Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I got in bed hours ago but I just can't fall asleep. My heart is heavy. My mom called me today....or yesterday I suppose, and said 'I have some really sad news for you.' One of my high school friends died today. I'm so sad. I can't stop crying. My heart is just broken for Seth's parents. It's unbelievably cruel that this is their second time to endure the loss of a child. A pain so deep I can't even imagine it.
I got to know Seth really well my junior year in high school. He and my high school boyfriend were best friends. It worked out perfectly that Seth was dating one of my best girlfriends, Sydney. They were our couple buddies. I always enjoyed being around Seth. He had such a beautiful heart. Just a really great guy. My prayers are endless for his parents and everyone else who loved him so very much. It's so sad. So unbelievably sad.

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