Monday, June 14, 2010

My Husband is So Silly

Today is my day off and I'm BORED. It's 3:30 and I just contemplated having a beer but that would be kinda alcoholicish so I'm not gonna. I would eat something but then I'd hate myself for it after. I need to go for a run but I'm not in the mood. I'm kinda in the mood but I'm so comfortable sitting on my couch right now in Scott's t-shirt and pajama pants. Also if I run that means I have to wash my hair which ugh. But if I don't run I'll get fat and I'm trying to lose 2 or 3 pounds.
Scott and I spent an entire day shopping on Saturday. Let me tell you something about my husband. He is NO FUN to shop with. He wants all new work clothes but he tries them on and then wants to 'think about it.' That's fine if you do that one Saturday but a zillion in a row now? So we're in Baumans and I'm crossing my fingers that he finally buys those pants and shirts that he's tried on now for the 8th time. Did he buy anything? Nope. After we left Baumans I told him to take me home that I wasn't shopping with him anymore because it's a waste of my time. He said 'well they were out of that one pair of pants that I want and I'd rather just buy it all at once.' He bugs. Then he convinced me to drive down to Walker Brothers with him so I did and I made him buy at least 2 shirts. He of course had to wait on some other stuff for when his favorite sales guy is in there.
My husband can be very quirky. Let me tell you what he did over Labor Day weekend. It's the first day to go out on the lake and I hop in the shower first to get ready. Then he comes in the bathroom and says 'oh my goodness babe did you know you can't iron swimsuits?' Confused by why he would say that I peeked out of the shower and there he is holding his swimsuit which now has a HUGE melted hole in it. First of all, this isn't just any swimsuit. This is a $100 Peter Millar swimsuit from Baumans that he's worn once. I got so frustrated and was like 'who irons a swimsuit?? Why would you do that?' and he said 'it was wrinkled.' 'IT'S A SWIMSUIT!!' I said and he was like 'but it was wrinkled.' Who in their right mind thinks to themselves 'hmmm....this swimsuit is wrinkled I should go iron it.' After I finished showering and the initial anger of him ruining a $100 swimsuit he's worn once left me, I had nothing to do but go laugh at him....and he laughed with me but still doesn't think it's weird of him for wanting to iron a swimsuit. (I talked to the guy at Baumans and thankfully he's going to replace it for Scott since the label actually does say you can iron it if you're that one crazy person out there who wants to)
That's my husband. He's such a dork....but I'm madly in love with him. And to top things off, he ran over a nail on 540 on our way home from Fayetteville and our tire made the loudest pop and we started bopping down the road like we were in an old Model T. Scott pulled to the side, opened his door and looked at the tire and said 'that's awesome' in a very sarcastic tone. The rim was on the ground....of Scott's new company car. HAHA. It made me laugh really hard.

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