Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Day To Be 24

Today is my last day to be 24 years old. It's strange. Not that I'm super attached to being 24 but every time I have a birthday I get kinda a little bit sad that I'm getting older. I'm sure great things are to come in my life.....hopefully there's a lot more of it! I know I'm still very young but life really does go by so fast. I'll be sad when I'm not in my 20's anymore. My 20's have been awesome so far. The best times of my life have happened in my 20's. I enjoy my life just the way it is very, very much. I love going to Theo's and Bordino's, Ruth's Chris and Bonefish every weekend with just Scott or with our friends. I love watching my shows when I want to watch them. I love being young and carefree with really no responsibilities except to remember to pay the bills....which to be perfectly honest I don't even take care of....the husband does. I love being a newlywed. I love to travel with Scott. I get a smile on my face when something happens to Scott and I that is a learning experience that I know my parents figured out decades ago. It's cute. We're young and don't know better but now we do!! I enjoy sleeping in every once and a while. I dunno....I feel like that fabulous life is short lived and I know it's going to come to an end soon with every birthday that comes around. Enjoy it while you can I guess!!! Of course my Mom tells me this isn't the happiest time of my life yet whenever I talk about it with her. She assures me the best time of my life is when I have kids. Ehhhh...I guess. HAHA. JK...JK....I'm sure she's right.

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