Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Holly & Spa Party

Mom called me not too long ago to inform me that Holly has a new 'trick.' So whenever Holly wants for example a treat, she'll come where you are and give you this look like 'follow me.' So you follow her and she takes you to the pantry where the treats are and she looks at the pantry then you, then the pantry, then you. Same with the water faucet. She LOVES fresh water from the water faucet. She'll take you to the bathroom and look at the sink then you, sink then you. Well.....the vet has given Holly some new food to help improve her not so great kidneys. It's the soft kind in the can and whenever we give it to her she thinks it's a treat. She gets SOOOO excited. Well, Mom said she always warms it in the microwave to make it taste extra yummy. So today, Holly got Mom and took her into the kitchen. Then she looked at the microwave, then Mom, microwave, then Mom. HAHAHA. Mom said she knew exactly what Holly wanted so she warmed up her food while Holly did her 'happy dance.' My girl is so smart! She's coming to stay with me tomorrow. My brother is driving to Kansas City with some friends to celebrate his birthday on Saturday and he's bringing Holly on his way up. I guess he'll have to bring up some of that yummy food that comes in a can huh?
Today at work was incredibly busy. I didn't have 1 single 15 minute break. Those are good! Especially since last week or whenever I didn't have 1 client that day. Speaking of work, I had my work party last weekend. I had a great time and a ton of people showed up! Here's some pics. Not that you'll know a single person in them but you can kinda check out the salon...

My boss/owner of the salon, Cathy.
Rachel, Hairstylist
Stole this from the site. Me & Scott talking to Deborah, esthetician
My date!
Me and Thai, hairstylist
Escaping to the breakroom! Me with Arial, esthetician, & Tania, stylist
After the night was over Scott and I hopped over to Eddies for a quick last drink.

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