Friday, April 30, 2010

Landon Is Five Today

My little man is five today! FIVE!!! I cannot believe it. It literally seems like yesterday when I got the phone call from my brother telling me that they were headed to the hospital. What a cool day that was! I've seen my buddy grow up before my eyes. I'm such a lucky aunt! He's perfect! Talks a little too much....but perfect! Landon's teacher told Kyle that Landon is one of the smartest in his little 4 year old kindergarten class AND that he's by far the most popular. Didn't surprise me to hear that at all. Especially the popular bit. He'll talk to anyone. Totally not shy. He's always been smart. Landon developed faster than any baby I've ever heard of in my life. He could talk when he was about 9 months. Think I'm lyin? Ask my parents. He was obsessed with lights and we were at Mels in El Dorado and he pointed at the chandelier and said 'tight?' None of us could seem to talk for the rest of the meal. We were in shock and awe. After that it was the normal momma dadda and all that stuff but then his favorite word was car. Everything with a wheel was a car. My Dad's grill was a car. It was cute. He's a smartie. My baby will look stupid compared to him. He did everything before he was supposed to. Walk, talk, roll over, etc. He was holding his head up on his own when he was a week old. I'm not kidding. I swear. Landon is just a very determined and incredibly competitive child. It honestly worries my mother at how competitive he is. He HAS to win. Then when he doesn't he says 'well we're all winners.' Ha! Not when you win we aren't.
He's so hysterical. One day he told Grammy 'Let's sit down and have a conversation. So do you work?' I could go on and on with the darnedest things he says. I feel like it could potentially bore you though because when I talk about him I tend to go on and on and on. Sorry! He says lots of cute things.
My brother gets annoyed because Landon doesn't want Chik-fil-A or McDonalds like most kids. He wants a fillet and salad and sushi. He has a grown-up pallet. It cracks me up. If Kyle says 'let's just grab Chik-fil-A real quick' Landon says 'okay....I guess I'll just get a fruit cup.'
Landon loves sports. He's really good at them all especially at baseball. Kyle was pitching with him in the back yard one day and jokingly said 'if you can hit it over the roof I'll give you $1,000.' Guess what? Yup. Next pitch.....OVER THE ROOF!! And out into the street. Say what!? See! It's that competitive thing. He's all boy. He's my boy! I love him like he's my own. Scott and I both do. He brings so much joy to me and my whole family. I can't imagine life without my little Landon. Still can't believe I've had him for 5 years now....

Landon Birthday 1

Landon Birthday 2

Landon Birthday 3

Landon Birthday 4

Landon on his birthday today at a waterpark in Flordia. Happy Birthday Landon!! I love you so so much buddy!!!

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