Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whew! WHAT a Day.

Today has been exhausting!!! I have been so busy at work I don't know what to do with myself. The busiest girl in our salon quit a few weeks ago. I've been getting her clients and it wears me out. It's totally awesome because I'm ridiculously busy but it really wears me out. I did a woman's hair today who has always done her 'at home walmart color.' I HATE when someone tells me that because it usually means disaster is going to strike with her hair. Yup. I put low-lites in her bleach blonde hair and they turned purple. PURPLE. At least she was my last client of the day so I could fix it today, but it kept me at the salon over an hour longer than it should have and it stressed me out to my max. At least she was chill....and honestly it wasn't my fault. Even our color specialist, Jennifer, was like ' can never tell what 'home treated' hair will do to ya. I fried a girls butt long hair off to the length of a boys one time.' I would probably throw myself into a whale's mouth if that happened to me. How traumatizing!! Today definitely marked my worst color experience ever. Well one time I turned my Grammy's hair pink actually. HAHA. Pastel pink almost looked strawberry....and again it wasn't my fault. I should have read the color bottle because it was expired.
I've also had a stressful day because Holly has been in a cutest dog competition today! I officially know I could never enter my daughter in a pageant because my stomach has been in knots all day for wanting people to think my dog is the cutest. Stress. I sent everyone texts and emails telling them to vote for Holly! Even my Mom's friends!! I told Scott to tell everyone he works with to vote and he said his boss voted for Holly 4 times! When I first saw Holly was up for cutest puppy, she only had 48% of the votes (traumatizing) but after I texted, facebooked, and emailed, she quickly rose to 65%!! I've had people texting & emailing me all day telling me they voted for Holly!! Thanks everyone!! Even those of you I never talk to anymore but bombarded with a text telling you to vote for Holly. Holly really appreciates it!! I can tell she knows what's going on today because she's been extra spunky, peppy, and happy! I'll let you know tomorrow if Holly won the cutest pet contest! Wish her luck!

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