Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Songs, Breaking Dawn, Anniversary Trip

Sigh of relief! I only have to learn the words to 2 songs...not 4. I'm singing 3 total, and I know the words to one of them. Ahh! I can relax a bit although I'm having a hard time learning these songs for some reason. I used to could learn them in a day and be done with it. It's a touch harder now that I'm an old 25 year old lady.
Today was non-eventful. Just like every day this week. I'm reading Breaking Dawn. I just started Monday since I was busy this weekend with the landscaping. It's good but now it's from Jacob's point of view and I can't stand Jacob. I don't know how anybody could be Team Jacob. He bugs BIG TIME. He is all up in the way and he needs to back off. He's one of those boys...give an inch he'll take a mile. Bella just wants to be your friend Jacob move on. Jacobs point of view lasts a long time in the book. Too long. It's hard for me to want to read it since it's all about him right now. I'm pushing through though.
Umm that's about it. My life is not interesting right now. Scott and I are trying to decide on where to go for our anniversary trip because we need to book it pretty soon. We've been talking about it for a few weeks and we may not do a beach this year since we did that last year...or this year. We're talking about staying in the states actually. We've thrown around Napa and Colorado. I'm kinda leaning towards skiing because Scott's never been. Who knows! We'll figure it out sooner or later!

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