Monday, October 5, 2009

8th Grade Science Teacher

I had a blast from the past today. I went into a furniture store and this man walked up to me to see if I needed help. Then he said "Kara?" and I said "Mr. Smith!!" and he said "close, Moore." Haha. Oops. It was my old 8th grade science teacher. Apparently he's moved from El Do to Bentonville. It was quite awkward chatting with him I'm not gonna lie. Probably because he's one of the more awkward people I've ever met in my life. Sydney and Heather (blogger friends) both had that class with me. You girls remember him from the ol' Barton days?? He was really obsessed with my hair and would always make comments about it in front of the all the time. Hello. I'm 14, you're like 40, don't do that. Me and Syd sat together in that class and we were talking (always) and he literally drew a tiny circle on the chalk board and told Sydney to stick her nose in it for the rest of the class. Umm...excuse me? Haha. I'll never forget that!! LOL!!!
Anyways, I saw him today and it brought back memories. I'm not gonna lie I did have fun in that class. because other than the nose in the chalk board incident he was a pretty chill teacher which is always nice. He may be awkward but he's a nice guy.
So yeah, that was my interesting event of the day. That and I talked to Jake on the phone for a while and that was nice because we haven't chatted in probably over a week. His class came in as he was talking to me and he said he was just going to pretend like he was on a business call. Dork.
Okay. I need to focus on DWTS now. Catch up with you tomorrow!

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