Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jax and Craig Get Engaged!

My sweet Jax got engaged last night to Craig!! Yay! I'm so excited. I've known since Crested Butte that Craig was going to propose on February 10, their anniversary. (Like 76th anniversary...they've been together forever) Jax lives in Nashville and Craig is in law school here in Fayetteville. He made Jax believe he wasn't going to come to Nashville until this weekend for Valentines Day. He surprised her by being at her house when she got home from work. Her parents and his were there along with her sisters. I so bad wish I had a private plane so I could have flown over for the night to be there to celebrate! Bummer. I'm so excited for her!!! I can't wait for Jax to come back to NWA one weekend so we can celebrate in a big way! I really can't wait for her to be here permanently. I have to thank Craig for making that happen soon. Jacqueline is going to make such a gorgeous bride. I'm really excited about it!!!!! Congrats to my buddies!!!! I love them both so much.

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