Sunday, October 26, 2008

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss

Well I had a fun weekend! Of course I went to the game. I nearly pee'd my pants when I thought for a minute there that we might win. Of course I should have known better since being a Razorback fan is always heartbreaking. At least it was really close thought right? Scott and I tailgated with Brad and Jaclyn like always and it was great because we didn't have to get there at 9:30 a.m. We had lots of fun and I'm sad that next weekend is the last time I'll get to tailgate for a whole year! I guess I do have the LSU game though. I'll for sure be attending that one. Want to see some pics from Saturdays tailgate?
So after the game was over we went to On the Rocks for a bit and were bored so we left. This afternoon, I went to Abuelos in Rogers with my parents to eat some super yummy mexican food. Mom and I went shopping at Dillards after then my parents took me to Wal Mart to stock up on some groceries. I love it when they do that!! It's so nice and helpful! I got some Halloween candy for the kiddies but I hope I don't eat it all before they get here. I'll try to be disciplined and not eat the skittles and snickers! The snickers will be tough to ignore since a snicker is my favorite candy bar!
If any of you don't know, Me, Scott, Jaclyn, and Brad are hosting a Halloween costume party at Brad and Jaclyns house! It starts at 8:00 and everyone is welcome to come! It should be lots of fun but you can't come unless you wear a costume. I've had my costume picked out for quite a while now and had something at home that I could use for it, but mom thinks she's sold it. Uh oh! She's going to look for it tomorrow and send it my way if we still have it. Hopefully so because Halloween costumes are like, $40 and I most definitely don't want to waste my money on something stupid like that. We'll see I guess.....

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