Friday, May 29, 2009


I don't really have much to blog about. It's 9:17 and Walk The Line is on TV. It's over at 10 which in my world 10 really means 'TMZ time' then off to bed. So I just twittered about this but literally...I was sitting on my couch drinking a tall glass of wine that I just poured when a black fly landed in it and died. I just sat and starred for a minute not quite sure what just happened. Dang it! I had to pour the whole tall glass of wine down the sink. So annoying!! I was singing Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' in my head while I emptied my glass. I thought it was quite...IRONIC! Don't call me cheesy for saying that. You'd think that too!

Tomorrow I wake up bright and early for work then off to Memphis to see my favorite husband! I'm hoping I can leave early so I don't have to get to Memphis at 11 like last time. I asked my boss if I could leave an hour early and she blocked me out but also said that if no one books with me before I'm blocked out I can go on ahead and leave. I have lots of early morning and early afternoon apts (thank goodness...bout time for the week) So far, my latest apt ends at 2 so that would be just a perfect time for me to get to leave. Cross your fingers!!!
Speaking of appointments...I had a color today on a 13 year old. She came in with gorgeous natural blond, long, luxurious hair. The color and length 90% of blondes pay to have. All natural may I say again. She wanted me to do what I call 'the skunk.' Top half bleach blonde, bottom half black black black. Which P.S. is totally NOT in style anymore. After 5 minutes of trying to talk her out of it, I had no choice but to RUIN her hair. It made me sick to my stomach. Literally. I actually couldn't speak as I was applying the color to her hair. And not to beat a dead horse but also...doing that is soooooo unhealthy for your hair. I might as well have gone to Walmart and gotten some Clorox and had her dip her hair in it. When it comes to treating hair healthy, I am the ultimate NUT!! So that in itself drove me insane. And she uses Aussie shampoo. I'm shaking my head as I say that. Good shampoo, ESPECIALLY if your color your hair, is a MUST!!! Don't buy that crap Walmart sells people!!! If you're going to invest in spending all that money to get your hair colored, buy a decent shampoo to keep it healthy. Nothing and I mean NOTHING annoys me more than cheap, crap shampoo. Get what your stylists sells/recommends. I guarantee you it won't be anything you'll find at Walmart.

Okay I'm done with that now. It's off my chest. I'm gonna get ready for bed now then get my daily fill of TMZ then head off to bed! I'm very excited about going to Memphis to see Scott! I get to stay until Tuesday too which is very exciting as well! TTYL!

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