Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holly Sings

Do any of you know how much I adore my puppy, Holly? Well, she's not so much a puppy anymore. She turns 12 this month. Oh my gosh that makes me so sad. I can remember like it was yesterday the day I picked her up. We got her in Bryant and we rescued her. She wasn't from a pound but..let me put it this way...I stepped in goat dodo on my way out of the house. A lot of people wonder what breed Holly is. She's half yorkie half shih tzu. She's so smart and so sweet. I can ask her for a kiss and she always gives me one on my nose. I can talk to her like a 2 year old and I feel like she knows what I'm saying. She has a very large vocabulary and knows a lot of words. She's perfect. My perfect doodlebug. So I was devastated today when I was rubbing her belly and noticed a huge lump on her chest. It's rock hard and about the size of a kidney bean. I seriously had to go lay on my bed when I saw it because it made me nauseous and I thought I was going to pass out. Holly is like a child to me and I cannot imagine my life without her. I'm taking her to the vet in Little Rock tomorrow to get it checked out. I googled it and it's either breast cancer, a cyst, or a tumor. It's just so sad that she's starting to show signs of aging. The good thing is she acts totally normal so hopefully that's a good sign. I'll let you all know what the results are. Please pray that everything is okay because I know she's old but I'm definitely not prepared to let go yet. Of course I can't help but think the worse and I held her in my arms and balled and squalled today. If any of you have loved a pet like it was your child you would understand. I just love her with all of my heart. To lighten up the subject, I made a video of Holly tonight. It's of her doing one of her tricks, singing. Enjoy!!!!

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