Monday, September 21, 2009

Arkansas vs. Georgia

Today is the last day of summer. That makes me excited since, as you know, I love fall! It's been feeling like fall a little bit since this weather has been so odd. The Razorback game was chilly! Good thing I sit inside.

My whole family came up for the game including Landon. They got in on Friday and I helped Landon do some of his homework that his teacher sent with him.

So cute! On Saturday we all woke up excited for the football game! We avoided tailgating extremely early because of the rain, but luckily it stopped semi-early enough. We got out there at about 3:30 and had a lot of fun hanging out at the SAE alumni tailgate. It was very nice and all of Scott's buddies were there. Before we went though, we stopped in the SAE house so Landon could take a look. We also stopped in the Sigma Nu house because my dad is an alum and he wanted to check out their brand new house. I'd never been in it either and it was really nice. Still smelled new. Wonder how long that'll last...

The game was typical. Start off awesome and end up losing. Not at all surprising. The Hogs need to step it up. I had a lot of fun. I'm really happy my family came up. I always enjoy their company. We had a great time and I cant wait until the Auburn game so we can do it all over again

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