Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Grammys

In 30 minutes Scott hops on a plane to go to San Diego for a work conference. I hate to stay alone so Mom, Grammy, and Holly are headed up right now to come stay with me until Scott gets home on Wednesday! Girls time. I'm excited.
Did you watch the Grammys? You know how much I love award shows but the Grammy's are probably one of my least favorite. Some of those artists are just plain weird. I'm very excited Taylor Swift won because I love her and her music but I'm sorry the girl can't sing. Like, it's bad. Really bad. I don't get it, how did she make it? Anyways, it doesn't matter because I still love her and the radio does wonders for her voice. Lady Gaga....woo wee. She is the most bizarre person on the planet I'm sure of it. I guess it works, I watch & listen. Scott and I just stared in amazement at her performance....speechless. She's crazy. I kinda like it.
Alright well, I need to get dressed. Mom and Grammy are gonna get here around 1 so I need to get moving. Happy February! I love February....

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