Tuesday, April 7, 2009


How's your day been? Mine was good. I barely got to work on time. I'm not sure why I was running so behind since I got out of bed the same time as usual but I was almost late which made my heart beat fast. I don't like to look irresponsible right away. I like to give it a few weeks at least! JK. I think it's because I enjoyed my steaming hot shower for a really long time since my house was no less than 20 degrees this morning. Well not my house really. I guess I forgot to mention that I'm living with my father-in-law right now! Haha. Funny I know. There's many reasons why. a.) Randy lives in Bentonville and his house is closer to my job than mine is. and b.) I've decided not to torture myself anymore with being scared staying at my place all by myself. Scott's dad is single and his house is quite enormous and there's plenty of room for me so I've decided to crash at his pad until my husband joins me up here in NWA. I have the whole upstairs all to myself so I'm definitely not in the way. Plus, I think he likes my company. I would think so since I'm awesome!...and he's single so you know he's gotta get lonely. It's pretty easy since I have to wear all black to work. I just moved every article of black clothing up here and packed up some essentials and bada bing bada boom. I've got my nice little suite upstairs that Randy decorated all up just for me. It's nice and stress free not having to wonder if there is some dude in my house or if that nose I heard was just my ice machine. Plus, Randy is a yummy cook on the grill just like Scott. Obviously it's where Scott got it from. Randy is also the healthiest person I've met in my life. He bikes or runs no less than 8 miles a day and the most fattening thing that's sitting in his house is strawberry jelly. Perfect for my diet!
On the weekends when Scott comes up, we stay at my place...our place.
Work was good. A little slow. I only had 2 womens H/C so I stayed in the breakroom and read Twilight. I'm never one to read the latest scifi. I felt like I was being tortured when I went to the first Lord of the Rings movie and I haven't read/seen any Harry Potter stuff. Jaclyn is OBSESSED with Twilight as she's read every single book there is. 4 I think? She insisted I read it so she gave me her copy and after having it for a week now, decided to start it up today. I've made it through chapter 4 and I'm enjoying it very much. It's not weird like I thought it was going to be. I don't do weird. I'll let you know how it's going as I progress. I'm assuming it'll be a page turner since every person in the salon was like 'OMG BEST BOOK EVERRRRR!!!!'
Speaking of Jaclyn, I must tell a funny. We text each other a lot while we're working when we're bored. We'd been texting back and forth all day when I get a text that said 'so what'd you have for dinner last night?'' HAHAHAHA. It made me laugh out loud and I was embarrassed because everyone was starring. 'I told her she MUST be bored if she wondered that.' Chicken fajitas BTW.
Okay I'm gonna go and see if Randy needs help with din. Peace Out!

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