Sunday, November 2, 2008

Engaged For A Year!

Scott and I have been engaged for a year now!! I can remember that day like it happened 5 minutes ago....
I knew after dating Scott for about 2 weeks that I was going to marry him. I have no doubt that when God made me, he made Scott at the same time and shoved us to the side together. When I first saw Scott, I thought he was such a cutie. After doing my best subtle flirting skills, Scott asked for my number and we went on our first date to Theos a week later. Our first date was perfect. We never ran out of anything to talk about and he was such a gentleman. We didn't go a day without seeing each other after that. It moved very fast which was so weird to me. I always thought that couples who went fast weren't for real. I remember exactly the day I realized Scott was my husband. I had to excuse myself so I could go to the bathroom and cry. It was such a crazy amazing feeling knowing that the man I was sitting next to was the one who I always wondered about. He was the one!! It was something I will absolutely never forget. I still remember my face in the mirror thinking 'Oh my gosh!!!!'
A year ago today Scott asked me to marry him. He proposed on the square in Fayetteville. I don't remember what he said but he cried (watered up) and I cried and it was wonderful! Afterwards, we ate dinner at Theos and there was a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne sitting on our table. The table next to us asked what the roses were for and we told them we just got engaged. They announced it to the whole restaurant and everyone started applauding! That was fun! Once our dinner was just about finished, I asked Scott if we should call our friends and meet up with them. He told me to just let him take care of everything. When I walked into the lounge area of Theos, our family and friends were there waiting to toast us! It was PERFECT! It was such a great night and I will, of course, never forget it! ....A picture from the night we got engaged.Scott rescued me. I was very unhappy before he came along in many ways that I don't wish to re-live. He was placed in my life at just the right time. He actually could have come a little sooner but oh well!! Scott is everything I always wanted in a husband. Scott has never hurt my heart. He's never made me resent him or done anything to make me question his love for me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. I know Scott adores me and I adore him too! He's my life.
I love that when I call Scott, his greeting is "hi gorgeous" every time. I love that he loves my cooking and raves about it to everyone. I love that Holly loves him more than anyone else in my family. Although it's slightly disturbing that Scott came along just 2 years ago and he's her favorite after being with the Luttrell's for 12 years but whatev. I love the look on Scotts face when I catch him starring at me. And I love how much my family loves him. I love how much he appreciates me and makes me feel like the number one catch in the world.
Scott is perfect and when I say for better or worse and till death do us part, I will mean every word of it. I can't wait to be married to him! We will live happily ever after and I love that not one second of being with him has ever made me question that!
Last night, Scott and I celebrated our engagement anniversay by eating a delicious dinner at Theos! It was super yummy!! I loved it! Happy anniversary to my favorite person ever!! I love you!

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