Monday, May 9, 2022

Bennett Is Six!

Our charismatic and always smiling Bennett turned six years old today! We have had to ask Siri several times a week "how many days is it until May 9?" for MONTHS now so this day has been anticipated for quite some time!!

On Saturday we celebrated Bennett with his friends at our house. Bennett LOVES a birthday party and said he wanted a Descendants party at our house with a bounce house in the backyard so his wish was our command. He had a wonderful day celebrating with his sweet little friends and we were so thankful for the beautiful weather we had, especially since the days leading up to it felt like monsoon season.

Bennett loves the Descendants movies so he was set on a Descendants birthday party but he really wanted it to be mostly themed after the character, Carlos, which is his favorite character in the movie. We did our best to make our back yard look like the Isle of the Lost, Carlos style. 

Bennett has grown up so much this year. I had a feeling kindergarten would do that to him. He seems so much more mature and he's obviously learned a lot academically. He has taken to school so well (minus getting out of the door so early in the morning) and loves school, his teacher and all of his new friends. It's been fun to watch him grow and he has always been so eager to learn so he's doing awesome in school and we're super proud of him!

In his free time, Bennett loves being outside. We got him a new, big boy bike as an early birthday present over the weekend and yesterday he learned to ride it without training wheels. He literally picked it up instantly which is not surprising because he's good at everything he does. He's one of those kind of people, ha! Bennett also loves playing any kind of sport and riding his scooter. When he's not playing outside, you can find him playing his Nintendo Switch. He loves playing any Pokemon, Mario and Minecraft game. Bennett often wants to play board games and he loves nothing more than crawling in bed at night and having you read him a book. He loves grilled cheese for lunch and asks for a taco for dinner almost every night. 
Bennett has a really kind heart. He is so sweet to his brothers and friends. He's just a really good person. We're so proud of him and love watching him grow. Bennett is a fun kiddo and we love him so much!

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