Monday, November 30, 2009

Dirty Hair

Today is mine and Scott's 3 year dating anniversary! We're usually very celebratory about things like that but we're already starting to become an old married couple. We didn't do a single thing except say 'happy anniversary.' Scott told me we only need to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I disagree. I think we should celebrate every special date we have. He's just trying to get out of spending money on a nice meal and a present. Don't try to fool me!! It's alright. I'll just reminisce while I watch HGTV with extraordinarily dirty hair that hasn't been washed in days.
You know what? My hair is always disgusting. It really bothers my mother. She finds it totally unsanitary. I get it but I mean...come on!!!! I do hair ALL DAY LONG. What makes you think for a second that I care to do another head of hair? I've become very keen on headbands to try to snazz up my greasy messy bun. I used to never go a day without washing my hair. Even in high school I woke up at 6:45 every morning and washed my hair every. single. day. The only way that would happen these days would be if.......hmmm....I really don't know what event could possibly make me do that these days. That's why I avoid a cute haircut. Because I know I would never do anything with it. I always have a rubber band around my wrist and by noon, the hair is back in a messy bun. That's why I just stick to the boring, non-special, long layers do that easily pulls back. I never understand it when people come to me and say 'I want to cut my hair short so I won't have to spend as much time messing with it.' I want to so badly say to them 'you've got that backwards honey. The shorter the do the more you have to mess with it.' But I just do what I'm told.
I think I'm gonna go run a bath in my huge jacuzzi tub....and not wash my hair. I'm working out extremely early tomorrow because I have to take Scott to work since his car is in the shop. Might as well go to the gym early and get it over with. No sense in washing my hair if in about 15 hours it's going to get sweaty and gross right? Right. Okay well, off to my bath then to bed. Night!

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