Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dish Soap

I am all the way aware that it is all the way time for a new blog picture header but there hasn't been one taken that's worthy enough. Maybe on my trip that I'm going on (on Saturday holla!!!!) I'll get a really good one. Not that the current one is super fantastic but there's a story behind it that's kinda a cute wedding story so I enjoy it very much.

Hmm...what can I talk about that doesn't have to do with the food I eat or my workouts? I know that's all I talk about but I mean....there's nothing else going on it my life. I got some M&M's out of one of those machines they have sitting in the middle of the mall where you can get a small little amount for a quarter....they were good....then gave me a stomach ache.
That's something about me you probably don't know. I can't pass up a machine like that. Especially if it's a gumball machine. I ALWAYS get something. I just can't pass it up. But if I get a blue or a green gumball or a handful of yellow skittles I get a touch frustrated.
I'll let you in on a little something I've been in love with for a good year now. This dish soap from Williams Sonoma! My favorite scent is Pink Grapefruit. White Tea & Ginger smells good too. Who says you have to go to Walmart and buy Dawn....which looks ugly sitting out. Step it up and get yourself some good smelling, nice dish soap from Williams Sonoma! They also have hand soap which I love as well. Bath and Body Works soap is so burnt toast.

I think about my trip I'm going on all day every day. I'm so excited about it. SO EXCITED. The pictures look so great. You just can't get much better than laying on the beach all day getting all leathery and wrinkled then going and having great food and great drinks and not having to whip out your wallet because it's already all paid for! Ahh all inclusive. Can't beat it. I hope the maid doesn't steal my wedding ring....I always worry about that.

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