Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mom's on Facebook

I've had a break-through. I've decided to allow my mom to join facebook. I know. I know. It's just crazy but after months and months of thinking it through, I decided to give in. I felt bad last night when I was with Mom at Target and she ran into one of her high school friends that she hadn't seen in forever and her friend told her EVERYONE was on facebook these days and proceeded to name them off. I recognized the names of the (many) people and from what my Mom has told me before, they were actually the popular/cool kids. SO, I decided since it's the 'cool' thing for teens of the 70's to do then she shouldn't be held back by me. So I set Mom up a facebook account last night and she's good to go. I think she really does just want to keep connected with her HS friends so this will be fun for her!

So we spent hours setting up her account. It was way easier back in 2004 to do it. She started searching for people she went to high school with and I thought it was SUPER CUTE that one of her best friends from high school had this as her FB pic!

My Mom is the beautiful brunette with the long luxurious locks! How cute is that! So yeah...Mom's on facebook and I think she'll really enjoy connecting with all of her old friends since apparently facebook is the new email now and everyone has an account.

I woke up at 5:45 since I did my typical Tuesday night routine and stayed in LR with the fam after being in Memphis with Scott! Work was super busy and the first time I got a chance to look at the clock, it said 3:30! Score! I love when that happens. I got home and did my 20/25 minute run and then, I popped in my new Jillian Michaels DVD workout video. Whew! She wore me out and I loved it! She says you can lose 20 lbs in 30 days if you do it every day. I don't think I really have 20 lbs to lose but if I could get rid of these last 5 I'd be a very happy person! Will keep you updated...

Time to fix my din. I just went to Walmart and got all kinds of fruits and veggies and deli meat and salad because I'm gonna be really hard core this week. Except I kinda blew it since I ate at Firehouse with Jaclyn for lunch but that's alright cause it's better than Chili's like yesterday! Have a good one!

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