Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hola! I did my AI gig last night and got 2nd place! Yay for me. I won a free massage which is super exciting since the massages here are a bazillion dollars. I guess maybe I'll do it today since (sad times) this is our last full day here.
I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda unhappy I got 2nd because I SOOOOO should've won. I'm not gonna be a bitter Betty though and act like that. The experience was super fun, the band did the Glee version which was awesome, aaaannnndd my mic wasn't on. Neat. Haha. Typical. I called my parents and was like 'well guess what.' and they were like, '2nd place like always?' Yup you got it. Always 2nd. Always. Oh well. I got a free massage out of it. Super awesome.
Okay my breakfast room service just got here. I'm STARVING.

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