Thursday, March 17, 2022

Ivy & Madison Are Ten!

 My sweet little girls are ten years old today! I can’t believe they’ve been with us for ten years now. These two are still as spunky as can be and for that I am so thankful. 

Ivy and Madison are my constant shadows. Scott always says if he’s looking for me, he just follows the trail of the girls. They love a good snuggle and when they see me grab a blanket they get excited because they know it means we’re about to chill together. Madison sleeps on my pillow and as soon as I turn my alarm off, she gets in my face and wants a good morning kiss. Ivy patiently waits until I get the boys off to school and settled with my coffee before letting me know she needs some momma snuggles and a lot of loving. They both are so consistent with their wants and so predictable with what they need!

I love these two so, so much. They are the sweetest little love bugs and are adored by everyone in our family. Happy 10th Birthday Ivy and Madison! 

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