Monday, October 12, 2009

Hogs vs. Auburn

This past weekend was a good one! My parents and Holly came up for the game and stayed at my new house! My dad had major beef that Scott and I live in Bentonville now. He kept calling it Wisconsin. He thinks it's EXTREMELY far away and thinks we should move back to Fayetteville. 'This is about me' he said! Haha. Other than that my parents really love the house. It's much less cramped now! Always a good thing. Since my parents are going to Napa this week, I'm taking care of Holly!! Holly's been such a sweetie. She's always a sweetie but she seems like even more of a sweetie this week. I always treasure my time with Holly because even though I hate to think this way, I know that she's not going to be around a whole lot longer. Holly turns 13 next week! She's going to be a teenager!!! My little girl is growin up! Tomorrow we're going to go bye bye to this cute little high-end dog boutique in Fayetteville. I'm gonna let her get something!
How bout them Hogs?! What an exciting game! I had a lot of fun at the game even though it was extremely cold even in the indoor club seats. Hello winter! Loves it! Here's me and mom at the game.

That's kinda all I have for ya. I'm just not really in the mood to type anymore. I think it's time for my bath. Later!

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