Saturday, November 1, 2008

Holly Update

Well, it looks like Holly might be okay! We're still not 100% sure yet but the doctor said he feels really encouraged. Holly had her 3rd ultrasound by this different doctor and this is what he said. Apparently Holly has had a bladder infection for a really long time and it's just gotten so bad since it's been left untreated. Poor thing. I feel bad but she didn't act any different so we had no idea. He said he doesn't believe she has cancer but to make sure, he's sending off her urine to be tested and see if it has cancer cells in it. The little thing that was lining her bladder that scared the other doctor is apparently a birth defect. He said that when Holly was born, her umbilical cord didn't fall off all the way so he thinks that's what that is. Weird. I've never heard of that. Anyway, we're still waiting on the urine test to come back but we, including the doctor, all think that she is A-ok! Praise Jesus!! I had anxiety all yesterday long waiting on the doctor to call mom. When mom called me with the news, I cried from relief! I just can't go there yet...actually never really but that's not realistic unfortunately. Thanks to everyone who asked about Holly and said they were thinking about her. That means so much to me!

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