Monday, March 28, 2022

Spring Break at Big Cedar

We got back from Big Cedar last night and, as always, we had the best time there! I love Big Cedar. It’s always such a relaxing and easy getaway. The property is so beautiful and I love staying in a cabin and enjoying the great outdoors. The last two years we’ve gone to Big Cedar to celebrate Campbells birthday and my parents and Scott’s parents always join us. It’s a less than 2 hour drive from our house to Big Cedar so it’s a nice, fun place to visit for a few days. 

We seem to always start our trip off with lunch at Arnies Barn followed by a golf cart ride. The golf cart ride is always my favorite part of the trip. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much but I do! It’s so beautiful and it just feels nice to drive around a pretty scenic space in a golf cart I guess! Ha!

After our golf cart tour we took the kids to Fun Mountain to play laser tag, a few arcade games, and bowl. Before we knew it, it was getting close to dinner time so we headed back to our cabin to eat.
We don’t really love the food at Big Cedar to be honest. We’ve tried all the restaurants and are always a little disappointed. So we’ve learned it’s just easier and more enjoyable to bring our own food for dinner. My mom had pre-made chicken spaghetti for us so we put it in the oven to warm up and it was delicious. It was nice to be able to enjoy the day and not worrying about hurrying back to cook dinner or make a dining reservation. Plus my moms chicken spaghetti is soooo good. 

We stayed in the Bass Pro cabins this time and we loved them. The two bedroom cabin was wonderful for our family. We had only ever done the, what I call, classic cabins in the past and I liked the Bass Pro cabins much better. The Bass Pro cabins have an oven and the others don’t which is a big bonus to me. My parents stayed in the one bedroom Bass Pro cabin (we always request our cabins be close together) and I will say, I prefer the classic Big Cedar one bedroom cabin over the Bass Pro one bedroom cabin, no question. The bass pro one bedroom is much smaller with no sitting area so if you’re going just as a couple, I recommend the regular big cedar cabin. As a family though, I think the bass pro two bedroom is the way to go.

On Saturday Campbell woke up us at the crack of dawn ready to celebrate his birthday and we were happy to do it. He opened some presents then we got dressed and headed towards the main area of Big Cedar. We piddled around the gift shop a bit and Wells loved playing with the big train table in the lobby.

We walked over to the Truman cafe for lunch. This is the only restaurant I really enjoy eating at here. I actually enjoy it a lot. The atmosphere is lovely and I love the soups and sandwiches. We usually eat lunch here every day when we stay at Big Cedar and I’m always really satisfied. The tomato basil soup and Turkey and Swiss sandwich is the best thing on the menu!

After lunch, we rented a boat to take out on Table Rock Lake. This is the first time we had ever done that and it was great!! The weather was cooler than we anticipated but it was still a lot of fun. We brought fishing poles to try to fish but we mostly enjoyed slowly cruising around the lake. 

After our boat ride we went back to our cabin to grill steaks and watch the Razorback game. While dinner was cooking, Bennett and I walked around the cabins for a bit and noticed people swimming in the pool. It was freezing outside so I had to feel the pool water to see what it was like and that’s when I discovered, after all these years, that the pool is heated. What?! I had no idea. There is also a hot tub. Bennett couldn’t run back to the cabin fast enough to tell Campbell. I scarfed my dinner down because the boys couldn’t wait one more second longer to go swimming. I have to say—it seemed like a pretty perfect way to end Campbells birthday!

The next morning we had breakfast and lunch at the Truman cafe. Took the boys back to fun mountain for rock wall climbing, bumper cars, and another game of laser tag. Then we packed up our car and headed back home.

We had a great time, as always. We’re already looking forward to going back!

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