Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend Wrap-Up

I had a LONG weekend. Scott and I drove to Little Rock Friday and had a great meal at my parents, then we went to bed early.
Saturday morning bright and early, Dad and I ran our first 5k together! It was so so fun! I finished in less than 30 minutes. The person who won the race ran it in 13:36. Can you imagine? The first 100 women and men to finish received a firecracker. I wish I had known that. I could have totally been one of the first 100 women. The first 100 finished in 25 minutes. I didn't know there was a prize!! I would have started at the front of the line instead of the back. For probably the first 2 minutes Dad and I were walking because there were just so many people crammed in front of us. Now I know...I'll be one of the first 100 next time. Promise.
I got home around 9 and took an hour nap then got ready to go to Hot Springs for MTA. I got to Hot Springs and something had happened with the music we were supposed to sing and we ended up only singing one song together. Problem with that. I had never in my entire life even heard the song they chose to sing!!!! So all that time I spent learning those other songs---waste! You know how I was so stressed out learning those words even though I had a few days to do it. Imagine having a few hours to learn a song. Panic attack in action. I loved the song we sang--For Good from Wicked--but I knew there was absolutely no way I could learn those words in 4 hours. So I did the only thing I knew to do...have my Mom write my lines on poster board. I had the press people who sit right by the stage hold them up for me. That's right. I totally did that. I had no other choice! And don't judge me....I know many girls who have done that. It ended up working out perfect. Mom, Dad, and Scott (and all the other people who knew I didn't know the words and wrote them on poster board) told me they couldn't tell one little bit that I didn't know the words. So it worked out just fine. I didn't even try to learn those words. I knew it was a lost cause.
I was very pleased with our performance. It ended up being very pretty. Lacy (MA 2004) and Amber (MTA 2000 and MA 2006) and I sang together. The song was a dedication to Mac. The 3 of us girls grew especially close to Mac so we were asked if we would sing a song for him together. We held it up onstage but broke down backstage after we finished. Mom, Scott, and Dad said I looked like I was about to cry at any moment onstage. My Mom came backstage after it was over with tears running down her face. (She loved Mac so much too) The song is really sweet and sad but a perfect song for us girls to sing to him. He loved it! I know he did. He watched proudly from heaven as 'his girls' sang to him.
The next day was nice and relaxing as we headed to the lake for some sun! I actually spent the first hour and a half or so asleep as I was still exhausted from the day before. Monday we had burgers and brats then Scott and I headed back home. It was a great weekend! A long one....but a good one!

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