Friday, July 2, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

I have a very big day tomorrow. 5k run at 7:30 am and then singing at MTA. I still don't know the words to one of my songs. I told Mom and Scott they're going to have to write the words down on poster board and sit on the front row so I can see it. I'm so stressed out I want to cry. I've never not known the words to a song I had to sing in front of thousands of people. I 97% know the words to my solo which is what I've been concentrating on most. The group song...I mean I haven't even thought about that one. My stress level is maxed out. At least I have an hour drive to Hot Springs and many hours of rehearsal. Wish me luck! I desperately need it. I'll try to recite the words in my head while I'm doing my 5k with Dad tomorrow.

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