Thursday, November 6, 2008

Memphis for the Weekend

Last night I surprised Scott by driving to Memphis! He was so surprised when he opened the door. I just love doing that to people. Today I've been running errands and cleaning Scott's apartment. It was unacceptable. I went to the mall and to a couple of local stores that I love here. I, of course, got some chocolate covered oreos...4 actually. I've also cut some of my former clients hair that I had in Memphis. It's always nice to see them. Now I'm waiting on Scott to get off of work so I can convince him to eat at the Rendezvous tonight. I bet my brother is salivating right now. I told Scott that I want to do very Memphisy things this weekend like eat at some of our favorite restaurants and go to Beale Street. Even though this isn't my favorite place to live, it is very fun to come and visit. I'm looking forward to my weekend ahead!

So I guess all of your are waiting on me to comment on our new president. do I start. Of course I'm disappointed that McCain/Palin didn't win. I really love the both of them and thought they would do a great job at running this country. McCain has so much experience and I never would have questioned one of his decisions. Now that Obama is president, I'm definitely not looking forward to giving the government more of my money than I already am. I don't think it's fair that Scott and I will have to pay more just because we work hard. It's started at 250,000 paying more and now I'm hearing it will shortly be down to 40,000. Who knows, who knows. I know that Obama has been getting briefed today with the war in Iraq and I feel like after he really knows what's going on over there, he'll change his decision to wave the white flag and surrender. I think he'll be so overwhelmed on his first day and be in over his head. However, that's why advisers are great and hopefully his advisers will be experienced and smart. I am actually looking forward to a few things with an Obama presidency. None of them relate to the country but I'm looking forward to Michelle's wardrobe, and his 2 adorable girls grow up before us. And I'm very anxious to see what kind of puppy they'll get. That's about all though. I'm not a crazy person who's going to say that I'm moving to Canada and I don't think Obama is a terrorist...or the anti-christ. I hate people that are that radical and I find them to be unintelligent. I don't think Obama will be as liberal in the Oval Office as he was in the senate. He knows he'll never get re-elected if he doesn't stay somewhat in the middle so that should be a good thing. I do believe he'll be re-elected.
I just hope the USA doesn't fall to crap. We're already on our way to no longer being the most powerful country in the world. If the distribution of wealth thing happens, we surrender with the war, and become so far from the principals of what this country was founded on, we'll be about on the same page as Switzerland. I hope that Obama remembers that this country was founded under God when he makes decisions.
With that said, I'm not going to bash Barack Obama on a daily basis like so many liberals bash Bush. He is now the President of the United States and even if I don't agree with anything he says or does, he should be respected because he is my president. Plus, I'm pretty sure I heard his desk is coming with a 'present' button so as long as he sticks with pushing that 129 times within the next two years, maybe I won't have too much to worry about! HAHA. I kid I kid.

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