Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My 24th Birthday

My 24th birthday was a great day! I woke up the best way possible. With my husband and my Holly snuggled up next to me! Scott made me breakfast in bed -an omelet and a pancake wrapped sausage with orange juice. (the sausage was frozen don't let him fool you ;) Scott gave me my birthday presents which Holly opened since her favorite thing in the whole wide world is to open a present. Afterwords, I put the bow around Holly and she looked so cute!!
After I ate my breakfast and opened my gifts, Scott and I got dressed and headed out the door. First, I wanted to go to my favorite store of all time, Masons, and go birthday shopping! I found some things I liked and then we headed up to Rogers. Scott needed to go to Soho and get some pants of his fixed. He asked me where I wanted to go to lunch and I said Panera but he found that an unacceptable birthday lunch for some reason. He told me we should go somewhere special so he decided PF Changs. I was like, okay whatever, so we headed that way. When we got there, I had a surprise waiting for me! My NWA friends were there waiting on me to join me in my bday lunch!I was very surprised and wasn't expecting that at all! I was also just a touch embarrassed by my attire. If I had known I was going to be seeing people I would have spent a little more time getting dressed and picked a better outfit to wear. Jaclyn thought it was great because she said I obviously didn't know what was going on and that was a clear sign! Haha. Lunch was delicious and I got great gifts from my great friends! I was also surprised by 3 cakes from Ricks. Yummy! We shared 2 of them at lunch then Scott and I ate the other after our dinner.

After lunch, Scott and I came back home and I continued to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 like I had ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! I've decided I'm obsessed with that show now. I'd never seen one episode before but I'll be DVRing it from now on...

Scott and I popped open a yummy bottle of champagne and drank it out of our nice stemware! We got dressed and headed off to Theos for a delicious dinner.

The meal was great and I had a lovely date with my great husband! We usually like to have a long dining experience and Scott likes to tell the waiter to 'take it slow' but I was really anxious to watch the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 so we ate at normal speed and hurried home. The show was so good and I cried because it makes me said when any ones marriage dissolves. Theirs clearly is. It made it really sad because I had been watching them all weekend and to see that happen to a family is just plain sad. I hope they can work it out.

So there you go! That was my birthday! It was perfect and couldn't have been better. Thanks to everyone for all of the birthday wishes!

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