Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Storm 2010

Oookay. The ice is beating down on my windows. It sounds like really tough rain. I'm about to take a hot bath in case my electricity/hot water goes out. I would die. I'm miserable in a cold shower. I don't think I'm very prepared if that happens. I don't think it will which is why I'm not prepared. I went to Walmart today and bought some apples, wheat thins, and peanut butter. That sufficient.
Anyone watch the State of the Union? I did. The WHOLE thing. Whew! It was long. I don't really have any comments except that I wish Nancy would just stay in her seat.
Man I'm boring. I seriously have nothing to talk about. I'm sleepy and ready for bed but it's 7:00 so that doesn't really work. I'm in the mood for a movie that has snow in it. I'm hungry but I've already eaten dinner. I'm getting zillions of save the dates in the mail. This summer is going to be wedding after wedding after wedding....
Why haven't we captured Osama yet? Seriously. But no like seriously I'm so serious. I'm watching the news right now (of course) and that really bugs me that he's still out there. Almost 10 years now. Too long. One time in El Dorado not long after 9/11 I honestly thought I saw him driving down North West Avenue. I freaked out and almost called 911 but then realized there's no way he'd just chill in ElDo.
Also when I went to Walmart today I picked up the latest US Weekly with Brangelina on the cover. I'm NEVER interested in hearing any story about them because you know I'm big time Team Aniston. But this headline says 'Brad's Misery' so I grabbed it. They're on all the covers right now because they're supposedly on the verge of a split. Okay that would be terrible since they have like 84 kids but honestly I would not be sad. I don't predict him and Jen would ever get back together (although I would die) but I knew 5 years ago when he did that he was making a mistake and it wouldn't last. My parents make so much fun of me for believing this stuff but in my celebrity obsession experience when People, E! or Us Weekly cover it, it usually ends up being true. I tried to tell my brother and Dad that it was rumored Tiger was having an affair. They didn't believe me. The next day---BANG! See.
Hmmm....okay well I guess I'm done. Wish me luck that my power doesn't go out!!

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