite. Babies are so incredibly precious and such a beautiful gift from the Lord. I am truly treasuring this time with him before it fades away and is gone forever. Baby Wells is amazing and my hurt could just burst every time I hold him and snuggle him. These last five months have been so good for my soul and I am so thankful for this precious gift from above.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Baby Growth Spurt

I mentioned the other day about Wells going through a growth spurt and I don't ever remember experiencing that with my other boys. I'm pretty good at remembering things too so I'm fairly certain this was my first experience with a growth spurt. And by growth spurt I mean Wells needed my supply to increase. Even though I hadn't ever gone through it before, I knew exactly what was happening. From about 3:00 until bedtime he just wanted to constantly eat. He has always gone 3 hours between feedings during the day so I knew his desire to eat more frequently just meant he was in a growth spurt and needed my supply to increase.
I have learned to have confidence in my breastfeeding and not freak out so I never worried something was wrong with my supply and I knew he could take care of it himself. Your body adjusts to an increase or decrease in demand in 3-4 days so I told myself I would wait it out and if by day 5 he still seemed hungry then I would pump to see if that helped or supplement with all of that milk I have stored in my freezer. After 3 days I woke up feeling like my milk had just come in (ha!!) so Wells most definitely increased my supply all on his own and now he is satisfied and back to going 3 hours between feedings! It's kind of amazing to me that he needed more, nursed more frequently, and made it happen....it a very big way!!! I'm proud of my little man and continue to be so in awe of what a woman's body is capable of doing!
I just wanted to write this because I get a lot of questions about breastfeeding and I think it's important to be confident in your breastfeeding journey and to always let nature take it's course. On the first day that Wells seemed like he was wanting more milk, Scott asked me if I wanted to just thaw out some milk and let him have a bottle. I told him no simply because I knew if I did that, my supply wouldn't increase and I would always have to supplement with a bottle from this point forward. I can't even begin to tell you how often I have to feed Wells on the go, so bottles would be a huge hassle for me. Wells wasn't starving by any means so I wasn't concerned that he was hungry. He just wanted a little more available to him.
Sometimes we can make breastfeeding out to be so complicated and it's important to just relax and let nature do it's thing. We can get so caught up in ounces and weight gain and growth charts and pumping output, etc. If you pay attention to your baby's cues, they will let you know what they need or don't need! If day 5 had rolled around and Wells was still wanting to nurse more frequently, I definitely would have taken the next step. Which for me would have been pumping a few times a day while giving him a few ounces in a bottle after a feeding or two, until I felt like my supply had increased and it wasn't necessary to do that anymore. I'm glad he took care of it on his own though!
I just thought I'd share for anyone who may need to hear it. Have confidence in your breastfeeding journey!! I'll leave you with this quote from La Leche League for a little breastfeeding encouragement.
"Breastfeeding is an instinctual and natural act, but it is also an art that is learned day by day. The reality is that almost all women can breastfeed, have enough milk for their babies and learn how to overcome problems both large and small. It is almost always simply a matter of practical knowledge and not a question of good luck."

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Feeling good today because I got so many things checked off my list and accomplished a lot around the house. Nothing feels better, right? Since I basically took a week off of doing anything last week, I had a lot of catching up to do today. It feels good to get some of that off my shoulders and I ended up having some time to build Lego's with Campbell while the other boys napped which I enjoyed. I've always thought building Legos were fun. 
Wells will be 5 months in a few days and it's just going by so fast. He hit a growth spurt last week which I may talk about later because I haven't ever really experienced anything like it with my other boys (although I think it's more normal to experience it than to not) and I have kind of been fascinated by it. The little man decided he needed more milk and let's just say, all that milk binging he did for 3 straight days paid off. I've never experienced an increase in my supply like this from a growth spurt since my other two never did it but wow. Mission accomplished for Wells.
I have been wanting to print some photos for SO long. There are no printed photos of Wells in my house which is just sad. But you know, it takes a minute to get all that organized and thought out and accomplished and today I did it. I use Mpix for all of my photo printing and I can't recommend them enough. It's so easy to do (just upload, pick your sizes and complete your purchase) and they get shipped right to my door. The quality is beautiful and I'm so excited about the new prints I'll get to frame. Here are a few that have been my favorites so far this year that I'm wanting to sprinkle throughout my house!!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Be Still.

Hey all! Happy Monday to ya. I'm back in the grind, doing all the things, and I'm ready to tackle it.
I had a moment last week where I cried to Scott and told him I felt like I was stretched as thin as I could possibly get. So overwhelmed, so exhausted. At the end of the day (aka once all the kids were asleep) I felt like I had nothing left to give to my house, my dogs, my husband or myself. My cup was empty and I just needed to rest. Normally after the boys go to bed, I go to my little office and work. I edit photos, blog, and whatever else needs to be done. But last week I just couldn't. I needed to give myself a break. So I did. I got the boys to bed then I chilled all evening until I went to bed myself. It was so great and so needed.
Sometimes having three kids feel no different than having two kids and some days I feel like I can only achieve the bare minimum to stay afloat. One thing is certain and that is that I am just really tired. I don't think it's a three kids thing, I think it's just the season of having a young baby. Because I have felt this way the first 8ish months of all of my kids lives. My body is tired. My mind is tired. I can't remember anything and I feel like I can only focus on me and my people and anything outside of that is easily forgotten. And I hate it because it's not out of selfishness or lack of caring, it's just simply that my mind feels so overworked with everything I have going on inside my four walls, with my little people, that there isn't room in my mind for anything else. Does that make sense? Have you been there? My brain feels fuzzy and I frequently wonder if I'm forgetting something.
I know this season will pass before I can even realize it. I'll get my mind back (hopefully, haha!!) and I won't feel so overworked. But for now I've decided I'm not going to put pressure on myself to write a blog every day, get Instagram campaigns completed, make it to the gym every morning, or edit photos and get them sent off in less than a week. Those are all things I wish I could do, want to do, and try to do, but I'm not stressing if I literally can't get it done. Grace.
So if this blog feels flakey for a bit, it's because I'm a little flakey right now to be honest. It is what it is. I have a feeling that once fall arrives, life will feel less exhausting. Or maybe it won't because Campbell will be in kindergarten and that will bring on a whole new set of tired! I have no idea, I guess we'll just have to see what it's like. I'm really trying to soak up my days having all of my kids home, before Campbell goes to school. I want to have fun this summer with my kids. We watch a lot of movies and play outside a lot. We work puzzles, color, admire baby Wells, build Paw Patrol cities, and watch TV. We're having a fun summer and I'm trying to enjoy it by taking off a load of stress I put on myself, and just be. I have a feeling my kids will appreciate it.