Friday, May 21, 2010

Baseball Finals

My family is coming up this weekend for work. I'm going to have a whole house full! Mom, Dad, Grammy & Uncle Wesley are staying at our house this weekend. Baseball and softball finals are this weekend in Fayetteville and I love baseball! Partly because it's always in Fayetteville but also I just really like being outdoors listening to the sound of baseball. I love baseball! It's one of my favorite sports. So I just got done cleaning my house from top to bottom so it's sparkling clean for my company.
Yesterday was yet another busy day at work! Very exciting!!! I had been SO SLOW and it was getting really depressing. Being busy makes me love my job even more. Plus, it makes your day go by really fast. Hopefully it'll stay busy. I'm going to pick up an extra day because it's getting so busy actually! Yay!
I'm about to eat an early lunch because I have to be in Fayetteville by 2 and I need to go to the gym before to get in a good workout of cardio and pilates! Hope you guys have a good weekend! I'll be working the baseball tournament with the family. It's always fun to be around family especially my Grammy!!

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