Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainy Saturday

It's a rainy gloomy day here in Memphis. Which I love by the way. I love rainy days. I find them incredibly peaceful and it makes me want to stay in and watch a bunch of movies and snuggle up with a blanket. I don't know if I'll get to do that because we have company though. I think we're about to get dressed and eat at the Rendezvous...again. Randy loves it and I most certainly don't mind eating it for the second time this week. Scott isn't feeling good right now. He's still in bed. I just went to Mrs. Cordellias (a small grocery store on mud island) and got him some medicine. I think he caught it from me. I've been feeling yuck all week. Hopefully the medicine will kick in soon and he'll get to feeling better.
Last night was nice. We went to McEwens to eat a lovely dinner. Or what was supposed to be lovely. Everything was great and tasty but we had a 50 minute gap between our salad and entree. That did not settle well with me. You don't pay good money for a good meal and have stuff like that happen. I could totally tell by the look on the waitress's face that she forgot to put our order in. The owner came and apologized many times because Randy complained (nicely but stern) and we ended up getting our meal for free. So that works.
I guess I'm gonna get dressed. After lunch the boys will probably want to go shopping at James Davis which is just fine with me. Joseph is just right next door and I love to go try on the pretty Manolo's and Louboutain's. Maybe my husband will get me a pair today! Most likely not but sometimes Scott surprises me with goodies like that. Later!!

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