Friday, April 23, 2010


Let me just say that one of my biggest pet peeves is when a random sends me a friend request on facebook. That really really buggs. The past two days I've gotten friend requests from people and I have zero idea who they are. I just declined one girl and we don't even have any friends in common!!! Why? Why are you sending me a friend request? I am so not afraid to be like decline!!! Shut down! I don't need randoms clogging up my mini feed. A few days ago I got a friend request from a girl who went to high school with Scott and I've NEVER met her. Why does she think we need to be friends? Nope. Sorry. What kills me more is when they try again!
I know it used to be cool (maybe some people think it still is) to be friends with everyone on facebook. It was like 'that girls a Kappa and I'm gonna be her friend on facebook even though she's 3 years older than me and the only time we've ever talked was during rush.' Or 'I had music lecture with that guy I think.' Or 'She works at Masons.' Over that! Twice now I've gone through my friend list and edited. Especially now with the whole mini feed. I can't stand when some people take it all up with their stupid updates especially when I really don't know them.
Then there's the whole issue of really wanting to remove someone from your friend list but you really can't because they obviously would notice because they love to comment on a picture of you so they clearly stalk your profile a lot. Or it's like your aunt or something.
I also can't stand that person who loves to try to talk to you on the chat thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. YOU. LOG. ON. Hey Kara! What's up Kara! KARA!!!! UGH! No you're annoying. I don't get on facebook to stay on. I'm checking my updates then getting off. I always pop off immediately even if I'm not done yet. IM was cool in high school. 2010....not so much.
Then there's the girls who were like 7 when you were a senior and they want to be your friend. I mean, I don't really care for you to see all the pictures of me holding a martini glass and quite frankly....those are the only kinds of pictures I have on facebook. Now I just look like a bad role model to you because you're still young and just don't quite get it. Drinkers are bad in high school and now I've gotta start untagging.
What's up with the people who's updates are SO inapproporiate or totally white trash? One girl said 'my husband be on his way back haven't saw him in 3 days gonna get me some tonight.' Or 'missin all her homies to the 10th power.' And my favorite 'to you 2 trashy females tryna wreck my home sorry im the winner and i came out on top....wish i could laugh n ur face but youd prly run as soon as you saw me.' I'm totally not kidding. I just got on her profile so I could quote that just right because I nearly fell off the couch when I read it. And as you can guess....these are all people I don't want to be friends with but for some reason or another, I have to be.
And last but not least I can't stand to get one of those group request or something like that. For example, before I started writing this I got an invitation to be in the group 'get your exgirlfriend back.' Really? really. I don't want to be in that group. Guess who it came from. One of those people I want to get rid of but feel like I can't. I don't want to come see your best friends brothers band play at Georges and I'm not interested in helping you stick political party signs in peoples yards. I love when it says 'don't let this person send me an invite again' or something like that. That is THE best button ever.

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