Sunday, April 5, 2009


Well oh well. I've got lots to talk about. First of all.....OBSESSED with my new job! Oh my goodness. I only worked Thursday-Saturday and I've never been more busy in my whole work life. Crazieness. My hand actually hurt from holding a round brush on Saturday because I blew out so many people's hair!! I've had my feet hurt but never my hand. It's so great and I'm so excited about it. Tomorrow is my day off which is nice. I'm very tired.
Jake came up to NWA this weekend and we all had a great time. On Friday, Braclyn, Jake and us Johnson's went to Theos for some martini's and their bar food. We love their bar food because it's delicious and cheap! I had been craving a martini for some reason. Very unlike me....they were yummy! After Theos we went to this new bar called 21st Amendment. It was very Memphis like. I enjoyed it. However, us kids are too old for the bar scene now. We just don't enjoy ourselves much anymore so we peaced out and were home by 11. I love going to Theos because it's very grown up to me. There aren't 19 year old's showing up with their fakes and acting a fool. Theos is just nice and chill and I LOVE IT. Much more my style these days. Except when I get the urge to go to a piano bar because that is never not fun to me.
On Saturday, I got up for work and was super busy. Afterwords, I picked up Jake at the Julians and he rode with me to my father-in-law's where Scott was. Randy cooked us a delicious filet and veggies. Braclyn was at a wedding but as soon as it was over, they came to the house and we hung out and veged.
This morning, we all woke up and headed to Fellowship for church. It was SO GOOD today. Jake was like, 'I'm driving up every weekend to go to church here with ya'll.' I knew he would love it. They strictly read scripture today about the last few day's of Christ's life on Earth. In the middle of scripture, the band would break out in music and we'd worship and then they'd go back to scripture. Almost like a play but without the dramatic acting. It was very random and so great. When they played In Christ Alone, tears were streaming down my face. That is my absolute most favorite worship song. Jaclyn's too. It gives me chill bumps every time but this time I just started crying. The whole service was so great and I'm so glad Jake was there to experience what Fellowship is like.
Even though church was so great, Sunday's always make me sad because it means Scott has to leave and go back to Memphis. When we got back to my house and he packed up his bags, I started crying so hard. I had black mascara all over Scott's shirt. He felt really bad so he's staying tonight and taking a half day off of work tomorrow. It really is no fun at all living away from your spouse. I'm very very ready for this to be over. I tried to talk Scott into quitting his job such luck at that but it was worth a shot! I thought maybe the tears would help my pleading. I'm glad Scott decided to stay. We are going to pop open a bottle of Ambullneo and eat on our fine chine tonight for the very first time! AND, use our new stemware to drink our Ambullneo out of for the first time too! Mmmm!! Ambullneo is this really expensive bottle of California wine and we only have some because my Dad gives us a bottle of it occasionally but Scott and I never drink it because it's too nice. Seriously, we've had some of these bottles for a whole year. My Dad will be so proud of us for drinking it since we've never opened a bottle he's given us. He told us he's going to stop giving it to us because we have a whole collection of Ambullneo just hanging out in our wine fridge. I encourage everyone to take out a loan and get some at some point. It's, like my Dad and Uncle Rex say, 'a party in the mouth!' Have a nice Sunday!

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