Sunday, January 23, 2022

Wells Is Three!

Happy, Happy Birthday to my baby boy Wells!! 

Today my baby is three years old and he is sweet as sugar. Wells LOVES Cars so today we celebrated him Radiator Springs style!! Wells has loved his big day and all of the Cars decorations and he has worn a grin on his face the entire day. 

Wells is a momma's boy through and through. He loves to crawl in my lap and "nuggle." Wells spends most of his day playing with his Cars. He spends hours and hours quietly lining them all up on the playroom table upstairs, occasionally letting out a "Vroom!" sound. When Wells isn't playing with his cars, he loves watching Mickey Mouse. Any Mickey will do. Anything from Steamboat Willy to Mickey's Funhouse, this boy loves all the Mickey and it's almost always what he requests to watch. Wells also loves Pooh, Toy Story, Frozen, Paw Patrol, and of course, Cars. 
Wells loves to read before bedtime. His favorites are any Disney Baby book and he loves the Little Blue Truck books. Wells loves to brush his teeth, eat "wolfish" (goldfish), and take baths. He is always up for being my little sidekick and running errands with me. Wells loves his brothers (and they absolutely adore him) and does his best to keep up with them but he knows he's the baby in the family and he definitely likes it that way! Wells is always asking "where daddy go?" and if he likes something he is sure to let us know "I like it!" 
This precious little boy is spoiled rotten by every member of our family. We all adore our baby Wells so much. I bet I kiss his cheeks a thousand times a day and my favorite time is our quiet mornings just the two of us while he watches Mickey and I drink my coffee while we nuggle. This sweet boy is a dream come true and we all feel so lucky that Wellsy is ours! Happy 3rd Birthday Wells! We love you so, so much!!

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