Friday, November 28, 2008


Yesterday was a great Thanksgiving day! My family gathered at my parents house and we had a delicious Thanksgiving meal! Scott and I swear that our stomach's were bottomless pits because we ate and ate all day and never got full. We watched the Macy's parade with Landon and he was very fascinated! We're not going to get to see Landon for Christmas so he opened his Christmas presents after lunch. Later in the night, Mom, Scott, and I went to see Four Christmas's! It was cute. I would definitely recommend watching it.
I'm so mad at myself for not going to the Arkansas/LSU game! I had tickets and just knew it would rain and I didn't want to ruin my shoes so Scott and I didn't go. SO STUPID OF ME!! I love beating LSU more than any team in the SEC. It would have been worth freezing cold rain in 10 degree weather to see Arkansas beat the tigers. I'm proud of the Hogs! I think next year we'll be pretty good.
Scott and I drove up to Fayetteville tonight and tomorrow we're celebrating our 2 year anniversary by eating at where else....Theos! That's where we went on our first date so we find it appropriate to go there again. Our anniversary is actually on Sunday but we'll celebrate it on Saturday. I'm looking forward to a yummy meal. Scott has most definitely spoiled me when it comes to good food. I'm a food brat now. I used to eat my steak well done. Now, the rarer the better! And there isn't anything I won't try and I usually like everything. They say your taste buds change every seven years...I hope mine don't because they're pretty tasty right now.
Random tidbit but did you guys know that Barack Obama is a smoker? He says he would like to quit but isn't promising he will. Sounds like he has a big time weakness. Kinda scary if a president of the United States is so weak he can't give up a habit that kills you. Whatev though. Wanna see a picture?


Now that I'm done with that, here's videos of Landon opening up his Christmas presents. All spiderman stuff because he's very into that right now!

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