Sunday, October 19, 2008

Alfred E Smith Roast

It's been a while since my last post. I've been really busy this week. I can't remember exactly what I've done but it seems like all I've been doing is running around from one place to the other. I have nothing interesting to talk about at all. Friday night was fun. Scott and I cooked at my house and Brad and Jaclyn came over to eat my famous pasta dish. After we were out of wine the four of us drove to Theos to have some more! For some reason, we ended up at On The Rocks where Scott and Brad acted foolish and had 4 shots of Jager....Immature. They paid for it the next morning that's for sure. Last night, Scott and I headed up to Brad and Jaclyns house and they cooked for us this time! We grilled hamburgers and watched the Razorback game that seemed in the bag until the last 4 minutes. Being a Hog fan comes with heartbreak. This morning Scott and I went to Fellowship guessed it...Brad and Jaclyn. We don't know how to have fun without those two do we?
I did do something exciting this week. I went to Wal Mart and got a pumpkin! I've been wanting one for weeks now but just haven't done it and I finally did! Of course Jake and Scott made so much fun of me but I felt better about it when I went to Jaclyns house last night and she had TWO pumpkins!!
I got honked at the other day and I'm so confused why. I don't know what I did and it kinda didn't sit well with me that someone would have road rage against me so badly. Whatev.
Okay so that's all. On Thursday, Scott and I watched the roast of John McCain and Barack Obama at the Alfred E Smith dinner in New York. It was hilarious! John McCain did great and Barack Obama did not. Which, I'll be honest, surprised me. I thought Obama would do way better than McCain at the comedy routine but he was just not funny. If you didn't catch it on TV and have a few minutes to watch these, it's definitely worth it.
Here's McCain, part one and two.
Here's Obama part one and two.

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