Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going Home

Well, I am off to a good start with the diet. I had 14 leftover calories yesterday. Today I've been doing even better. I'm going to have plenty of calories left for the day. I LOVE counting calories. It's like a game. I did it when I first started pageants and I went to this lady who all the pageant girls go to. She takes a look at you in a bikini and gives you this workout plan to shape your body perfectly. Then, she gives you a meal plan with a caloric limit. It's funny my limit that lose it! gave me is exactly the same as the one she gave me....nearly 10 years ago. Dang. I can't believe it's been that long!!! 
Today I gave Landon my big hugs and kisses and off to Tampa he goes. He'll be back in a month for his 4th birthday party. Spiderman themed he says. He's a cutie. I didn't take many pictures of him because my camera battery is dead and Scott lost my charger when he moved his stuff into my place in Fayetteville. He swears he did not lose it but yes he did. I'm very organized and never misplace things. I'll take some pics and videos next month when Scott buys me a new charger. :)
I'm leaving for Fayetteville in just a bit here. I'm VERY homesick! I've been gone for a whole month and it's definitely time to go back. I hope nobody broke into my house. I always think that when I've been away for a while. At least my utility bills will be cheap! I'm going into the salon tomorrow to get everything all set and ready to go! Very exciting! I'm so ready to start working again. I've been bored out of my mind for a whole month. I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom when I have kids but I dunno. Maybe that'll be a bit different but I think I'm gonna have to work at least 2 days a week to keep some sanity. I like routine in my life...and purpose. Not having a job doesn't quite fulfill that need for me. 
Well alright. I guess I'm gonna drop some movies off at blockbuster for Kyle, get some gas, and be off on my way! Ahhhhh....finally! Isn't Fayetteville/Rogers just the greatest! It really is just the greatest. I never want to live anywhere else. Except maybe New York or Cali but just for like, 2 years. Home Sweet Home here I come!

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