Monday, November 10, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Today is my Dad's birthday. My family celebrated last night so we could all be together. He opened presents and we ate a fabulous dinner at Bonefish. I also got my dad a whole cheesecake from this place in Memphis called The Cheesecake Corner. It's, no kidding, the best cheesecake you'll ever put in your mouth. My whole family is obsessed with it. I got my dad the variety tray so he could try 13 different cheesecake flavors. Yum!! He was very excited!
Here's Dad opening a present...
Okay so Holly is obsessed with opening presents. You should see her at Christmas. We wrap her presents and she stands by the tree every day and looks at us then looks at her presents as if to say "can I open one?" She's very obedient and doesn't open them though. Then, on Christmas day, we'll tell Holly she can go open her presents and I kid you not, she runs to the christmas tree and tears open her gifts. Just her's. But she loves to help open other peoples gifts too. So since it was Dad's birthday and presents were involved, we knew we would have to wrap a present for Holly or she'd get jealous. So here's Holly opening a belated birthday gift for herself.

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