Friday, May 1, 2009

Pet Peeve/Flower Garden

Okay so I have a new pet peeve. It's always annoyed me but I've gotten it a lot lately so I'm all the way annoyed with this now. Let me build this up for you. Every conversation with my clients usually goes the same way. I ask them questions and vice versa. Then, the questions always asked by them, "where are you from originally?" "South Arkansas, El Dorado." "Oh well what brought you up here?" "I went to school at the UofA and loved it so much I just wanted to stay in NWA." "Oh, did you finish?" "No, I decided I wanted to go to beauty school instead." And here's what annoys me...."So are you going to go back and finish?"
Now why in the world would I go and do that? WHY? Why? Sometimes when I'm feeling a little not so sweet and precious, I (worded differently and nicely) ask pretty much that question and they always say, "Well it's good to have something to fall back on." Yeah, because a degree in political science is a great one to have just in case. If people ever decided to go all cavemen with their looks, a poli sci degree will be so handy to use and move to DC to be the press secretary for the President. Because that's totally a more realistic career than what I do now. Is my career not good enough for you? What's the deal? Do you just want me to have a piece of paper that I can frame and put on my wall? Why? Will I seem smarter to you if I do? I'm so over that BS. Why would I go back to the UofA and spend $25,000 and waste 2 years of my life for a piece of paper that I'll NEVER use? Because it's the politically correct thing to do I guess? Whatever. I'm so over that. I have a really great job, that I really love, that I'm really good at, and that really makes good money. URGH!! So annoying....and offensive too.
Anyways, work has been crazy this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday I had to do this Walmart event for the salon where I worked until 10. I never got a chance to eat dinner those nights either so my calorie budget for the week is sky, I look really skinny this week because of that. Awesomeness. I better since last week, I completely stayed within my caloric budget and I GAINED a pound. WTF? That deserves a WTF? That crap makes me so mad. It makes me want to throw something breakable against the wall then go grab a hamburger. Scott's all like 'weight fluctuates, I think you're beautiful...' I'm like, 'I DON'T CARE. I eat rabbit food all week and GAIN a pound? That's messed up. I BETTER lose 2 pounds this week or I really will go grab a hamburger.
So, I planted new spring flowers in my little flower bed. I had pansies in there but they were getting all crazy so I pulled them up and planted pretty spring flowers! I think I did a better job at arranging the flowers and stuff then I did with the pansies. When I planted my pansies, I got like 30 pansies and just threw them all in the flower bed. This time, I strategicly got flowers that would color coordinate and work well together. Some are short, I got a little leafy bush, and did some calalillies for some height. I think it'll look really good! I'm proud of myself. Here's some pics of all of my flowers that I planted/potted. Enjoy!


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