Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Celebrity Life

Oh my gosh I just love watching TMZ on TV every night. (I'm watching it right now) It's more entertaining to me than it should be. (We all know I'm an everyday celebrity stalker) I think my dream job is to to be a TMZ chick. (After the singing career doesn't work out) Maybe I'll try out for American Idol this summer. Jake would not know what to do with himself if I went and did that as he is the ultimate American Idol fan. He prints out a score sheet every Tuesday. We joke all the time about going and trying out together and we've decided Jake should sing that song from the Lion King. You know...the Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba. Yeah I totally just googled that. Do you think I really knew the words to that part? If I had free styled it, I would have spelled it Naaaa Seeqwhenya Alaviseyava. That's what it sounds like to me. But back to the subject. Jake does a great impression and I laugh so stinkin hard and I have no doubt that if he could keep a straight face, he would totally make it on national TV. We'll see....
I have NOTHING to talk about. My salon had an office party today and we catered food and there were leftovers so I ate free food all day. So exciting. Now I'm watching an E! True Hollywood Story on Kimora Lee Simmons. She is so entertaining to me. I like watching her show. She is hilarious and says things out loud that I think but don't have the nerve to say! Like...take this quote..... "We have a problem. I've had a really bad day. I'm trying to diet. I can't find a proper pill. The granola's not cutting it. I'm hungry. I don't know what to eat. I'm irritated. I would be just much happier fat. I feel very Anna Nichole Smith right now. Rest in peace her beautiful soul. She likes pink, like I like pink. But I'm just not having a good day. I'm hot! Honestly probably because I don't eat. I was on my period last week. I'm just a little flustered okay. I'm glad you're so calm today. Your office smells nice you must have got some last night. At least that's one of us."
HA! Who says that? I aspire to be like here. She's like Julia Sugerbaker from Designing Women. One of my all time favorite shows that I've seen every episode of a zillion times. So good! Okay I'll leave it at that. A pointless blog that has nothing to do with anything but celebrities. Night!

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